11-year-old child prodigy became an Internet celebrity because of his unusual talent


He took his first pair of hooks when he was only five years old, and learned to knit thanks to a simple lesson. By 6, he became a competitor for all the grandmothers with whom he competed at the city fair. Today, his business has become so popular that he had to temporarily stop taking orders.

Boy's popularity

“Over the past two weeks, he received about 2, 500 orders, ” his mother, Jennifer Larson, said in an interview with Good Morning America.

His Instagram - Jonah's Hands - has over 30, 000 subscribers. But the wunderkind mom tells GMA that he gained popularity mainly due to ads and forums. She told GMA that the knitting community is very kind and supports the boy.


“He’s very popular there, ” said Larson. "I think because he is a little boy who can crochet."

Beginning of works

He started with a simple kitchen towel, and then made a hat and a pair of scarves. Once he brought home a few ribbons from the first city fair, however, he later began to challenge himself by performing more and more complex projects.

He works on baskets, baby booties, blankets with a mermaid tail and woolen shawls. His most challenging project was an 800-color Afghan with a lush column.


“Crocheting soothes him, ” said his mother. "His mind is usually very busy, but he continues to crochet."


The boy is busy math 9th grade, although he is in 6th grade. He also often plays basketball with his brother and enjoys "a very rare video game." “Everybody needs some quiet time, ” said John.

The 11-year-old son is “full of confidence, ” his mom says. At first, she was worried that children in school might think about John’s passion for crocheting, but “he doesn't care what people say.”

Favorite work

John told GMA that choosing his favorite thing would not be easy. “It’s like asking a parent what kind of child is their favorite. But I think that this is either the Afghan “Sunset” or mosaic napkins ”.

Regarding the future, John said that he hoped that he would be able to inspire people who used to crochet and then stop practicing hobbies. "I hope that they will get their hooks and save this art for the next generation."

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