Hob: size, description and reviews


Modern kitchen is unthinkable without a hob. It can be gas, electric and combined, various brands, types and manufacturers. How to understand this huge range and choose a comfortable, safe, and most importantly - exactly the right size?


Does the size of the panel depend on their quantity? And does it matter how much space does the hob occupy? Dimensions, according to designers, are very important. The world is committed to minimalism, so it is desirable to free up more space.

Often, the choice of a modern panel for cooking is still associated with stereotypes, so 4-burner technology is best sold. But this is not always reasonable. Families in cities are usually small. And rarely modern housewives use more than two rings at the same time. This is an occasion to think.

Heating type

It usually does not affect the size of the embedded plate. Here personal preferences and intended culinary tasks are important.



Standard for embedded plates is considered the height from 40 to 50 mm. Since the average width of the kitchen countertop - 38 mm. Models with a height of 8-10 cm are produced. In this case, the cooking surface is buried by 5–6 cm, placing it on a previously mounted shelf-lintel. If a box was planned under the built-in slab, then you need to bear in mind that its useful volume will decrease.


Of the models offered on the market, the minimum width of the panel is 30 cm. In this case there can not be more than two burners. Usually the front burner is low-power, the long-range is the most powerful. Rare models with a quick heating hob. The dimensions of the cooking gas panels single and dvukhkonforochnyh identical. Only thickness varies. Standard version - 45 mm. But there are models and 82 mm and 100 mm.

Electric panels with a width of 30 cm have only two burners. Most often they are radial and rapid heating. Less common are oval.

Perfect option

The width of 45 cm for the built-in three-ring cooker and 60 cm for four are considered the golden mean. The first has a triangular arrangement of rings with the top on the right. In this place have a quick heating hob, and no matter what it is hob. The dimensions of the round built-in plate (for example, from Foster) are 52 cm in diameter. Belarusian Hephaestus built-in plates CH2120 are shaped like a streamlined triangle with a width of 73.3 cm.


Control knobs in this category of embedded plates are almost always horizontal, but models with a vertical control unit are also on the market.

Popular size

The most running width is 60 cm. Gas heating panels have standard four burners. Their manufacturer has in the form of a trapezoid, a rhombus or a rectangle. When buying a built-in stove with uncharacteristic positions of the burners, you need to be prepared for some inconvenience when cooking.

Popular sizes of electric cooking panels: 64 x 900 x 515 mm (Smeg), 47 x 306 x 546 mm (Neff), 57 x 513 x 793 mm (Gaggenau). They are presented in different colors: white, black or copper colors.

Full-size models of size 60 X 60 cm or, as proposed by Bosch - 58 * 52 cm, are popular.

Pretty not standard

This category includes pyatikonforochnye recessed plates, the minimum width of which - 68 cm. Most often, one burner is located in the center, the others are placed around the perimeter. But there are hobs, on which a large burner is located on the left, four smaller ones - a square in the remaining area (for example, Neff). The hob, the size of which in its widest part - more than 68 cm, does not always have a hot-plate burner.

But the color range of such devices is the most diverse. There are models of blue, green and even bright green. Inclusion handles are located respectively burners only from Italian manufacturers.

Electric heating hobs from 61-80 cm wide are produced with four and five burners.

Full Hobs

Five-burner gas hobs can be up to 80 cm wide. However, in this case, another hob is added. The company Hotpoint-Ariston produces panels 75 and 87 cm wide. The overall size of the built-in hob from Smeg has the largest width: from 90 to 116 cm. But there are only four burners on such a large area. Zonality does not depend on their number. The most common is one radial and one oval. It stands out from this range of Siemens and Bosch. Their five-ring panels have 4 zones: one oval and three radial. Electrical panels are not available in widths greater than 91.6 cm.


Exceptions to the rules

If the kitchen space is rather limited or the worktop is small, manufacturers offer gas cooktops with four burners arranged in a row. In this case, the depth is significantly reduced to 350 - 400 mm, but the width increases to 1000 - 1100 mm. The hob, the dimensions of which are described above, looks original, and it is convenient to cook on it.

There are also vintage versions of an interesting curvilinear form. The functionality of such models has not suffered at all. Some manufacturers specialize in corner placement plates. They significantly save the kitchen space.

Modular systems

Today, judging by the reviews, they are at the peak of popularity. Such systems are made on the principle of "Domino". The built-in hob, the dimensions of which can be adjusted independently, opens up unprecedented opportunities both for designers and for users.

A Domino type cooktop is made up of sections. The standard width of each is about 300 mm, depth - 500 mm. In the module there can be two gas burners: one of them has increased power or one burner is gas, the other is electric.

Judging by the feedback from users, the most interesting options allow you to create non-standard dishes for ordinary cuisine, because they incorporate grill grates, steamers, deep-fryers, broilers, trays, etc. Many manufacturers equip such options hob hoods and even food processors. Thanks to the system of modules, each unit can be installed at some distance from each other and even swapped, coming to more comfortable use.


Ovens: dependent and independent

Today there is no need to pick up the oven in proportion to the built-in hob. It can be installed, thanks to modern technologies, in any place convenient for the hostess. The depth of the ovens ranges from 55 to 60 cm. Therefore, these sizes of hobs and ovens are considered the generally accepted standard. Compact models with a depth of 50 cm are also found in stores.

Users advise in a kitchen with a small area to choose an oven 45 cm tall. The apparent loss of internal volume does not interfere with cooking on a standard wide pan. And two dishes at the same time are prepared extremely rarely.

For non-standard kitchens, manufacturers produce models of classic height - 60 cm, but 45 cm wide. In such an oven, you can use both tiers, but the baking trays are narrow in the set. The volume of non-standard ovens ranges from 35 to 65 liters.

Experts advise to think carefully about the installation of the oven, especially if it is independent. Oversized cabinets are much more expensive.


Innovative technology

Despite the fact that electric hobs today are very common, very few people know that with the same type of heating, induction cookers are significantly different from the others.

Under the surface of this embedded panel, instead of heating elements, there are electromagnetic coils. They generate a magnetic field that heats only the dishes on the stove (it must have ferromagnetic properties).

The overall dimensions of the induction hobs 45 cm wide contain only three heating elements. But in fact, for the average family this is more than enough, given the high efficiency of embedded plates of this type.

For example, the German manufacturer Zigmund & Shtain offers a 45 cm wide panel in classic black. It is equipped with three burners, but even the smallest of them boil water faster than an electric kettle. This is how the booster booster function works.

Standard sizes 58 X 51 cm have a large model range. Housewives say that non-standard induction hobs differ in their original design and interesting arrangement of heating elements. They are usually four different diameters.


Installation of induction panels requires special accuracy. It happens that during the installation is not enough a couple of millimeters. Moreover, manufacturers warn about this and attach to the product a detailed surface mounting scheme with requirements for technical gaps and holes. Failure to comply with these conditions may void the warranty.

Post Scriptum

The dimensions of the hobs and ovens of any type of heating do not affect their functionality. When choosing a built-in stove with gas heating, you need to pay attention to the quick heating hotplate, absolutely all models have gas control today. When buying an electrically heated panel, buyers are advised to ask if there is an expansion zone and what is its shape.


Standard working kitchen area assumes the presence of two full zones. The first (up to 100 cm wide) is located between the sink and the hob, the second (at least 30 cm wide) - from the panel to the wall or the edge of the table top. Accordingly, following these recommendations, you need to determine the size of the hob.

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