Dorian doors: variations and benefits


In order to create a warm atmosphere and comfort at home, you should pay attention not only to the finishing of the floor and walls, but also to choose the right interior doors. Domestic manufacturers offer products that are not inferior in quality to imported products and at the same time significantly differ in price policy. Dorian doors took a worthy place among competitors. Let us consider in more detail the company's products, its distinctive features and advantages.

About company

Door systems - one of the most important elements of the interior. Modern models differ in material, quality, design and other parameters. In addition, both imported and domestic products are widely represented on the market. Therefore, when choosing doors for home and apartment, many people have difficulties.


Recently, Dorian doors have become popular. The company is known since 2008 and has been producing its own products using components from Italy. The assembly of the structure is carried out in production. You can purchase products by reservation. Deadline for the door takes 2-4 weeks. The manufacturer offers both interior and entrance doors.

The advantages of the company

In the manufacture of its products, the company uses only proven materials. Wood of various species (oak, birch, maple) is considered the safest and meets all environmental standards. All components are supplied for production from Italy. Each door unit undergoes mandatory quality control.

Does natural solid wood use Dorian to make products? Solid solid doors are considered the most durable, reliable and expensive. The manufacturer offers a wide selection of this type of product. Each door is treated with a composition based on Italian polyurethane varnish, which has water-repellent properties and does not contain harmful substances.

Significant advantages of the company include:

  • high quality products;
  • various types of web covering (cortex, veneer, paint, gloss);
  • the possibility of manufacturing doors according to individual sizes;
  • design with an Italian bias;
  • the possibility of selecting inexpensive models;
  • wide model range;
  • various mechanisms for opening doors (roto-door, “book”, swing and sliding doors).

Classic model range

Dorian interior doors have a common distinguishing feature - it is a one-piece design, in which there is no separation into trim and canvas. Complement the effect of the integrity of the hidden loop Kubica and convenient magnetic locks. The latter can silently close the door.


The model range offered by the manufacturer is divided into several design directions. The classic is represented by the Barolo line. All elements of the positions are made exclusively from an array of valuable tree species - alder and oak. Various colors of products are available to the buyer: white, brandy, walnut, honey, malachite, dark walnut.

The Versaille collection is a true Italian luxury with elements of antiquity. At the request of the buyer, the door can be painted in any color. White classics are presented in several model ranges: Verona, Opera, Belvedere, Visconti.


The “modern” door style is distinguished by its smooth outlines and the absence of sharp lines. Such products look elegant and fit into any interior. Obligatory element in the interior doors of modern from the company Dorian - glass inserts. In this case, the glass itself may have different shades, ornament.


Doors in the modern style are represented by the following collections:

  • Forte - natural veneer is usually used as a lining. Dorian Forte doors with Cortex and Acrylate are highly durable and practical.
  • Saslerno - products from this collection are distinguished by the clarity of geometric shapes. Glass inserts are made from various types of glass.
  • Eterna - the ruler is distinguished by an unusual triangular profile that will be a highlight of the interior.
  • Onda - prominent features of the series are convex profiles and smooth lines. This allows you to create the illusion of a traveling wave.
  • Alberto - all doors in this series are veneered from natural (oak) veneer, made as brushed.

Neoclassical style

One of the elite products are interior doors in the neoclassical style. At their production only natural materials are used, and details of finishing are located strictly along the lines. These doors are ideal for rooms with high ceilings.


Neoclassicism from Dorian is represented by such collections as Colore, Avenue, Galla. The doors have oak veneer finish, at the same time combining classic and modern.


Should I buy Dorian doors? Reviews manufacturer has a very controversial. Some buyers were satisfied with the quality of service, the competence of managers, the assistance provided in selecting doors and the products themselves. Others leave completely negative reviews related to non-observance of production time and marriage in products.

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