Contract service in the army


Contract service is far from work, as is commonly believed, because such soldiers are truly professional defenders of their homeland. Today, one of the main tasks of many countries is to improve the Armed Forces in all respects. In this process, the main priorities are the selection of reliable soldiers, not their number. It is for this reason that contractual service is practiced.

Features of the choice of soldiers

The selection of the military is based on a truly ruthless program for the selection of candidates who are sent for training to the appropriate educational institutions. This is done in order to complete their preparation, after which the contract will be signed.

The service includes professional growth, which depends on the level of experience, knowledge and abilities.


Selection algorithm

A contract service begins with a candidate testing process consisting of three stages:

  1. Primary. This stage is a check of a potential soldier without the participation of representatives of the military commissariat. The man just passes the tests on the website of the Ministry of Defense. After this, an interview is conducted and the candidate is checked at a non-fixed point.
  2. Preliminary stage. A potential soldier needs to report to the municipal department of the Commissariat. This stage involves the determination of the candidate’s readiness, paperwork, acquaintance with the personal data of the person who applied, medical checks, etc. This can all be done right in the military unit.
  3. Careful (in-depth) stage. This selection stage is the final check and review of all information about the candidate. Namely: testing physical. preparation, paperwork, inspection of personal data of the future soldier and much more.

Service Features

Despite the many advantages of the contractual basis, this phenomenon has its drawbacks. Those people who have completed compulsory service do not always prefer to move to a contractual basis. What is the reason for this? The most common answer to this question is a simple desire to meet with loved ones and find a job with a higher salary.

Whether to continue contractual service is a very serious decision. Some are satisfied with their position in the army, others - not quite. The question of the need to continue military service under the contract is a personal decision of each soldier. The fate of a person largely depends on this choice.



The contract service in the army has the following disadvantages:

  • The main disadvantage of such work is the almost complete loss of communication with people from the “past life”. When a person begins to serve, he opens a fundamentally new page of his destiny, moving to another locality and another environment. The vast majority of military personnel simply do not have enough time to communicate with loved ones. Of course, from time to time you can meet with relatives, but even this does not work for everyone.
  • Service under the contract "disconnects" a person from his personal life. At a time when at another job (for example, in a company), employees know that they will work for some time and will be free, there is no such thing in the army. Here, all actions of the soldiers depend on the instructions of the commander.
  • The appearance of a soldier can get him very tired, because in one form he is for three years (the minimum period). Many people want to dress like they want, and not as expected.
  • The nature of the person during the service drastically changes. Under the conditions of the army, you must constantly defend yourself. When a soldier gets home, in an "ordinary" life, he simply has no one to defend himself from. And then the problems start with people and even with the law. Bad relationships with loved ones are generated for the same reason.



Of course, the passage of military service under the contract has the advantages:

  • Many soldiers make their choice in favor of the army precisely because of the impressive salary and the absence of problems with its issuance. Stability is an important factor in this matter. If a person receives about a thousand dollars for the defense of the Fatherland, then he is not ashamed to answer the question of what his profession is.
  • Benefits in various fields of activity. Free food, discounts on real estate, payment of travel to the place of implementation of the main vacation, etc. Benefits in such numbers are not offered to all professions. This factor also speaks of the prestige of military service.
  • Also a very important aspect is that the military have the opportunity to retire quickly enough. This period is 20 years. If a person has a desire to continue the service, no one will forbid him to do it.
  • Simplicity of work and positive change in life principles. In the course of service, soldiers become accustomed to the fact that any requests are accepted as an order. The soldiers do not have such words as “I do not want”, “I will not”, etc. By the way, in the army, orders are executed without any excuses. Soldiers rely only on themselves and clearly fulfill their duties. Obviously, this is why some non-serving guys somehow resemble little children.
  • Service on a contractual basis implies the satisfaction of the personal interests of the serviceman and government needs. Soldiers make a voluntary investment in improving their country's defense. And the conclusion of the contract means that a person can be confident in the future, having made himself a solid foundation under his feet.


How to become a candidate?

If you want to start serving under the contract, then you need to contact your local military institution. Most often, this is a military service selection point where you can get advice on your questions and discuss the conditions of service.

The selected person will be given a choice of specialties for which he can apply. After that, he will be explained the necessary further actions and many other details. In most cases, if the candidate meets the requirements, then the execution of all documents does not take much time, and after a short time he can proceed to the service.

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