10 most beautiful men on the planet


Beauty contest is usually held among the beautiful half of humanity. But men are also so attractive and sexy that they take your breath away. The ratings of handsome men are not considered, but why not once again admire the 10 most beautiful men on the planet.

Channing Tatum


In 2017, the authoritative People magazine considered him the sexiest and, damn, how you can argue with this magazine. This look with a squint knocks outright. But in spite of the fact that God has so gifted the guy, he is very humble and happy in marriage with one woman.

Ben affleck


This is a classic handsome. His features are perfect, moderately brutal. Ben is perfectly built and has as much as 1.9 m in height! This type like most women. That and Jennifer Lopez, Gwyneth Paltrow and Sandra Bullock at one time could not resist. He is also talented: as many as 2 Oscars for acting!

Bradley Cooper


Once in early childhood he was constantly mistaken for a girl, and now no one doubts his manliness. In 2011, People magazine put him at the top of the ranking of the sexiest and most desirable men. Blue eyes, an infectious smile, a sexy body - that's Bradley Cooper.

Ashton kutcher


Another regular of the ratings of the most beautiful men in the world is Ashton Kutcher. Probably, there is no girl whose heart does not tremble from such beauty. Once he was just a model, but he was noticed, and he appeared on the big screen. Then followed a series of interesting roles and the title of sex symbol. In 2015, he was ringed by at least the beautiful actress Mila Kunis, with whom they raise two children.

Ryan Gosling


It's no secret that most women watch films with Ryan Gosling to once again admire his beautiful figure and attractive face. It is possible that he is not very brutal and even too sweet, but women really like him. Probably, the matter is in his piercing gaze of beautiful gray eyes. But his heart is already occupied by the beautiful and burning Eva Mendes, with whom the actor brings up two daughters.

Colin Firth


With a strict look, this British man has an impressive track record in the cinema, he is a truly talented actor and handsome man. Colin did not even disdain the role of a homosexual. But he can not be afraid, it did not affect the love of women for him, and he still flashes in the lists of the most beautiful men of the planet constantly.

Richard Gere


Once he gave many girls a fairy tale. You don't have to be a decent lady. It is important that Richard Gere call you a beauty and take you to the sunset. Many years have passed since then, but what free girl or woman will refuse to go on a date with him? His trademark gray does not spoil it at all, but only adds charm. During his film career, he visited many tops of the most beautiful men in the world and will surely conquer more than one.

Brad Pitt


His name has long become synonymous with the word "handsome." He was married to the most desirable woman in the world. The nonsense changed the hair color, their length, grew a beard and shaved smoothly - everything suits him. His appearance has changed a lot over the years, but, like a good wine, he did not become worse, only more courageously. He really deserves to be in this ranking, because this is Brad Pitt, and that says it all.

Johnny Depp


Incomparable Johnny played in the movie, not only brutal macho, but also eccentric characters. But this had no effect on his sexuality. This handsome wild and out of control, but the more attractive for many women, because it says a lot of testosterone in the blood.

Daniel Radcliffe


Many people remember this shy boy with broken glasses and a scar on his forehead. In 2017, the character in the Harry Potter book series was already 20 years old, and the actor who played him in the screen versions of all 7 books has grown. And besides, in the beautiful swan, which is still in demand in the cinema, but in the role of sexy adult men.

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