Badge "Excellence in Border Troops" 1 degree: description, date of approval


Many thousands of men in our country can boast that they served in the border troops. Someone served in military service there, while others held decades at the border with the rank of ensigns and officers. And some of them were awarded with a high award - "Excellence in Border Troops of the 1st degree". What should you know about this sign?

What does the sign look like

If you give a description of the award "Excellence in Border Troops of the 1st degree", then in the center of the sign is a pentagon with the inscription "Excellence in Border Troops". At the bottom is a shield indicating the Roman numeral of the degree of the mark. Inside the pentagon is a profile of a border guard with a bayonet, protruding from the right shoulder.


The pentagon is inscribed in a red five-pointed star - a sign of the Soviet Army. The upper end is decorated in the form of a rectangle with the emblem of the USSR.

From all sides the star is surrounded by a corrugated surface with four prominent edges. The color of the surface may be different. For example, the sign "Excellence in Border Troops of the 1st degree" has a golden frame. The second degree award is silver. Made sign of aluminum.

When was established

The decree on the creation of a new distinctive sign was signed by the Chairman of the KGB of the USSR Yu. V. Andropov. It happened on April 8, 1969.


It is worth noting that the sign represents another reward that existed before, only significantly modified. Indeed, twenty years before this, back in 1949, the sign "Excellent Border Guard" was created. It was made in the form of a shield, in the middle of which was a border guard with a Kalashnikov assault rifle in his hands, standing near the border post. At the top of the shield was a red star, near which there was an inscription: "Excellent border guard."

Under the KGB chairman Yu. V. Andropov, not only did the name change, but two degrees of reward appeared - depending on the merit of the person being awarded.


The badge was awarded from 1969 until the very end of the USSR (1991). During this time, neither its appearance nor its name has changed.

Reasons for rewarding

The award was not a medal or an order, therefore it was used for simple encouragement of border troops. For example, they could be awarded border guards (both land and sailors) who distinguished themselves when serving in different ways. This could be a feat of political significance, for the fulfillment of which the dedication, discipline, and outstanding skills of the fighter were important.


They were also awarded the military, which showed high results during military operations and preparatory battles. But they could be awarded in peacetime border guards, who showed zeal during their studies in the military field.

Who can be awarded

From the moment of establishment and until 1969, the following categories of military personnel were awarded: soldiers, sailors, warrant officers and warrant officers, officers, as well as junior ranks of both land and sea units guiding the state border.

In 1973, certain changes were introduced. Now, the “Excellence in Border Troops” mark of the 1st and 2nd degrees could be awarded to all categories of servicemen carrying border guard service.

Award procedure

The breastplate of the first degree could be handed over to servicemen only by the head of the border troops of the KGB of the USSR when the command of the troops of the border districts was appropriated. The badge of the second degree was awarded more often, so the commanders of the border districts could also award them.

The presentation took place in a festive atmosphere, in front of a subunit or part of the formation, often with orchestra music. The fact of awarding the award must be entered in the military ID of the soldier or officer. In addition, the award of the honorary sign "Excellence in Border Troops of the 1st degree" (as well as the second degree) was necessarily notified to the parents of the serviceman. The corresponding letter was sent to the last place of his study or work.


Information about a soldier awarded with a first or second degree badge was necessarily entered into the Book of Fame of the border detachment. If during the service the border guard was awarded signs of both degrees, then his portrait was printed in the district newspaper, and the name remained on the Hall of Fame of the Border Troops Museum.

Of course, in addition to the mark, the recipient received the appropriate certificate in which his name fit, the seal and signature of the head of the frontier district, where he received the award.

Benefits provided

In our country, many people who served in the Soviet era, can boast such a sign, assigned to the head department of the border troops of the KGB of the USSR. However, not everyone knows that for the very fact of awarding certain benefits. Know about them will be useful to everyone.

When presenting the award, the holder of an honorary badge could count on a one-time material bonus. However, privileges were foreseen for the future.

Thus, a serviceman who was awarded the "Excellence in Border Troops" badge, was given a certain encouragement when he retired due to his years of service. He automatically gets the title of veteran of labor. And this title itself presupposes the existence of good benefits approved at the regional level.

Start with the fact that in public transport, he does not have to pay for travel. A certain discount is also expected when paying for housing and communal services.

If, after retirement on seniority, the former border guard wants to officially get a new job, he can count on the opportunity to go on vacation without having to work for 1 year - this can be done at any time.

When prosthetics significantly reduces the cost of services for health care workers.

If railway tickets are bought, the sign holder is given a discount.

In some cases, a ticket to a sanatorium and other resort and recreational facilities can be obtained.

Some areas of our country also allow you to receive a pension supplement.

Since the additional incentives offered to labor veterans are established at the level of local legislation, a list of additional privileges can also be provided - you can find out about it in social bodies.

In some cases, the above benefits can be replaced with money, but in this case, the benefits will have to be abandoned.

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