Sinead Cusack: biography and creativity of the actress


Sinead Moira Cusack is an actress of theater, film and television. During her career, she received many prestigious awards. The actress was twice awarded the prize "Tony" in the nominations "The best major female role in the play" and "Best female supporting role in the play." For professional achievements in the field of theater, Sinead Cusack became the laureate of the Laurence Olivier Prize awarded by the London Theater Society five times.

Along with her husband, Jeremy Irons, Cusack became one of the largest privately-owned financial donors to the British Labor Party in 1998. The article is devoted to the biography of Sinead Cusack.

Early years, family


Cusack was born in Dolky, a suburb of Dublin. Not only in adulthood, but also in childhood and in her youth, Sinead Cusack was surrounded by talented people who loved art and drew in it strength and inspiration. Her mother - Irish actress Mary Margaret "Maureen" Keely, father - the famous Irish theater and film actor Cyril James Cusack, whose career lasted more than 70 years.

Sinead has sisters, Sorcha and Niam, who have dedicated their lives to acting, and two brothers, Paul and Poric. From Sinead’s second marriage to Mary Rose Cunningham, she has a half-sister, Catherine Cusack.

Theater career


The actress performed her first roles on the stage of the Abbey Theater in Dublin. In 1975 she moved to London and joined the "Royal Shakespeare Company." Cusack's acting skills were awarded with prestigious awards more than once.

In 1981, Sinead Cusack won two nominations for the Laurence Olivier Prize. She got the first for Celia's role in Shakespeare's comedy “How You Like It, ” and the second for her role in the play “The Tragedy of a Girl”. Two years later, she was awarded her third award for her role in the play “The Taming of the Shrew”.

The Broadway debut of the actress took place in 1984. As part of the Royal Shakespeare Company, Cusack performed the role of Roxanne in the drama Cyrano de Bergerac and Beatrice in the play Much Ado About Nothing. Further cooperation with the "Royal Shakespeare Company" was marked by the leading roles:

  • Portia in the "Venetian merchant";
  • Lady Macbeth in the play of the same name Macbeth;
  • Cleopatra in the tragedy "Anthony and Cleopatra" and others.

In 1990, Cusack (as Masha) joined on stage with her sisters Niam (performing the role of Irina) and Sorce (playing the role of Olga), as well as her father Cyril Kusaka (as Chebutykin Ivan) for the film adaptation of the drama Anton Pavlovich Chekhov “Three sisters. The screen version of the famous work was enthusiastically greeted by the public and received positive reviews from critics.

One of the most famous works of the actress in the theater is the role of Mai O'Hara in the play of the Irish playwright Sebastian Barry “Our Lady of Sligo”, with which she performed at the world's best theatrical scenes. The play was enthusiastically greeted by the public in the homeland of the actress in Ireland, on Broadway and in the famous Royal National Theater of Great Britain.



In 1970, Sinead Cusack starred with Peter Sellers in the movie Hoffman. In 1992, the actress appeared on screen with her husband Jeremy Irons in the movie "By the Water". In 1996, she starred in the drama directed by Bernardo Bertolucci “Theft of beauty”.

In 2006, Cusack received her first IFTA Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in the film Tiger Tail. In 2014, the actress won the IFTA award for her role in the film “Sea”.

The most famous TV shows and films Sinead Cusack:

  • David Copperfield (1969);
  • "The Last remake of Handsome Gesture" (1977);
  • Rocket for Gibraltar (1988);
  • "By the Water" (1992);
  • Cement Garden (1993);
  • "Stealing Beauty" (1996);
  • North and South (mini-series, 2004);
  • “Sea” (2013);
  • “37 Days” (TV series 2014);
  • "Marcella" (TV series, since 2016).

TV job


The work of Sinead Cusack on television is ambitious and multifaceted. In 1971, the talented actress took part in the filming of an episode of the English television series "Extra-class amateur detectives", in which the leading actors were Roger George Moore and Tony Curtis. Cusack played the role of the rich heiress Jenny Lindley, suspecting that the man who impersonates her, who is considered a dead brother, is in fact an impostor.

In 1975, she appeared three times in the TV series Quiller in the role of the character Roz. The actress also starred in the TV shows Oliver's Travels and Have Your Cake And Eat It. Together with British actor Alan Badel Sinead, Cusack starred in the lead role in Trilby by George du Maurier on the BBC. She also starred in the mini-series "North and South" in the role of Hannah Thornton.

In 2006, the Irish actress played in the British TV series Home Again. In 2011, she joined the cast of the television series Camelot, which lasted one season. Cusack also performed roles in the TV shows "The Abyss" (2010) and "Marcella" (2016 - present).


Along with other actresses, including Paola Dionisotti, Fiona Shaw, Juliet Stephenson and Harriet Walter, Sinead Cusack contributed to the writing of Carol Rutter's book called Clamorous Voices: Women's Shakespeare's Today (1994). The book analyzes contemporary acting interpretations of female Shakespearean roles.

Personal life


In 1978, Cusack married a popular British Oscar-winning actor, Jeremy Irons. Two children were born in the Sinead Cusack and Jeremy Irons family - Samuel (1978) and Maximilian (1985). The sons followed in the footsteps of their famous parents and became actors. In the acting field, Max Irons succeeded. He is known to a wide audience for the role of Henry in the movie “Little Red Riding Hood” (2011) and Jared Howe in the movie “The Guest” (2013).

Before marriage with Jeremy Irons, in 1967, Cusack gave birth to a son and gave him up for adoption. A few decades after what happened, the secret of the actress was revealed and made public in the press. In 2007, the correspondent of the Sunday Independent, Daniel McConnell, wrote an article stating that Sinead Cusack is the biological mother of the Irish politician Richard Boyd Barrett. After the publication of this news, the mother and son were reunited. The actress supported Richard Boyd in his political career.

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