How do men become models at different ages?


Today, quite a lot of people dream of becoming popular, so they are also trying to choose an appropriate profession for themselves. But not always everything turns out as we would like. And the title of a model does not mean at all that you will at once become an important person at any event. To be a popular person in the fashion industry, you have to spend a lot of time and effort.

Although it must be said that it is easier for men to get into this business, and the requirements for them are much less. Many male models have managed to keep themselves afloat for quite some time. If you are interested in the question of how men become models, then in this article you will find a lot of useful information.

How to start a modeling career?


As previously mentioned, men in the modeling industry have a lot easier than women. However, one way or another, the male model must meet certain professional standards. And you should not lose heart if your parameters do not meet certain standards. Work can be obtained even if your height or weight deviates slightly from the shown indicators.

Professional requirements for guys

What does a man need to become a model? There is a whole list of requirements. They should be carefully studied, to decide whether it is worth becoming part of the modeling business.

Main criteria:

  • height: 180-190 cm;
  • category of young models: 15-25 years;
  • category of adult models: 25-35 years;
  • requirements for weight: 63-75 kg (weight index is also taken into account);
  • clothing size 50-52 (Russian).

Also do not forget about hair removal. Among men, models rarely meet people with excessive hair on the back and arms. Male models have one important advantage: they can be provided with contracts even in 50 years. Women may lose their jobs as early as 25.

What model do you want to become?


If you are interested in how men become models, then it is important to begin with in general to figure out in what sphere representatives of this profession can realize themselves. This is especially important for properly filling a portfolio. In addition, it will facilitate your job search in the future. It should be borne in mind that the standards of models that demonstrate clothes on the catwalks differ greatly from the requirements for photo models.

Here are just a few areas in which male models can be involved:

  • cooperation with famous couturiers and leading fashion houses;
  • works for printed products;
  • active at exhibitions and various events;
  • defile at fashion shows;
  • participation in social parties;
  • cooperation with advertising companies;
  • works for print ads, magazines and newspapers;

Wanted and models that specialize in, for example, on a particular part of the body (arms, legs, torso, hair), as well as those whose appearance is as close as possible to ordinary people.

What to do to get a job model?


It is no secret that in order to make a career in this business, it is necessary to attract as much attention as possible. If you are interested in how men become models, then it is worth considering that those who stand out from the crowd have a better chance of getting a job. In addition, when contacting the agency, you will already have something to show.

There are several ways to attract attention:

  • make a commercial or television show;
  • appear on the fashion show;
  • to film for a newspaper or magazine.

These steps will help you find the answer to the question of how to become a male model at 16. You should not regard all of the above, as a call to grab hold of the first job. Remember about your image, because participation in questionable projects can significantly spoil it. Such actions can not only prevent you from progressing, but also completely block your path to the model industry.

Portfolio creation


Today, the phrase “I want to become a model” (this question may be as interesting to a man as it is to girls) sounds quite often. And if you are interested in how to get into this industry, then first you should take care of creating a high-quality portfolio.

All photographs presented in it must show your physique from all sides. It is better if the pictures are taken under different lighting. And, of course, well, if you manage to negotiate a photo shoot with a professional photographer. In the future, you can complement your portfolio, but the very first shots will play a decisive role in the development of your career.

Collaboration with photographers


Do not forget that when working with professionals, a cooperation agreement is necessarily concluded. This document will act as a guarantee that you will be aware of the fate of your images.

When preparing a portfolio it is better not to contact photographers who specialize in portraits. You need only model photos. The standard portfolio includes headshots and full-length shots from different angles. The customer will probably need photos in a business suit and in casual clothes. The more high-quality images in your portfolio, the better.

Model business fraud

When working with agencies there is always the danger of encountering dishonest people. In this business, deception can lie in wait for you almost everywhere. If you are interested in how men become models, then this information can be extremely useful. After all, there is always the risk of encountering suspicious photographers and incompetent modeling agents.

Here are a few simple recommendations:

  1. You should not do business with photographers who charge huge bills for taking pictures. You will be able to replenish your portfolio with new photos when you start working at the agency.
  2. If the agency requires you to pay in advance until the time of registration, it is better not to cooperate with it. The agent earns only if you make a profit. For him, this is the motivation in your development as a model. If you are required to make an advance payment in advance, then most likely you are dealing with an unscrupulous agent.
  3. Costly model schools are just a waste of time and money. There, of course, you can learn how to walk and pose correctly, but today all relevant information can be found in the public domain. If you are interested in how to become a model for a man at 18, then you should not waste your time on such services.

How to increase chances?


To answer the question about how to become a fitness model for a man, the following simple recommendations will help you:

  1. Take part in open castings. Due to the huge number of interested people, this can take a lot of time.
  2. Participate in local castings. Sometimes such events are visited by model agents in search of new faces.
  3. Take part in a model competition. Winning such a competition can give a successful start to your career.
  4. Attend model conferences. This is the right place for useful dating.
  5. Take up the job yourself. You can find the addresses of modeling agencies on the Internet and send them your portfolio.
  6. Find an agent. This is the most convenient option for the development of your future in the modeling business. The agency does not guarantee that you will get one hundred percent of the work, but working with him increases your chances of signing a lucrative contract.

How do men become models? In any business, the main thing is to start. Take the first step, and then use the knowledge and experience gained.

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