Karma catches up instantly: a man kicked a dog and immediately regretted it (video)


There are many versions explaining everything that happens on Earth. One act entails some kind of event that can be regarded as an encouragement or punishment of higher powers. Or, as others believe, the so-called karma works.

"The more I get to know people, the more I love dogs …"

This expression best suits the event captured on the video.

A man on the street meets a stray dog. Absolutely not aggressive. But this rational person itself is full of anger and prone to violence. Why he decides to kick a poor animal with his foot is not clear.

But karma - let's call it that force that assumed the role of judge of this two-legged creature (language doesn’t turn to call him a man without quotes) - catches him at the climax …

What happens next - look at the video.


What do you think: is a punishment above enough, or the subject deserves more?

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