Tunisian professional boxer Young Victor Perez: biography, achievements and interesting facts


Victor Young Perez is a boxer from Tunisia, speaking in the Flyweight professional flyweight category. His real name is Victor Yunki. The most significant achievement in his career is a championship in the WBA World Championship. In view of the events that took place during the Second World War, namely, the extermination of the Jewish people, Victor Peres was killed on January 22, 1945 in the Gleywitz concentration camp.


Victor Young Perez, biography: young years

Born October 18 in 1912 in Tunisia (in the capital of the same name). His family, like himself, by origin Jews - lived in the Jewish quarter Hafsia (ethnic ghetto) in the city of Tunisia. From his youth he always went in for sports, was fond of many martial arts. At that time, the sports sections were not distributed, so Perez independently developed physical exercises, and also engaged in combat sambo with his uncle.

At fourteen, I went to the boxing section when a new Maccabi sports club opened near his district. Here he fully devoted himself and his body to grueling training and the study of military equipment. Gradually, "filling his hand, " began to be called to various city competitions, where he showed good results.

At this time, Senegalese Battling Siki was at the height of boxing glory. It was the idol of childhood, Victor Perez. After two years of hard training, the young man achieved good results and began to take part in boxing fights at a professional level. Victor Perez became a recognizable athlete, his height was 154 centimeters. In view of this, he was given the nickname Young.


Victor Perez, biography: the beginning of a professional career

For the first six months he performed in his homeland (in Tunisia) and sometimes went to competitions in neighboring Algeria, where he demonstrated the highest skill and character. Peres' rivals always underestimated him. And they could be understood, because in front of you stood a forty-kilogram 16-year-old boy with a height of 154 centimeters.

However, this attitude went only into the hands of a young Tunisian boxer. Not to say that he knocked everyone out, happened, and lost, nevertheless, the statistics speak for themselves - 13 wins, 0 draws and 2 losses on points.

Victor Perez understood that great services could be realized only outside the African continent, so he was thinking of leaving his homeland and conquering the world. But where to go? At that time, Tunisia was a French colony, so the choice of a boxer became obvious. Victor Young Perez went to torture happiness in France. With the move did not work out as smoothly as we would like. Poverty and poverty did not allow comfort to move abroad. They say that Victor Perez even sold his boxing shoes in order to get a one-way ticket.


The history of Peres' professional career abroad

Arriving in France, the boxer has long adapted to the new land. Very soon he will turn 17, and after a modest celebration of his birthday, he begins to prepare for his first battle. The debut match in Europe turned out to be unsuccessful - a draw with Lucien Beauvais. Apparently this fight was a lesson for the Tunisian boxer, and he began to more deeply engage in their physical training and sports skills. All the work was good - the adaptation was successful. Victor Perez began to box better and, oddly enough, to win.

Soon his battle statistics were as follows: 31 wins, 3 draws and 4 losses. In fact, such a result for the boxer from the lightest weight category is very successful. Victor Perez gained global fame and popularity.


Success in the ring

In 1930, Perez boxed with the future British champion of Europe in the lightest weight category (who was among the top 10 boxers in the lightweight division of all times and peoples). Then the Tunisian prodigy had a fight with Johnny King, a boxer who was incredibly popular at the time, but our hero turned out to be stronger.

In each subsequent match, Perez went into the ring as a favorite. In 1931, he defeated Victor Ferradu and Valentin Angelmann - the main contenders for the vacant WBA title. Soon Victor Young Perez becomes the champion of France in the flyweight category. The final match for this title was against the same Angelmann. The fight ended in the 7th round, when Anglemann was unable to get up after another series of quick and striking hits from a Tunisian.

After this fight, Victor Perez was preparing for the main event in his life - the battle for the WBA title. The fight was to take place in 4 months, so Victor did not miss the opportunity for daily training.

The title event in boxing career of Victor Perez

In the finals, 30-year-old Frank Geniro, who at that time was already the champion of the Olympic Games, as well as a multiple participant in title fights for the title of champion, was waiting for him. In October 1931, the battle took place between Perez and Geniro. Both fighters were quite young - only 19 years old, but the opponent of the Tunisian was more experienced and persistent.

Boxing match was the most difficult for the two athletes. Geniro had a great technique and "timing", and Peres did not have enough experience and patience. The first round was left for Frank, but then Young began to show his infinite potential of energy and enthusiasm.

Already in the second round, after the brilliant attack of the Tunisian boxer, Frank Geniro fell on the platform of the ring, and the judge announced an early victory by knockout. Victor Perez became the WBA champion at the lightest weight.

Speaking of knockouts, in his entire sports career, Geniro received a knockout only 4 times, and Perez, in turn, never differed in external power and few people knocked out. Victor Perez is a boxer with good technique and rhythm, in his career rarely there were victories with pure knockout (26 knockouts in 133 fights).


The fall of the great athlete

After the legendary victory, Perez gained worldwide fame. He visited all the most expensive places in Paris - night clubs and restaurants. Along with this, began to consume alcohol in large quantities. Often missed training, so gradually lost its shape. At the same time, he started an affair with actress Mireille Bali - a beautiful woman of French-Italian origin.

By the year 21, he had already squandered his former skills and in a battle with Jackie Brown in 1932, lost his champion title. The Tunisian boxer simply refused to enter the 14th round, due to the lack of strength.

Subsequent fights Perez were already uninteresting. There are fewer fights, and Victor himself has boxed without motivation, most often halfway. Because of this, and lost almost every time.

His last fight took place in December 1938, when he was only 27 years old. A month before the battle in neighboring Germany, events occurred in world history, referred to as the Crystal Night. Then the Nazis began to exterminate the Jewish people - destroyed their homes, schools and synagogues. Despite this, Peres, who was Jewish, decided to stay in Paris (it is said that because of the affair with actress Mireille).


Passed away like a real hero

In June 1940, the fascists seized France, and Victor Perez was trapped. The rest of his life was a complete wandering around the concentration camps. There, he participated in boxing fights for life (the loser was executed, and the winner was given a second ration) in order to amuse the Nazi army. Here he always emerged victorious, despite the fact that tall heavyweights came out against him. However, he is remembered as a generous man. He always shared food with prisoners like him. He was shot dead in 1945, 3.5 months before the end of the war, when he once again tried to pass a piece of bread to his cellmates.

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