Top 10 fastest aircraft in the world


The fastest aircraft tried to create many countries in the world. Some developers managed to achieve and overcome supersonic speed, along with excellent maneuverability parameters of the machine. The development of aviation does not stand still, moving further and further in improving the tactical and technical characteristics. Most supersonic models are used for military and reconnaissance purposes, however there are some developments in the civilian industry, which are surprising in their abilities. Consider the top 10 fastest aircraft with a brief description of their capabilities.


Modification of the SU-27

We start the review with one of the most famous models of Soviet production. The multipurpose fighter was developed at the Sukhoi design bureau (launch began in 1981). The aircraft accelerates to 2877 km / h.

The machine is equipped with a pair of improved power units, the first tests were carried out in 1977. Officially, the fighter was adopted for service in 1985, the SU-27 earned an excellent reputation in the military sphere, and remains in service with many post-Soviet countries.


We continue the study of the fastest aircraft among domestic analogues. The Mikoyan Design Bureau completed the development of a large twin-engine supersonic interceptor fighter in 1975. The first flight tests were made immediately. The armament of the military air forces of the USSR entered in 1982.

The speed indicator of the car reaches 3463 km / h. The uniqueness of the technique lies in its ability to achieve supersonic parameters, and the movement can be carried out at a low height. In fairness - this fighter is one of the best and fastest modifications of its kind.



Another Soviet or Russian fastest aircraft was developed by engineers by the name of Gurevich, Seletsky and Matyuk. Production period - from 1969 to 1985

Brief characteristics of the aircraft:

  • Purpose - intelligence, breakthrough, interception of various kinds of air targets.
  • The speed is 3916 km / h.
  • Use - to collect intelligence data and intercept enemy vehicles at supersonic speeds.

The equipment is in service in Russia, CIS countries, Algeria, Syria.

F-111 Aardvark

The top of the fastest aircraft includes this model, developed by General Dynamics. The strategic fighter-bomber began to be produced in 1967. Its speed limit reaches 3060 km / h.

According to the designers, the aircraft was to be serviced by two crew members. He was first adopted by the US Air Force, was used for strategic bombing, as well as performing reconnaissance operations. Exceeding the speed of sound at the maximum position was 2.5 times.


F-15 Eagle

Basic information about one of the fastest aircraft is given below:

  • A variety of machines - interceptor fighter.
  • The manufacturer is McDonnell Douglas, Boeing Defense, Space & Security (United States of America).
  • Start of production - 1976
  • The speed limit is 3065 km / h.

The design of the aircraft under consideration was completed in the sixties of the last century. The device is a twin-engine fighter, which is designed to capture and maintain combat superiority during air battles. The US Army adopted the unit in 1976, where it remains to this day. In addition, the technique is used by the armies of Israel, Japan, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey.

The fastest XB-70 Valkyrie aircraft

In this series of strategic bombers, this model is distinguished by its speed and the possibility of using the device for operational airspace research.

The aircraft was developed in the fifties of the 20th century by the American company North American Aviation. The main production lasted from 1964 to 1969. The speed limit of the car is 3795 km / h. The main objective of the unit was to transport a stock of bombs with nuclear charge.

In 1965, the glider was tested when it was possible to achieve a record speed of 3.1 Mach, with a flight altitude of 21.3 kilometers. One of the modifications of the device under consideration was wrecked in 1966, and the second copy is in the National Museum of the United States Air Force.

Bell X-2 Starbuster

The list of 10 fastest aircraft includes the specified modification. The aircraft was produced in the USA as an experimental sample (1955-1956). He could reach speeds of up to 3911 km / h.

A whole group of designers from the offices of the Air Force of America and the National Advisory Committee worked together with Bell Aircraft Corporation to create the car. Work on the creation of a jet aircraft was completed in 1945. The main purpose of the technology is the study of the properties of aerodynamics in the conditions of a flight with a supersonic regime. At the end of the autumn of 1955, the device made its first flight, as a result of which a speed threshold of about 3.19 Mach was reached at an altitude of 19.8 km. Unfortunately, after this technique lost control and fell to the ground. After that, the program to develop this machine was suspended.


SR-71 Blackbird

Another jet aircraft was developed by Lockheed Corporation and Scunk Works from 1966 to 1999. The main task of this technology is to conduct strategic aerial reconnaissance. The speed of the fastest aircraft of this class was 4039 km / h.

In addition to intelligence, the machine is focused on repelling threats from the enemy, the maximum climb is 29 kilometers. It should be noted that in translation the name of the fighter sounds like a “blackbird”.

YF-12 Lockheed

This aircraft was manufactured in the USA by Lockheed Corporation. Interceptor was produced in the period from 1963 to 1965. The maximum speed of the car was just over 4, 100 km / h. At that time, the prototype showed an extraordinary result.

The main purpose of the technique was to intercept similar types of enemy aircraft. The first test of the aircraft was carried out at the US test site, known as the YF-12 Testing Zone. Soon, it was decided to discontinue the development of this program due to insufficient indicators in technical and maneuverable terms. Fully production units ended in the late seventies of the last century.

The fastest aircraft in the world

With a maximum speed of 8225 km / h, the X-15 rocket-glider practically has no equal. It was produced in the United States by the corporation North American Aviation (1959-1968). The experimental modification has the highest speed indicator for a manned aircraft.

Work on the design of this machine was suspended in the seventies of the 20th century, but during the tests, many famous people were able to participate in the program, including Neil Armstrong. The maximum lift height was more than 100 kilometers, which is closer to space research.


Passenger record holders

The leader of civil aviation in terms of speed parameters is definitely a Soviet-made device under the name of TU-144. He was able to gain 2430 km / h. It should be noted that the equipment was developed in the sixties of the last century. The first flight of the car took place on December 31, 1968. The designers from the USSR managed to beat the competitors of the famous Concord for several months.

The fastest passenger aircraft in 1969 set another record. The device rose to a height of 11 kilometers, developing a supersonic speed. Such models were created 16 units, the total number of departures amounted to more than 2.5 thousand.


Interesting Facts

In the history of supersonic passenger aircraft TU-144 there are tragic moments. In 1973, the brainchild of the Tupolev Design Bureau carried out a demonstrative flight. As a result of a sharp maneuver, the car fell. This killed six crew members and 8 observers who were on the ground.

There are several versions of the tragedy. According to one of them, the pilots of the TU-144 disoriented the French Mirage, from which photographs were taken. Another reason is indicated in the vein of the inaccuracy of the pilots of the Soviet apparatus, one of whom dropped the camcorder, which led to the control system jamming.

In any case, the transportation of passengers on the specified liner was unprofitable due to the high costs of maintenance and fuel and lubricants. Continuation of work on this model was suspended. After that for a long time the French “Concord” was the fastest aircraft in civil aviation.



Among the fastest airplanes in the world, American and Russian (Soviet) models dominate. Most versions of these machines are used for military and reconnaissance purposes. As practice has shown, passenger traffic at supersonic speeds are unsafe and requires large financial investments.

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