Shotgun shotgun: history of weapons, advantages and disadvantages


Ultra-compact shotguns at the expense of a very spreading battle has always enjoyed great popularity. Shotgun shotgun adapted for quick shooting at a short distance. The constrained conditions do not prevent the owner of such a rifle unit from using it for his own safety. To do this, the arrow does not even have to take aim.

You will find information on the history, strengths and weaknesses of the shotgun edge in this article.



Shotgun rifle is an atypical firearm. In England, this rifle unit is called a sawed-off shotgun (sawn off shotgun). In Russia, this weapon is known as bleed. He gained wide popularity during the years of collectivization. Photo shotgun shotgun later in the article.

The length of the trunks at the edges can be very different. The best option is a 35-centimeter trunks. However, there are products in which the length of not more than the ammunition itself and is 70 mm. According to experts, the accuracy of the battle will depend on the length of the sighting line.


A bit of history

A classic example of a crop is the shotgun, which was used by American coachmen. Since stagecoaches and their passengers were constantly attacked by armed bandits, civilians had to worry about their own safety.

Going on a journey, this category of people did not forget to grab a sawed-off shotgun with them. More often used edges with us. During the Civil War, cavalrymen used specific tactics, namely, they suppressed the enemy with fire, not sabers and pikes. For this purpose, a shotgun fit perfectly well. Cuts were made from both double-barreled rifle guns, as well as from old infantry muskets, which after the appearance of rifled rifle samples became less in demand.

In view of the fact that in those years there was an acute shortage of revolvers, the cavalryman could compensate for this deficiency with outdated obsolete weapons. In Civic, such rifle units were loved by the second side. For this reason, for a long time the edges were considered kulak weapons.

Use of sawn-off blades in Russia

Due to the fact that this rifle unit is constantly mentioned in police reports and criminal records, its sale and use is prohibited in Russia. According to experts, the shotgun trim is made mainly in an artisan way: the masters shorten the barrel and butt.

The popularity of the edges is due to their availability. The fact is that in the 50s there was no control over the turnover of smooth-bore hunting rifles, and it was from them that criminal handicraftsmen produced shooting home-made products.

Shotgun shotgun is also called marginal weapons. This is due to the fact that this rifle unit is much cheaper compared to other weapons. Independently shortening the length of the gun (barrel and butt) in Russia in accordance with the "Law on Weapons" is prohibited.

What is the situation with the trim in other states?

In Australia, in order to independently change the length of the barrel in a shotgun, a special permit is required, which is issued by the chief commissioner of the state police.

In Canada, you can use factory weapons with manual reloading if it is at least 67 cm (28 inches). If a rifle unit with an 18-inch barrel, shorten it even more.

In the UK, you are allowed to trim the barrel yourself. However, its length should not be less than 300 mm. A total weapon length is 600 mm.

In the United States, federal law allows you to own duno-loaded 66-centimeter rifles. Barrel length - not less than 460 mm. However, in America, control is established over the production of such cut-offs. The manufacturer will need special permits and a license.


About the merits

The main advantage of trimming is that, due to its small size, it is convenient for hidden wearing.

With a shortened handle and barrel, it remains the same shotgun with great slaughter. According to experts, with a sawn-off barrel, the shell practically does not lose its initial velocity. If it is used in close proximity, then the victim’s chances of survival are very minimal.

What is the disadvantage?

Judging by the numerous reviews, while firing, the shotgun rifle can be torn out of hand. This is due to the fact that after trimming the weapon remains with the same power, but with a reduced weight, as a result, it becomes difficult to hold it.


The second drawback is the presence of a significantly shortened sighting line, which negatively affected the accuracy of the battle. The indicator of the aiming range of the crop no longer corresponds to the initial one in the original rifle unit. Nevertheless, a shortened weapon is very deadly if used at short distances.

Weapons for children

Judging by numerous reviews, a toy toy shotgun Combat Force 318 will be a good gift for a child. This product is an air gun. 6 mm plastic bullets are used as shells. The toy is adapted for shooting at a distance of up to 20 m.


Based on the statistics of incidents, the question of how to cut a shotgun is by no means idle. According to experts, people who have turned to the criminal path rework standard shotguns. Law-abiding citizens who have watched the cult film “Brother, ” the Interior Ministry officials categorically do not recommend following the main character.


After all, cinema is far from reality. The owner of the shortened shotguns will have to answer to the fullest extent of the law.

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