How Rovshan Lankaran was killed: details of the event


One of the most famous "authorities" of the Russian criminal world, who for several years now has been suspected of involvement, perhaps, in the loudest murder in the 21st century (this is about the reprisals against the patriarch of the post-Soviet mafia Aslan Usoyan - Grandfather Khasan), - Azerbaijani Rovshan Lenkoransky killed in Turkey. That's how Istanbul newspapers write. However, members of the mafia gangs were suspicious of this information, because shortly before that, he had once been “buried” and then “resurrected.” Of course, it is difficult to determine what really happened, and is it true that Rovshan Lankaran was killed. Or still alive?


The story of one murder

It happened in the center of Istanbul, on Barbados Boulevard. In the night I heard an automatic fire. A Range Rover stood alone in the middle of the street, and some masked men were shooting at it. The SUV had Azerbaijani numbers. After the shooting, he was like a sieve. Particularly affected frontal part and the right passenger.

When the police arrived at the scene, the men sitting inside the car were still breathing. One (after it turned out that this was Rovshan Dzhaniev himself) had an eye shot through, and the second, the driver, had multiple wounds, and he died an hour after the incident. Following him, the passenger died.

After the identification, it turned out that this very famous and influential Rovshan Lankaran - “the thief in law” - was killed. But by whom and by whom? All this needed to be found out. The investigation’s work was hampered by the fact that the documents found with him contained another surname - Aliyev.


Police at the scene found a gun, hundreds of shells and two pistols. Turkish police officers who found documents in the pocket of one of the men’s men addressed to Rovshan Aliyev, a businessman of Azerbaijani origin, had no reason to think otherwise. Nevertheless, the investigation continued. Soon there were rumors that the name on the passport is fictitious, and that the person with the pierced eye is none other than the famous criminal authority Rovshan Dzhaniev (Lenkoransky).

His personality was established by his friends, as well as by the deputy of the Azerbaijani parliament, Fazair Agamaly. He said that as a result of a search of an apartment in Baku in 2013, Rovshan Dzhaniyev’s employees of the GUPBOP of the Republic of Azerbaijan found a fake passport in the name of R. Aliyev with a photo “a thief in law”. Now that the identity of the victim was established and there was no doubt about how Rovshan Lankaran was killed, the police had to find out the name of the customer.



The day after the murder a meeting of “thieves in law” took place in Moscow. They naturally discussed the Istanbul incident. Many of the criminal authorities expressed doubt about the fact of the murder and death of Lankaran. After all, this is not the first time that he “died” and after some time was resurrected. Someone even put forward a version that he was able to survive the shootout and he himself started a rumor about his death. It is no secret that after the murder of Ded Khasan, it is Janiyev who is considered the main customer of the murder. Naturally, he has been hunting for 3 years now.


The most interesting thing in this case is that law enforcement officers do not want to connect these two murders with each other. According to their assumptions, the incident was triggered by disagreements that have arisen in the thieves' world after the arrest of criminal authority nicknamed “American” (he is Andrei Kochuykov).

In addition, they do not agree with the version of the imitation of death. Indeed, after Rovshan Lenkoransky was killed, and information about this was leaked to the media, his brother flew to Istanbul. But this can not be one hundred percent proof: the brothers always support each other and could agree.


Details on how Rovshan Lankaran was killed

Although this story is covered with mystery, there are some interesting facts. It turns out that a few hours before Rovshan Lankaran was killed, he met with other “thieves” in one of the posh Istanbul hotels. The investigation even knows their names: Georgian authority Tsrip (Temuri Nemsitsveridze), Matevich (Roin Uglava) and Dato Churadze.

There is an assumption that Janiyev came to the meeting to strengthen his position in the thieves' world and take the place of Shakro Young in prisoner in Lefortovo a month earlier. Ravshan arrived at the meeting with three approximate, also Azerbaijanis, who are listed as “personal killers”.

After the meeting, he and his driver, some unknown, about whom they say that he is a classmate of Rovshan and a citizen of Turkey, went to the Range Rover, and then unidentified people in masks blocked their way and began to fire a submachine gun and Stechkin automatic pistol.

By the way, followed by a car with a guard. However, she was a little behind and did not come under fire. An ambulance arrived at the scene and took the wounded to hospital. The driver died on the road, and his boss, while alive, but with a shot-through eye, was taken to resuscitation. A few hours later it was announced that Rovshan Dzhaniev (Lenkoransky) had been killed.


August 18

During the investigation several hypotheses were put forward. According to one, the incident could have been due to revenge, but not for the death of Ded Khasan, but for Alibaba Hamidov, who was killed exactly 3 years ago, on the same day. Moreover, it was assumed that the killer is Goji Bakinsky - one of the three killers of Lankaran.

Everyone knew that Rovshan and Alibaba were enemies. It is said that Hamidov was among those who were present in his “record”, and then spread this information among the convicts in Baku.


Short biography of Rovshan Dzhaniev

He was born in the city of Lankaran in 1975, in the family of a policeman. When he was 17, his father was killed by members of a large criminal group. Then there was a trial, and Rovshan, right in the courtroom, shot the father’s killer. According to eyewitness accounts, the defendant threatened the Dzhaniev family and vowed to wipe them off the face of the earth. The son of the deceased policeman, naturally, was detained, but the sentence was more than mild - 2 years in prison.

A few years after his release, Janiyev was again detained at the crime scene. This time he shot at Karamat Mamedov’s crime boss. However, he survived, and Rovshan was severely beaten right by the victim’s body. As a result, he had a severe head injury, which, according to his entourage, led to the development of a mental illness, and he was sent for compulsory treatment.

After he left the mental hospital, in order to avoid criminal wars, he went to the Russian Federation, where he received Russian citizenship. His “coronation” took place in 2001 in Moscow. He was wanted in his native Azerbaijan.

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