The most powerful weapon for hunting pneumatic


Hunting and gathering are those actions that helped a person to become reasonable and survive in a not too friendly world. Today, collecting has reached a new level of its development and has become known as collecting, and its objects are no longer roots and fruits, but artistic and other values. Hunting also accompanied humanity at all times of its existence, and from the category of necessity it became a hobby.


Today, in order to satisfy their instincts, which are given by nature for survival, people do not need to whip spears and pull on a string. Even the guns that had been helping the game hunters for so long gradually become obsolete since they were replaced by a pneumatic hunting weapon.

Pneumatics principle of operation

If in the old days, hunting for poor people was a way to survive, and for the rich - entertainment, today it is a way to satisfy the most ancient instinct. Since the appearance of the first firearms, its manufacturers began to make guns for hunting animals.

As the demand for the killings grew, rifles changed as well, until their production was put on the conveyor. By this time, hunting rifles improved, cheaper, and they became available to many lovers of game hunting.

When the first hunting weapon (pneumatic) appeared, its manufacturers did not discover anything new, but applied the principles known in ancient times. The prototype of modern pneumatics became the wind tubes, which were used to catch the animals of the natives of South America.


The basis of the modern air rifle took 2 types of wind tubes:

  • in the first, the direction of flight and the velocity of the projectile was determined by the strength of the hunter’s lungs;
  • in the second, two tubes were used, one into the other, and the dart was sent in flight by a powerful blow of the trapper on an outer tube that was closed at the end.

In the first case, a more accurate shot was obtained, but to make it, the shooter had to get as close as possible to the prey. In the second - it was possible to shoot from a far distance, but the accuracy of the hit was much lower.

The same principle is laid down in modern hunting weapons - the pneumatic gun. He just improved.

Benefits of Pneumatics

The first pneumatic guns appeared in the 17th century and immediately showed an advantage over firearms:

  • firstly, they could be used in any weather, while gunpowder guns stopped firing even with slight dampness;
  • secondly, it was possible to make a series of shots one after another;
  • thirdly, the pneumatic hit level was higher, and there were no accompanying loud sounds and smoke.


Today you can hear the opinion that the most powerful pneumatic weapon for hunting is more expensive than a weak firearm. In fact, it is not. This type of guns became popular with many hunters due to a number of significant advantages:

  1. Weapons for hunting pneumatic recognized as environmentally friendly. The first on a regular basis to use it entered the British. Their scientists found that, for example, a high level of mutations and mortality of birds in one of the reservoirs is associated with the influence of lead compounds, which in large numbers settled on its bottom after many decades of shooting here.
  2. The cost of a shot from such a weapon is cheaper than from a firearm.
  3. The procedure for obtaining a license is simplified, and for some types of pneumatics it is not required at all.

The lack of noise and the low weight of the pneumatic hunting weapon with a high level of hit makes it more attractive in the eyes of many hunters.

Types of airguns


Modern weapons factories produce pneumatics, both for self-defense, sports and hunting. All of them may differ in size, caliber and weight, but work on one of four principles:

  1. Spring-piston is distinguished by reliability and low cost. In this type of pneumatics, the hermetic tank, with the gas mixture in it, is directly connected to the barrel. When the weapon is cocked, its spring is compressed, and when the trigger is pressed, it is released and hits the piston, resulting in a shot.
  2. At the heart of compression pneumatic is the preliminary injection of compressed gas into a special hermetically sealed rifle compartment. To make a shot, you need to turn the lever that will move the piston associated with the tank with compressed gas. It is believed that this is the best pneumatic weapon for hunting, as it has a high accuracy of impact and speed of the bullet, and has no recoil. Such a rifle can be a one-time or reusable injection, which allows not only to take several shots from one injection, but also to control their power.
  3. Liquefied gas weapons use carbon dioxide in the liquid and gaseous state. This is quite a powerful and accurate form of pneumatics, the only drawback of which is the impossibility of using at temperatures from 0 degrees and below.
  4. Air-cartridges are the most powerful and expensive weapons. His indicators of accuracy and speed of flight are the highest. In a similar gun, compressed air is located in a special tank, which is filled with an air compressor before going out to hunt. Depending on what caliber is used, it is possible to make from 50 to 200 shots. Most manufacturers make the tank with compressed gas an integral part of the gun, but there are samples where it joins the barrel with a special hose.

All types of weapons are used for hunting, except for those working on liquefied CO2. To get the maximum result when firing, you need to know in advance which caliber to fit to the gun.

Caliber pneumatic bullets

When a hunter asks about the quality of the weapon, he is interested in how much power the bullet develops at the moment of the shot. It is influenced by the energy, which is measured in joules, and the caliber of the pneumatic weapon for hunting.


There are several types of ammunition for hunting:

  • The most popular is the caliber of 4.5 mm. A standard bullet has a weight of 0.48 g, and energy can develop up to 40 J. The most effective hit of a weapon of this caliber is 55-60 m. It is most suitable for hunting for game weighing up to 1.5 kg.
  • Air guns for hunting - caliber 5.5 mm - designed for standard bullets weighing 0.88 g. The energy developed by such a projectile is 75 J, and the distance to the target reaches 70 m. Great for hunting game up to 4 kg (hare, pheasant other).
  • A pneumatic weapon for hunting - a caliber of 6.35 mm - forms energy up to 110 J at a distance of up to 70 meters. Recommended for hunting wolves and foxes.
  • For fans of big game, 9 mm weapons are suitable. It develops energy up to 300 J and is capable of hitting a target weighing up to 80 kg.

Weapon firms produce pneumatics of all the calibers listed, but according to the type of hunting rifles, those equipped with air cartridges are the most popular.

Selection of professionals

Despite the high price, big hunters have the greatest demand for a large game hunter with a pneumatic gun called the South Korean producer Dragon Career Slayer.


This is the most powerful weapon of this type with a barrel diameter of 12.7 mm. Originally it was intended for special forces and even used in the army of South Korea. The energy from which the bullet flies out of this rifle is 400 J, which is the largest indicator of power in the world. Other weapon parameters:

  • weight 3.99 kilograms;
  • bullet speed at departure of 220 m / s;
  • the length of the gun is 1.49 meters;
  • uses bullets weighing from 16 to 20 g;
  • there is only one charge in the chamber.

This rifle is designed to shoot a large beast, and professional American hunters walk with it on the bison. The gun has a high accuracy of impact, and its tank with compressed gas is enough for 4 shots.

Second place

The next most popular “graduate” of a South Korean company is the Sam Yang Big Bore 909S rifle, which has a caliber of 11.5 mm.

With an energy of up to 250 J and a bullet weight of 11 g, the velocity of its projectile is also 220 m / s. The stock of compressed air is enough for 5 shots, and the main purpose is hunting for boars, which can be done from a distance of 50 m.

Third place

Among pneumatic models with a caliber of 5.5 mm, the most powerful and sought-after is the representative of the products of the American company Air Force Guns. Their Air Force Condor rifle is considered the best innovative achievement in pneumatics due to the simplicity and reliability of the design, while the speed of a bullet can be adjusted from 70 to 390 m / s.


It is equally popular because its caliber and power can be changed by purchasing the appropriate tuning kits. The lining of this rifle allows you to maintain excellent alignment when collecting any components, and the air supply is enough for 200 shots. This gun can shoot both bullets and syringes with sleeping pills and darts.

Trunks from 4.5 mm to 11.5 mm in diameter can be attached to the purchased basic model. This transforming rifle is great for both small game and animals up to 4 kg.

Domestic pneumatics

Among the guns of domestic production are in demand products Izhevsk Arms Plant. Although their air rifles do not differ in reliability and power, they have quite decent indicators:

  • weapon weight 3 kg;
  • power 25 J;
  • projectile velocity at departure of 220 m / s;
  • in the store 1 shell.

Domestic pneumatics suitable for beginners, only knowing the basics of hunting.

Rare caliber

Air guns for hunting, caliber 9 mm, is rare, since with all the advantages in the form of power and great destructive power it has drawbacks. The weight of such a rifle is considered not very convenient, and if we add to this a weak accuracy and an extremely limited number of shots, it is understandable why they are not in demand.

Features pneumatics

No matter how the manufacturers praise their goods, you can only find out the quality of the air rifle in action. The only drawback of this type of weapon is its rapid wear, if not properly maintained. In this case, all the figures declared by the company are reduced, and some parts require not just cleaning or lubrication, but complete replacement.

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