408 caliber Cheyenne Tactical: characteristics and purpose


In the modern world, all states are trying to occupy the best places in the international arena in all areas of activity. Not left aside and the army. Every day, engineers and designers of all countries of the world are trying to develop the best weapons, ammunition and equipment so that their state is safe and citizens can sleep peacefully.


The history of the creation of the cartridge

In the context of numerous armed conflicts in the XXI century, snipers play one of the most important roles. They are in assault, reconnaissance and defense groups. Naturally, they need ammunition for their weapons. In 2001, American designers John Taylor and William Wardman developed a special ammunition for a sniper rifle. It is called the caliber 408 Cheytac \ .338lm \ .300wm. Its full name is 408 Cheyenne Tactical.

It is believed that the 408 caliber is on a par with the best ammunition, such as .338 Lapua Magnum and .50 BMG. This cartridge was created to improve the performance of snipers of the United States of America. The description of the cartridge indicates that the 408 caliber is capable of hitting a target located at a distance of 3, 500 meters. However, in practice, a distance of 3000 meters was established. Achieving a goal of 3, 500 meters requires certain weather conditions, and the target must be much larger. Caliber 408 in mm is 10.3x77. The cartridge is manufactured by the American company CheyTac Associates. The same company releases the product to the world market.

The purpose of the creation of the cartridge

When fired, the pressure in the barrel bore may approach the mark of 440 MPa. The bullet can reach speeds of 900-1000 meters per second. Caliber 408 Cheytac slightly ahead of 338 Lapua Magnum in speed and range. Initially, this cartridge was created exclusively in the framework of the project of sniper weapons of the XXI century. The goal of the project was to create the best sniper rifle ammunition in the world. 408 caliber is completely made of copper alloy, it also has no core inside. This design method has allowed developers to improve the external ballistics of the cartridge.


Initially, the 408 caliber was developed exclusively for the United States, but later countries like Germany and Russia began to produce it. Also, the cartridge is used not only by army snipers, but also by professional hunters. This is due to the fact that specifically the caliber 408 in mm 10.3x77 has a high slaughter rate and is capable of striking large and dangerous animals, for example, a bear.

Practical use

In combat conditions, the 408 Cheytac has virtually no rivals. The fact is that this caliber has very high accuracy. The result is that the cartridge fired from the barrel of the rifle hits the target.

Also a distinctive feature of the cartridge is the fact that, having overcome the distance of 2000 meters, the bullet practically does not lose speed. It also contributes to a better hit.

The destruction of the cartridge will make everyone think. The bullet is able to pierce through any body armor, concrete structures, as well as almost all obstacles. The designers claim that the bullet is capable of firing at some armored vehicles and punching its armor.


It should be added that the striking power of the cartridge stands almost at the same level (one of the highest) with the 50 Browning machine-gun cartridge. But unlike the machine gun, the rifle is much more convenient and compact.

Features when using

The creation scheme of the 408 Cheytac, naturally, did not appear from the air. It was created on the basis of the hunting cartridge 505 Gibbs. Only 408 caliber significantly improved. The cartridge was also created in order to protect the shooter from injury. A person whose profession is a sniper often has a neck or spinal injury.

It is also worth noting that his hearing may deteriorate. All this is associated with high recoil and a loud sound when shooting. If it was possible to reconcile with bestowal, then a loud sound could easily betray the position of a soldier, which undoubtedly could be very dangerous for him. The developers of 408 Cheyenne Tactical, John Taylor and William Wardman, found a solution to this problem. Now recoil when shooting does not threaten the shooter. She, as well as the sound of the 408 caliber are close to the minimum.

The price for this product is also low. It does not exceed two hundred dollars per box of cartridges. If we consider that thanks to these cartridges the weapon is capable of hitting almost any ground target, the price is really low.

Despite numerous advantages, the caliber 408 has several drawbacks: the absence of tracer, armor-piercing and incendiary cartridges. However, in reality it is just a matter of time.


Which weapon is suitable cartridge

It is worth emphasizing that this cartridge is not suitable for every rifle, there are only a few of them. Such famous rifles as the CheyTac M200, EDM Arms XM04, PGWDTI Timberwolf, Lawton Machine LLC, Grande Armeria Camuna precision rifles, RND Manufacturing, Inc., THOR XM408 Vigilance Rifles VR1 can use the bullet. As well as Russian-made weapons - Lobaeva sniper rifle, SVLK-14.

Now we can safely say that this cartridge has no analogues. Knowing these factors, one can officially declare that this type of ammunition was the beginning of a real revolution in terms of the organization of hostilities.

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