Automatic CP3 "Whirlwind": description and photo


Created about 20 years ago, the automatic machine CP3 "Whirlwind" still has no analogues and direct competitors. According to the professionals, not a single weapon in the world is able to replace it. It differs from its counterparts in the first place by its small size, a very non-burdening weight and at the same time retains all the advantages of a serious military weapon. As planned by the gunsmiths, the Whirlwind is intended primarily for counter-terrorism units and security agencies.

History of creation

The SR3 "Whirlwind" automatic machine was developed in Klimov Central Research Institute "TochMash" in 1994. The project was led by the designers A. D. Borisov and V. N. Levchenko. The index "CP" means that the weapon refers to the "special developments." Later one more design engineer joined the team - A. I. Tashlykov, under whose leadership in 1996 a new automatic machine was put into mass production. The development is based on the previously created silent Val automatic machine, with which Whirlwind is completely unified in its main details, which greatly facilitates the production and operation of both types of weapons.

Subsequently, the development and experiments were continued, and after upgrading the production of a new version of this weapon was launched. So the automatic machine "Whirlwind" СР-3М appeared, combining the advantages of СР-3, АС, ВСС. Until now, weapons like this in the world does not exist. And all thanks to the tandem of small size and super-powerful ammunition.

Patron and destructive power

Nine-millimeter cartridge has a unique stopping power, punching at any distance almost any body armor. We can confidently say that the enemy will be struck on the spot by the very first shot. Even if the enemy is wearing armor of the 5th class and is at a distance of several tens of meters, the shot from the "Whirlwind" will stop and neutralize him. Armor plates will accept the crushing energy of a shot, but will not extinguish it. Such a blow can result in serious internal injuries, up to rupture of internal organs and bone fractures. Professionals in such cases say that sometimes a hole punched by a bullet is preferable to getting into a plate of a bullet-proof vest.


In the shortened automata, the SP5 and SPb cartridges with heavy bullets with the initial subsonic speed turned out to be very useful. They had a low recoil momentum. The combination of these indicators allowed the designers to create a weapon that is comparable in weight and size to pistols-machine guns, while significantly surpassing the latter in firepower and destructive power. Compared to the usual “Vortex” cartridge, it gives a reduced sound pressure and is less prone to ricochets. This makes it possible to fire in confined closed spaces. For firing from the "Whirlwind" special armor-piercing cartridges of 9x39 mm are used, allowing to successfully hit the enemy in body armor of the fifth class of protection at a distance of 50 m, fourth class - up to 120 m, third class - up to 200 m, second class - up to 300 m.

Box-type stores were borrowed from their predecessors and initially contained 20 cartridges each. For the CP-3M version, a magazine designed for 30 rounds was developed.

The device is automatic CP-3

The design is almost similar to the AS "Val". The trigger mechanism allows you to use the shooting mode bursts and single. Unlike many fellows, the small-sized CP 3 "Whirlwind" submachine gun is equipped with an independent fuse, which is separated from the fire mode switch. The fuse is located on the surface of the receiver. A button-type translator is located behind the trigger. The possibility of using the muffler is not provided.


Steel butt can be folded up and down. Handguard and handle made of impact-resistant plastic.

Automatic CP3 "Whirlwind" has a gas engine. The long stroke of the gas piston is rigidly connected with the bolt carrier. In this case, the channel is locked by turning the bolt, which has 6 lugs. Holes for the withdrawal of powder gases on the barrel of the machine there. The barrel machine has a compensator-flame arrester. The rifling of the barrel is made in a special way - they have a variable slope. This ensures the stability of the bullet in flight and high accuracy of fire. On the handle there are special thickenings designed to prevent the fighter's arm from moving forward to the barrel.

SR-3M and its main differences


Features of this type of weapon:

  • the ability to screw the muffler;
  • use of a metal magazine for 30 rounds;
  • folding frame butt;
  • the ability to install optical sights (the same as for the "Val");
  • safety lock;
  • folding additional handle.

Performance characteristics

The new machine CP3 "Whirlwind" without cartridges in the store weighs only 2 kilograms. The length of the weapon with a folded butt is 39.5 cm, the unfolded butt extends it to 64 centimeters. The bullet flies out of the "Whirlwind" at a speed of 290 m / s and is capable of hitting targets at a distance of up to half a kilometer. At the same time, professionals point out a good accuracy of the weapon, even if you shoot from it during exchanges. Taking into account the time required to replace the horns, in the battle of the "Whirlwind" can be done from 40 to 60 rounds per minute.



Automatic CP 3 "Whirlwind", due to its small size, can be used for hidden wearing. It can be conveniently placed even under a jacket. In some cases, this advantage is simply invaluable. In addition, the automatic machine CP3 "Whirlwind" can be placed in a small-sized case that does not attract much attention. First of all, both versions are of interest for services involved in the fight against terrorism, the protection of public figures, and the conduct of special operations. In addition, this weapon can be used for personal self-defense of military personnel.


Given the fact that the very development and production of weapons with such characteristics and initiated the special services, its considerable popularity among professionals is not surprising. “Whirlwind” - an automaton, the photo of which is recognized even by novices in military affairs, is considered to be one of the best types of assault and defensive weapons. Today, he is officially in service in many units of the special services of Russia.

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