Garage crane: device, nuances, operation


To date, the mechanization of lifting work paid close attention. Modern technology of this direction makes it possible to use it even in rather small rooms for performing various operations (installation, dismantling, loading, unloading, etc.). Therefore, this article will be devoted to a special kind of lifting equipment called a garage crane.

Scope of application

Most often the mechanism is used in the premises of warehouses, service stations. Its basis makes it possible to carry out the movement, the lifting of heavy objects with minimal labor costs. In general, the garage crane combines almost perfect cost and technical excellence. It is noteworthy that the price of this lifting mechanism is relatively small, and therefore both large companies and low-budget organizations, including individuals, can acquire it.

In particular, the garage crane is often used for disassembling and assembling various large engines, motors, transmissions. An impressive indicator of crane capacity allows to ensure its reliable and well-coordinated work. Also, the safety of operational personnel will be fully ensured. A distinctive feature of such a crane is ease, primitiveness of operation, it can even be used by an unskilled worker or a person without any technical skills.



Any hydraulic folding garage crane is endowed with a whole range of positive qualities, among which I would especially like to note:

  • Management, understandable at the level of intuition.
  • The minimum amount of inertia and high smoothness of the operations performed.
  • Clear fixation of the lifted / lowered load at a given point in space for the required period of time.
  • Absolute autonomy. For normal operation of the crane does not require any additional sources of energy.
  • Compactness. The linear dimensions of the mechanism are small, so that it can easily move even in a very narrow space.


A garage crane does not require a large number of people for its maintenance. The metal frame of the device is additionally reinforced with special welded elements and high-strength seams. The running wheels of the crane are securely attached to the base and, as a rule, are made of wear-resistant material called polyurethane. In this regard, the crane, moving on the underlying surface, does not harm it and does not create unnecessary noise.



Hydraulic garage crane in general has the following structural elements:

  • Steel frame.
  • Arrow with an impressive rate of departure.
  • Running wheels.
  • Hydraulic drive (hydraulic cylinder, control stick, emergency valve).
  • Cargo chain with lifting hook.

The well-designed structure of the crane provides it with good protection against angular loads. Therefore, the probability that this lifting machine will tip over is zero.

Operation of the hydraulic drive allows you to easily move the load in a vertical plane with millimeter accuracy. This is an extremely important feature, especially when it comes to the installation of high-precision dimensional parts of various mechanisms and components.



The practice of using the crane is as follows: it is manually driven to the place of work, using the hydraulic pump handle to lower the boom and grab the load, and then either transport the crane along with the load on the floor, or leave the load suspended. The garage crane has one important feature: the more its boom is advanced, the less stability it will be. This should be remembered, since this nuance directly affects the safety of all work performed.

As practice has shown, very often the garage folding crane is used in various car services. Its thoughtful and ergonomic structure allows servicing cars that are not able to move under their own power inside the repair facility.


The capacity indicator of a folding type garage crane can vary from 500 kilograms to two tons. I would especially like to point out that during their storage or transportation such equipment does not take up much space. In the folded state, it can be infinitely long term.

In conclusion, we can say that special pressure boosting blocks are often used in a hydraulic garage crane, which allow lifting items attached to a hook hanger much faster. In addition, there are also special safety valves that block the cylinder in cases where the weight of the lifted load exceeds the nominal capacity.

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