Irina Petrovskaya: creative biography, civil position


Journalist Irina Petrovskaya constantly appears as an ordinary TV viewer, defending the right to acquire complete and impartial information. In publications, the television critic reveals new ideological trends in the broadcasting of central television channels.

Creative way

Irina graduated from Moscow State University named after MV Lomonosov in 1982, specialization - TV. In the 85th she appeared as a television critic in the periodical “Journalist”. In 91-92 she worked in Ogonyok, where she specialized in reviews and short TV reviews. In 92-95 - a columnist for the Nezavisimaya Gazeta TV, where there was a separate thematic band "Television". The newspaper allocated space for the column heading, which began to lead Irina Petrovskaya.

The biography of popularity came to the analyst while working at Izvestia, where she was delayed for fifteen years. The constant heading “Television week with I. Petrovskaya” was shown at a separate page spread. Irina Evgenevna - the owner of the main award of journalists of Russia. Sources analyzed weekly materials from 2003 to 2010. The result is as follows: 297 articles contain a review of the past air content. The analysis showed: the number of texts with a negative assessment was 85%, positive - 15%.


The method allowed to isolate the components of the conclusions of the author of a television program, to determine the veracity of criticism in the arguments, to recognize the originality of the publications of the author.

Style features

What attracts the analyst, why do journalists remember Irina Petrovskaya? The main thing that is noted is relevance, highlighting the complexity of today's state broadcasting. The main question addressed by the journalist is that the creators of the programs and the creative teams bear a moral obligation to the viewer and society for the creative product.

Irina Petrovskaya constantly carries out a mini-expertise to compare television scenes and life. The life that is shown on TV is a little similar to the commonplace. Hence the conclusion: the invented television appearance is imposed on the audience, which is clearer and more attractive than everyday life, explains Irina Petrovskaya. The photo captured the master class at the school of economics.


In the articles, the journalist tries to convey to the audience the idea that the viewer is deliberately distracting, and the real problems remain unresolved. Manipulation of consciousness is used as an instrument of influencing people for obvious purposes. The critic explains to whom and for what this method is beneficial for making a fool of the masses, what goals are pursued.

The second secret of Petrovskaya’s journalistic style is that it is not limited to evaluating TV projects and tries to relate each of them to the trend of television. The analyst highlights the further development of central channels as entertainment venues, scenes of violence and cruelty in paintings, and the display of dubious documentaries about famous personalities is a priority.

Clear citizenship

Petrovskaya argues that ensuring the political direction of the President of Russia with federal television channels is a fundamental direction. Company directors are doing the impossible so that there is not even a hint of condemnation of government policies. Irina Petrovskaya is sure of it. The journalist points to unfavorable trends in publications with a hint of political overtones. This indicates that the journalist has clearly defined citizenship, courage and courage. Not everyone will be able today to state the problems of society.


Irina Petrovskaya, speaking of television, in the opening paragraph focuses on the events of the past week. The topic, which was marked at the beginning, defines the main direction.

The study of analyst publications presents the current situation of Russian television, identifies problems: the ethics of journalists and TV writers, the superiority of the entertainment model of the message that was adopted on the country's TV channels. The critic is trying not to miss the television premieres who advertise, explore the content, think about the effect that the TV show will have on society.

A danger that not everyone understands

Trends, which I. E. Petrovskaya indicates:

- Increase the time for entertainment programs in order to distract the viewer. A person who thinks is unnecessary and dangerous. Attractive resident man in the street with chips in front of the TV screen. Petrovskaya is sure that the show of entertainment programs mostly in the evening will lead to the fact that the viewer will gradually ignore other genres and demand only spectacles.


- Irina Petrovskaya in the articles finds out who, in the opinion of TV, is “the hero of our time”. The man of the people is not considered as such. These are show business stars, psychos, gangsters. Increased interest in negative characters accelerates the emergence of similar models among the television audience. Viewers who take a television picture for a real life - in a difficult position. This means that the behavior of screen idols to copy and copy is not terrible.

Petrovskaya - a professional, an expert in their field. Such people are needed for proper orientation in this many-sided world.

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