What do the Emergencies Ministry shoulder straps look like and how should they be sewn on?


Each type of armed forces in modern countries has its own shape with corresponding insignia. This makes it possible to determine how the employee belongs to the type of aircraft, department or service, and personal rank, position. Shoulder straps are used as the basis for shoulder signs. EMERCOM of Russia, being a militarized structure, also has its own shape and insignia.


What is the form of EMERCOM employees?

For employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, protective clothing is provided, complete with special shoes and equipment. Until 2006, this unified form had several options and was issued to EMERCOM employees for experimental wear. In 2006, the Department of Logistics and Armament, together with the manufacturer, subjected the special package of employees of this department to modernization. In the production of workwear began to use membrane materials, due to which the form is not blown, does not get wet, does not interfere with air circulation and keeps heat for a long time. The introduction of new types of workwear occurred gradually, as old stocks were used up. The modern form of the Ministry of Emergency Situations was presented at the exhibition “Integrated Safety” and presents 30 types of clothing suitable for various situations.

Types of form

The staff of the Ministry of Emergency Situations is equipped with special clothes, which is:

  • Parade. This form is intended for front and rear wear. It can be winter and summer.
  • Casual. The approved Rules for wearing uniforms and clothing No. 364 of July 3, 2008 allow using this form, as well as the front dress, in the ranks and outside the building.

What else is indicated in the Rules of wearing uniforms and clothing?

According to the order of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation of 2008 No. 364, depending on the ranks for employees, insignia (plates and stars) are established, the basis for which are epaulets of the Emergencies Ministry. The ranks of the internal service in the Russian Federation are identical to the signs of the police officers. The rules have a detailed description of each element of the form. In addition, the document stipulates how far apart signs should be placed and how they are sewn onto MOE shoulder straps.


What is epaulet?

A shoulder strap is a rectangular product with insignia on it. These signs are:

  • grubs;
  • gaps;
  • stars;
  • chevrons.

Insignia may be located on the collar (buttonhole), on the sleeves (sleeve).

For an inexperienced person it is easy to confuse epaulets with epaulets. They differ from each other in that the epaulet is a rectangular product and is sewn at one end to the shoulder seam, and the other is fastened with a button to the collar. The epaulette is a circle with the presence of fringe. Its fastening on the form is carried out with the help of a special valve and counterattack.


Where are they used?

Epaulettes in many states are indications of the rank, position, and service of the owner to law enforcement agencies, militias, departments and organizations. Today, many government agencies, in addition to the Armed Forces, use shoulder straps: the Emergencies Ministry, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the prosecutor's office, the tax and environmental services. Remember the location of the decals is easy. The ability to "read" epaulettes will allow you to properly contact the soldier.

Epaulettes EMERCOM of Russia

The staff of this ministry is equipped with special clothes of the established sample. On the summer and winter sets there is a symbol of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation. Emergencies Ministry shoulder straps for senior officers and sergeants of the internal service differ in the location of insignia on their surface. For sergeants, shoulder straps are perpendicular to the longitudinal axial line with lamellae. The shoulder straps of the Emergencies Ministry senior officers are equipped with plates that stretch along the longitudinal center line. It also provides for the presence of metal emblems that are golden in color. The emblems are placed along the center line. Their distance from the button should be 0.5 cm.

What do cadet epaulets look like?

For rank and file no signs of distinction are provided. The shoulder straps of the Emergencies Ministry cadet are equipped with golden longitudinal galloons at the edges. They stretch along two edges, with the exception of the upper and lower edges. The letter “K” is a mandatory attribute, which the cadets of the Ministry of Emergency Situations have. The photo below presents the features of the design of epaulets of cadets of the Ministry of Emergencies of Russia


Where are the epaulets?

To wear a shoulder strap cadets provided winter and summer form of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. Shoulder straps can be:

  • Nashivnymi. Used in winter form: jackets (jackets), coats and jackets. These shoulder straps are a gray-blue field, along the edges of which there are golden longitudinal stripes.
  • Removable. Used in summer form: jackets, shirts and blouses. In terms of its design, this type of shoulder straps is identical to ours.

Insignia junior commanding staff

EMERCOM sergeant's shoulder straps are golden in color (normal). False-shoulder straps are presented by products of a metal shade. On the epaulets of sergeants of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, in accordance with the Rules for wearing uniforms and clothing, there are golden plates (stripes).

For wearing epaulettes, the junior commander of the Russian Emergencies Ministry provides a parade and field uniform. The main dress is a jacket and coat. They are sewn with blue shoulder straps with krapovoy edging on the sides. In the dress shirt used similar shoulder straps. They differ in that shoulder straps are removable sewn on the shirt. In addition, they are not marked krapovaya edging. The field uniform for sergeants provides for a false shoulder strap with camouflage color.

Depending on the season, the sergeant’s form of the EMERCOM of the Russian Federation may be winter and summer.

How are epaulettes attached?

The form must always be flawless and meet all the requirements of the statute. Particular attention during the bringing of uniforms in the proper form should be given to sewing on epaulettes. Despite the fact that the Ministry of Emergency Situations is considered a non-army structure, in this department, as well as in the army, shoulder straps are of great importance. How to sew them to the jacket? This issue is often confronted with the need to equip outerwear if necessary.

The process of sewing epaulet is simple. This work will require the necessary materials and knowledge. The availability of the necessary tools and step-by-step execution guarantees a flawless result.

What tools are needed?

  • Ruler.
  • Needles with a thimble. The presence of a thimble will protect against injury to the fingers with a needle.
  • A thread. It should be durable and match the running edge color.
  • Pliers or tweezers. These devices will be useful when pulling the needle with colored thread from the shoulder strap.


Completing of the work

The sewing process for shoulder straps consists of several steps:

  • Preparation of epaulet. The job is to fasten the insignia (asterisks, lychek) on not sewn pursuit. When it is already sewn this procedure becomes more complicated.
  • The location of the shoulder strap on the form. It should be placed in such a way that it, with its side distant from the button, rests on the seam connecting the shoulder with the sleeve in the jacket. On top of the edge of the shoulder strap 10 mm should be located overlapped seam, passing along the shoulder. Thus, it is very important to carry out a forward shift of 10 mm.
  • Securing the shoulder strap to the jacket. This procedure can be done with the help of a thread of a different color (at the end of the work it can be easily removed). The shoulder strap is fastened in three places: in the corners, at the point of its contact with the sleeve seam and in the center. You can also use pins for temporary fixing. This will prevent the possible shifting of the shoulder strap on the jacket.
  • Sewing on a shoulder strap. Work is performed around its perimeter using stitches. This stage of work should be done very carefully, so that on top of the shoulder strap one can see barely noticeable points from piercing with a needle and thread. The thread itself must pass from the inside out. In this case, it will not be visible, even if it is of a different color than the epauletter itself. Each stitch should have an optimal length, which is 10 mm. To facilitate the process, it is recommended to arrange the shoulder straps on the jacket in such a way that their lower parts correspond to the seams with which the sleeves are sewn. This will give the opportunity to push the needle into the already existing seam holes. Sewing should be carried out along the line of connection of the edging and its main part.

You can quickly cope with this work if your jacket is prepared in advance. It is recommended to use a thimble during the process itself, even if it works well without it. Those who have a lot of experience in this case, note that through the shoulder straps sewing needle passes with difficulty. To fix this state of affairs is possible using pliers or tweezers. With these tools you can, like a thimble, push a needle, or by grabbing one of its edges, pull it out through a shoulder strap. According to this technology, epaulettes of various structures are sewn: by the police, the FSIN, the air force and the Emergencies Ministry. Remove the shoulder straps only from the summer form. The winter version does not provide for this, since shoulder straps, which are non-removable, are sewn onto the jackets.

How to sew shoulder straps to the uniform shirt?

Before you put on a shirt in the summer, you need to prepare it. The ready-to-wear form is considered if it is sewn to it with a shoulder straps corresponding to the title. To cope with this procedure is not difficult. Work on sewing epaulet should be done carefully and consistently. The process consists in the following actions:

  • Uniform summer shirts are equipped with loops and loops designed for fastening of shoulder straps and buttons. There are loops and loops on the shoulders. With the help of loops, buttons are attached, and with the help of loops - removable shoulder straps. Included with each epaulet attached one button. Using it, as well as one regular button, you can create a removable design that allows you to quickly remove the insignia from the shirt, if necessary.
  • To fix a button from a set over a shoulder strap. Normal, purchased outside the kit, the button is located under it. Both buttons are sewn to the chase.
  • Using a thick strip of fabric located under the epaulette, fasten it to the shirt. This is done by threading this strip into special loops.


The principle of operation of this removable design is carried out with the help of a long running button, which is included in the set, and the usual one, acquired in a shop. These buttons, fastening and undoing, allow you to quickly attach the epaulet, and if necessary, also quickly remove it. In this case, there may be some difficulties when removing. The reason is too narrow a loop for the bottom button. This flaw is corrected by expanding this loop. As a result, the button will enter the loop freely. The work is considered to be well done, if no seizures are observed during removal, as well as if the removable shoulder strap does not hang out.


Each employee of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia is equipped with two sets of uniforms, which are used depending on the season. One of the requirements of the Wearing Rules of 2006 is the mandatory presence of insignia on the wearable form. Therefore, each employee should be able to sew epaulets to his uniform, like the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Armed Forces, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, and another militarized formation.

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