All for the sake of food: the girl made a tattoo with the KFS logo to get free food


Fast food restaurants have tightly entered our daily lives. Modern man is not easy to have time to do all the work and leave a little time for cooking dinner, and it is at this moment that the harmful fast food comes to the rescue. But one thing is when it is a necessary measure, and quite another if people are real fans of such food. This girl, for example, is so in love with the KFS restaurants that she has made a tattoo with their logo.


The girl wanted to become a favorite visitor of the "KFS" and the most devoted fan.

A 20-year-old girl from Australia named Tabata for a long time begged her parents for written permission to do one tattoo on her body. Parents resisted for a long time, but still signed the paper, telling the girl that this tattoo meant something important to her. But something went wrong.


While on vacation, the girl made an insane decision. She quickly decided to make it happen. Tabata decided to perpetuate her love for fast food restaurants KFS, whose food, according to the girl, makes her the happiest on the planet.


Tabata also hopes that her unique tattoo can help her get free food from KFS as the most loyal fan. The girl said that she absolutely did not regret what she had done, because this is her favorite tattoo. However, Tabata’s parents still think that their daughter has played them.

How do you like such an unusual expression of love for food?

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