How to do a piercing member?


It turns out that not only women are willing to sacrifice themselves for the sake of beauty and endure a variety of procedures in order to improve their appearance. Men also keep up with the fair sex. What they can surprise a lady? There is a way that will cause amazement, make sexual intercourse bright and unforgettable, give partners unusual, but very pleasant feelings. This will be possible if a man decides and performs a piercing member.


Eccentric prince

Who was the first to decorate the intimate part of the body? It was Prince Albert, who lived in the Victorian era. It is interesting that His Majesty made the piercing of the penis out of purely practical reasons, not from aesthetic or erotic ones. Tight trousers prevented him from putting down his manhood, which caused the august person discomfort. This was especially felt when the prince rode a horse or traveled on foot. Then the thought came to him that it would be nice to be able to fix the sexual organ in the right position. For this purpose, for the first time in history, a piercing was made on the penis, by attaching a ring to it. Thus Albert strapped his penis to his trousers. Such an original way completely freed the prince from the problem, and he did not hide his invention from others. It instantly became popular among men of that era, and pierced to the member to this day is veiled is called "Prince Albert."


Victorian pleasure

However, the so-called only one of the ways in which this procedure is carried out. Namely: piercing on the head of the penis, in which the ring passes through the urethra and is brought out. This is the fastest procedure, and healing takes place after 4-6 weeks. It is much faster than any other type of operation called penis piercing. This becomes possible due to the fact that the urine disinfects the wound, since the ring is partially located in the urethra. External punctures are treated in the same way as for other types of piercing. When the wound heals, you can begin to test. It is believed that the ring provides additional stimulation and increases the orgasm of both partners.

There is a choice

There are other types of treatments. For example, a penis piercing involves the ability to pierce the foreskin or skin of the penis, as well as the scrotum. Jewelry is used in a variety of: rings, rods, as well as horseshoes and earrings.


In addition, there are several other options:

  1. Ampalanga is a transverse puncture of the head of the penis. At the request of the client, the manipulation is done above or through the urethra. Healing occurs within 3-9 months.
  2. Apadrayva - a vertical puncture of the head of the penis. It is made so that the lower ball of the bar is at its base. Although the final healing is delayed for several months, this version of the piercing greatly enhances the mutual sexual pleasure of the partners.

Simple options

For those who seek new sensations, but want to choose an easier option, a procedure called Didot will do. In this case, only the edge of the head is punctured, and a bar with two balls is inserted into the hole. Often men do not stop at this and decorate the head with several decorative elements. Another type of piercing that can be attributed to simple procedures is Frenum. To decorate the penis, pierce the bridle. And in the hole you can thread both the ring and the horseshoe or barbell. This type of piercing not only makes sex bright, but also contributes to delaying ejaculation, prolonging sexual contact, to the mutual pleasure of partners. For variety, multiple punctures of the frenulum are allowed.


Sensual experiments

Some men think that the scrotum can also be decorated with a piercing. This method is called Nafada. Since the skin of the scrotum is thin, the puncture heals quickly. It is believed that the ring in the area to the left of the penis symbolizes masculinity and in addition is a fashion accessory. Although other decorations can be used. In order to create an unforgettable sensation during intercourse, men use a procedure such as piercing the perineum between the anus and the scrotum. This zone is already very sensitive, and after additional stimulation due to the movement of the jewelry during intimate closeness, the sensations become extraordinary.


How is the procedure?

It begins with a man’s treatment at a specialized salon, in which the master will tell in detail about what a body piercing is, what contraindications and possible complications exist. Instructs about the subsequent care of wounds when the procedure is left behind. Then you need to decide on the thickness of the puncture, because the needle diameter that the specialist will select depends on this decision. The main thing is that all instruments are sterile. Next is selected decoration, which will be immediately inserted into the hole. It also undergoes antimicrobial treatment to prevent infection. You should not be nervous: a professional knows where to make a puncture, so that no bleeding occurs and, in the future, the piercing did not cause any inconvenience during movement. In order that skin did not slip during operation, the master uses special clips. This means that the puncture will be made exactly in the place where it is needed, since these tools ensure the immobilization of the sexual organ. Professionals work only with gloves, using special means for disinfection and sterilization.


Responsible moment

When everything is ready - it's time to start. The master processes the future puncture site, then marks the points at which it should be made. We must be prepared for the fact that the procedure is very painful and try not to move during it. Otherwise, nothing can happen. Now the specialist unpacks the needle, takes it out of the bag and applies special ointment on it. Then a quick and precise movement performs a puncture. The needle goes on the other side by 2 centimeters. A decoration will be put on it to insert it into the skin of the penis. Having fixed the barbell, earring or ring on the needle, the master pulls it through the puncture, and it turns out to be threaded into the hole. Now the jewelry must be fastened and processed.

How to care for piercing?

Although everything is ready and sex is the main reason for this procedure, it will be necessary to refrain from it for a long time (about a few weeks), and if the healing is slow, then months. This can be an unpleasant surprise for partners, so it’s better to know about such details in advance. You will also need additional care for the puncture site, frequent replacement of dressings, treatment of the piercing area with antiseptic agents. It is best to keep this place covered with a plaster to avoid unnecessary injuries while walking or wearing clothing.

You should also follow a few simple rules to avoid infection and the appearance of inflammation, which is difficult to fight. Namely: do not swim, do not take a bath (wash only under the shower), avoid open water. When it is allowed to resume sex life, it is necessary to use condoms for about 2 months. This is necessary to protect against the penetration into the puncture site of pathogenic microorganisms.

If the infection is still in the wound, you should contact the medical institution. The doctor will advise special means, for example, "Levomikol", tetracycline ointment or baths and compresses with chlorhexidine. If after a few weeks of struggle, the infection cannot be defeated, then in order to preserve health, you will have to get rid of the jewelry and grow the puncture site.

Is this manipulation harmful?

Of course, not every man decides to get a pierced member, whose photo is undeniably impressive and makes you want to change your own body in this way. Most men do not hesitate because they fear medical interventions of this kind. Perhaps they are right. Because a member's piercing is really dangerous, and everyone should be aware of this before allowing a specialist's hand to begin the procedure. The blood supply to the penis is significant; therefore, even small surgeries can provoke heavy bleeding. Another danger is the entry of microbes and suppuration, which can appear at any time, until the puncture has completely healed.

Some inconveniences

Apart from the fact that the additional jewelry that a man gets by piercing the head of the penis (photos of which are attractive and able to interest partners), stimulate sexual sensations, they can cause discomfort when walking or wearing clothes, as well as the appearance of pain during intercourse, and both men and women.


We must constantly make sure that the rough surface of the jewelry does not catch on the fragments of clothing, otherwise there is a danger of damage to the puncture site.

How to secure your health?

Member piercing is a serious procedure and should only be done by specialists in licensed salons. It is sometimes thought that piercing the skin is not difficult and any home-grown “master” can handle it, but it is not. Whoever does the piercing of the penis should have the skills and knowledge to avoid complications, as well as provide advice on caring for the puncture site. The master is responsible for the health of the client if something goes wrong through his fault. There is a risk of infection with hepatitis, staphylococcus or even HIV. Therefore, we must pay attention to how the tools are processed, jewelry. Needles should be disposable, removed from sealed packages. The procedure should be done only on a healthy reproductive organ, and for this it does not hurt to first pass a medical examination.

It is necessary to seriously address the issue of choosing a salon, in which the client will do this simple, but at the same time, dangerous procedure. Then a man can be proud that he decorates his penis piercing. Photos that attract partners, will certainly get excellent.

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