A teenager bought a Playstation for only € 9, just by weighing it up like potatoes. The consequences were not long in coming


In France, a teenager who bought a PlayStation 4 game console instead of 340 euros for only € 9 was sentenced to 4 months probation.

The guy managed to turn the scam, resorting to using the scales of the grocery department of the self-service store.


According to a foreign source, the decision on the measure of punishment was issued by the court on January 24, while the curiosity occurred in the city of Montbeliard back in September 2018.


A young man of 19 years old, taking the prefix, which costs about 25 000 rubles, weighed it on the scales for vegetables and fruits. With a price tag of € 9, which is about 700 rubles by Russian standards, the cunning guy went to the self-service cash desks and made the payment for the purchase.



Everything would have gone unnoticed if it were not for the guy’s decision to repeat his heroism. Returning to the same store and trying to do the same trick, he was caught red-handed. But he refused to return the first “successful” purchase, citing the fact that he had already sold it - the first PlayStation - for 100 euros.


The impudence raised to the highest level was punished - the guy faces a prison term, and all this story will be a good lesson.

Self-service supermarkets are not a place for scammers, because cameras are not asleep.


What do you think, did you get a decent punishment for such theft?

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