The average age of men in Russia today


Demography - the science of the population, today is interested not only scientists, but also ordinary citizens. This area of ​​knowledge offers not only dry statistics on the percentage of the population of the state, differing in some specific characteristics, but also offers very specific figures. Among the most interesting to the public - life expectancy and its division into special periods. You know, for example, what is the average age of men in Russia today?

In his prime


There is a stable expression “middle age”, we all heard something about the emotional and psychological crisis characteristic of this period, but not everyone knows exactly when it comes. In demography, this term is used to mean the median value calculated for all people who participated in the study. In everyday life, such a definition is often interpreted incorrectly, namely, taking it as half of the scientifically calculated total life expectancy. In fact, the average age of men is an indicator of interest to specialists who study the population of the state as a whole. No need to perceive it emotionally and try on for yourself, the life expectancy of each person depends on a whole set of factors, much of which relate to self-care for health.

The average age of men in Russia: numbers


According to statistics from last year, in the Russian Federation, the average age for the male population is 35 years. An interesting fact is that while the mass media talk about the lack of representatives of the stronger sex, in fact more boys are born in our country. Of the one hundred babies born: 51 are male, and the remaining 49 babies are female. But at the same time, only 95% of men have time to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary, and up to forty years of the total number of births survives 89%. At the same time, in the course of life, the number of male and female representatives is indeed compared. After the fiftieth birthday, the ladies do become about 16% more than their male peers.

What affects a person’s longevity?

Statistics of life expectancy in Russia against the background of world indicators are quite low, if we talk about men. This trend is due to several factors. Many representatives of the stronger sex in our country work in harmful conditions, the professions of others are associated with high risk. But chemical production, fire protection and security services are in all states. Occupational risks in the Russian Federation have such a high impact on human health and life due to the use of outdated equipment and technology at many industrial facilities, as well as non-compliance with official instructions by staff. If we turn to the statistics of industrial accidents, a significant percentage of them is due to the fault of employees or due to excessive wear of equipment. The average age of men in Russia is quite low and due to their own fault: a craze for addictions, a love for extreme hobbies, and an indifference to one’s own mental and physical health.

How to live longer?


Universal secret of longevity does not exist. But there is an interesting fact: the average age of life for men is slightly higher for those who are married. However, it is easy to explain it rationally - the spouses care about each other, in addition, many of the stronger sex after the wedding and birth of children feel responsible for their loved ones and try to behave more carefully, avoiding unnecessary risks and dubious entertainment.

In general, improving the quality (and possibly increasing the duration) of one’s own life is not difficult at all: it is necessary to monitor nutrition and lifestyle in general, regularly undergo examinations with doctors and follow their instructions, as well as monitor one’s moral state and strive for inner harmony . If all the representatives of the stronger sex in our country will try to follow these simple rules, it is possible that the average age of men in Russia will increase markedly.

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