A paratrooper is an elite soldier. Description of the landing


A paratrooper is an elite soldier in any army in the world. The use of assault is known from ancient times. However, it became a separate military formation only in the twentieth century.


Marines are characterized by high training, moral and physical endurance, advanced weapons. They perform the most difficult tasks.

In history

Initially, a paratrooper is a soldier who takes part in disembarking in the rear of the enemy. In the Middle Ages, the delivery of fighters to the battlefield with the help of ships was actively used. They landed far from the main forces of the enemy or its fortifications. Then they went to the rear of the enemy army and immediately entered the battle. Unlike ordinary soldiers, the paratroopers still in the sea put on armor and were ready to fight immediately after disembarking.


With the development of science and the emergence of helicopters and airplanes began to use landing from the air. Even during the Civil War in Russia, the Red Army troops landed behind enemy lines and took him by surprise. This tactic was improved to the Second World War. In the ranks of the Red Army, special units were created in which they trained in skydiving and in fast-moving bridgeheads.


A paratrooper is a well-armed fighter who can perform various functions on the battlefield. As a rule, in addition to owning small arms, he also knows how to use infantry artillery, mine, adjust fire on enemy positions. Marines awaiting hard training. British royal "commandos" trained with military weapons every day for several months, after which they were thrown into the Nazi-occupied territory.

The equipment of the landing troops includes vehicles. These are airplanes or helicopters for air and swimming facilities for sea. Typically, a paratrooper has a personal small arms, which is typical of his country's army (Kalashnikov assault rifle in Russia, M-16 assault rifle in the USA), a pistol, a sapper shovel, several fragmentation grenades, an anti-tank grenade launcher, or a portable anti-aircraft complex "Javelin" in NATO countries). For mobile troops created and special armored vehicles.


In the Soviet Union based on the BMP was developed combat vehicle for airborne assault. The paratroopers could both be delivered to a place in it, and they could parachute the car with the help of several parachutes.

Tasks performed

Since the paratrooper is an elite fighter, he performs the most complex operations. For example, landing in the rear of the enemy for a special operation. This may be the destruction of the enemy headquarters, the seizure of valuable documents, sabotage, intelligence. During large-scale combat operations, the landing force prepares for the advance of the main forces. This is the capture of bridgeheads, taking control of bridges and important points of movement.

Marines are often mentioned in popular culture. Many films were shot in the post-Soviet space. There are more than a hundred folk songs about paratroopers (usually with an acoustic guitar).

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