Army backpacks. Varieties, characteristics, selection rules


Army backpacks occupy an important place among the other attributes of equipment fighter. They differ from civil and tourist ones in approximately the same way as the BTR tractor differs from. And this is not surprising, because a backpack, especially belonging to the tactical class, is just as important for the preservation of a soldier’s life and the performance of a combat mission as an automatic weapon.


The strange word "tactical"

Not only professional military, but also paintball and airsoft get-together periodically uses the unusual word "tactical". Any man in the street understands that it comes from the word "tactics". But what is a tactical army backpack and how it differs from all the others, not even every soldier will immediately explain.


So, a tactical pack, like a tactical flashlight, tactical gloves and other tactical attributes, was created for a specific purpose. His presence is due to the task set before the fighter. From this very task depends on the volume of the backpack, the number and shape of the pockets and internal compartments, the shape of the lines and much more.

Requirements for an army backpack

In order for the fighter to not get tired in long foot crossings or forced marches, the weight of the equipment being worn on himself must be evenly distributed. The main assistant in this - unloading vest. Behind him go all sorts of pouches, which can be attached to the belt and thigh or fastened to the unloading, body armor. You can put a lot of useful things in them, from personal shaving accessories to VOGs.

The fighter’s backpack is designed to perform the same tasks: to hold the maximum of things needed in a fight, without overloading the back and shoulders. Wide straps do not rub or cut into the body, and additional belts distribute the weight evenly.

Form and content

It is unlikely that you will find in the good army backpack a system of fixings for skewers. But a flask compartment, a carabiner for attaching an engineer blade, a waterproof case for documents and maps, and a sealed pocket for medicines are usually present there. Some models are designed to keep ammunition in them. However, in this case we are talking only about overall backpacks, designed for long-term operations, because the number of replaceable stores needed by a fighter should be placed in his unloading vest. A convenient option for many backpacks is special slings for fastening the mattress, located on the bottom or on the side. Depending on the model, an army backpack can be equipped with a special pocket or a retainer for fastening a helmet or a helmet.


Disguise Rules

An important role is played by the color of the fabric. In the absolute majority of cases, army backpacks are made of camouflage fabrics. Depending on the natural conditions in which the operation will take place, the equipment of the fighter is also selected. This applies to the form, unloading vest, helmet cover and backpack. Where the landscape is covered with forest or undergrowth, camouflage is used in natural gray-green shades. In the desert and steppes preferred beige-brown gamma. For rocky terrain, gray tones are used. And for a snowy winter there is a special white fabric, covered with black camouflage spots.


Not every military unit can boast of supplies that allow each fighter to be provided with several sets of equipment. Therefore, army backpacks, as a rule, are sewn from low-key fabrics of neutral color, and camouflage covers are put on top of them. This is especially true for scouts, snipers and all those whose stay in the territory must remain secret.

Army backpacks are made of thick fabric, which in most cases is water and dirt repellent. When choosing a backpack you should focus on the real number of things that are really necessary when performing a combat mission. Excess weight, which will have to drag, can have an extremely negative effect. An optimally selected tactical army backpack is just as important a part of preparation for an operation as the choice of a fighter's weapon.

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