Machine gun "Pecheneg" bullpap: review, characteristics, photos


“Pecheneg” with bullpap is a worthy continuation of the weapon range of the same name. Produced at the plant named after V.A. Degtyarev in the city of Kovrov. The product is produced for the cartridge of 7.62 x 54 mm caliber. How does it differ from the standard sample and why is it considered more promising? This will be discussed in the article.



The shortened version was developed for special forces in order to conduct operations in a confined space. The standard layout of the Pecheneg control panel is not suitable for this. The Bullpup version is included in the “Warrior” package as part of the “Soldier of the Future” program.

The idea of ​​creation belongs to the Vimpel officer of the Special Purpose Center of the FSB of Russia. It differs from its predecessor in length and appearance. In addition, the new machine gun does not stand out with high-precision shooting at a great distance, and at 100–150 meters it hits the target easily. Chuck 7.62 x 54 body armor - not a hindrance.


A new model of the Pecheneg assault machine gun with a bullpap was demonstrated to the president by the Kalashnikov concern on September 18, 2013, during his visit to Izhevsk.

Obvious advantages:

  1. The presence of Picatinny rail, providing for mounting additional body kit.
  2. Instead of a flame arrester, the design includes a muzzle brake compensator, which reduces the recoil of the machine gun.
  3. Small size in comparison with its predecessor (one of the priority tasks in finalizing Pechenega before the bullpup).
  4. Mass reduced.
  5. Reliably fixed bipods do not move during firing.
  6. The case and moving parts are made of high-strength alloy, resistant to damage, corrosion and climate change.
  7. Serial production of Pechenega with a bullpap is cheaper than producing the original.


A number of indisputable advantages brings the exploitation of the machine gun to a new level: the shortened version allows firing both from the left shoulder and from the right. However, there are disadvantages identified during operation:

  1. The presence of Picatinny rail brackets makes it difficult to replace sighting devices.
  2. The fuse is located in the same place, which causes inconvenience when switching.
  3. After installing a laser target designator (LCC) or flashlight, it is difficult to reach the gas tube.
  4. The box with cartridges is angled, which leads to the bending of the machine-gun belt and intermittent problems when feeding cartridges into the chamber.
  5. To clean the handguard, it will have to be completely removed, which is not always convenient in the conditions of the task.
  6. Inconvenient location of the belt.
  7. Poor accuracy of shooting at a long distance (not in urban environments).


Tactical and technical characteristics of the "Pechenega" with bullpup differ from the original. The product has the following characteristics:

  • caliber used ammunition - 7.62 x 54 mm;
  • weight - 7.7 kg;
  • total length - 915 mm, of which 650 are reserved for the trunk;
  • maximum rate of fire - 650 shots per minute;
  • the bullet takes off with an initial speed of about 825 m / s;
  • the machine gun is powered by a ribbon for 100 and 200 rounds;
  • Slaughter range - up to 3.8 km;
  • sighting - 1.5 km.


Comparison with the original Pecheneg PKP

Bullpap-layout is different L-shaped butt plate instead of the butt, the presence of the fire control handle in the front. The new sample is shorter than the original by 27 cm and lighter by 0.5 kg.

If we compare visually "Pecheneg" with the bullpup (photo below) and the original, the differences in the location of the cartridge box and the bipod come to light.


Layout principle

Design offices of different countries have come to a new layout of weapons in connection with the realities of modern military conflicts, characterized by fighting in urban conditions or in a limited space.

The idea is to change the places of the percussion mechanism and the trigger. As a result, the first moves to the shoulder of the arrow, and the second is carried forward. In this arrangement, assault and sniper rifles, shotguns and submachine guns are performed. "Pecheneg with Bullpapp" - the first model of the machine gun, made in the new layout.

The obvious advantages are compactness. The primary goal of the design experiment was precisely to obtain a sample capable of leading the battle indoors without losing the combat power of the traditional layout.

Due to the shift of the center of gravity "to the tail, " the return is minimal, which reduces the spread during a runaway fire.

When operating various world special forces, the following shortcomings were identified:

  1. The percussion mechanism is located close to the head of the shooter and delivers a lot of inconvenience with the sound of shooting and pairs of powder gases. To solve the situation, earplugs and special glasses are used (in order to avoid evaporation from the eyes).
  2. Unusually located center of gravity causes the need for a long habituation and retraining from the classical layout to bullpup. Solved by installing additional body kit. For example, model A-91 is coming off the assembly line with an integrated grenade launcher combined with the forearm.
  3. The aiming line is shortened (the distance between the front sight and the whole). Usually installed collimator sight.
  4. A less sensitive trigger due to the increased thrust between it and the percussion mechanism.
  5. The store is located “in the armpit”, which makes it difficult to recharge in the lying position and negates the use of drum and box-type food. This does not apply to Pecheneg with a bullpap.

Separately, it should be noted the inconvenience when shooting from the left shoulder: hot sleeves fly in the face and can fall by the collar. Installing the bag will prevent scattering.

Some changes in the design of the product can eliminate the inconvenience:

  • Frontal withdrawal of spent cartridges: the method is implemented in the semi-automatic rifle Kel-Tec RFB, in the Belgian FN F2000, as well as in the above-mentioned A-91.
  • The lower channel output sleeves. An example is the submachine gun FN P90, in which the magazine is mounted on top.
  • Replacing a number of parts, the weapon is redesigned for the other shoulder like that of the Steyr AUG and TAR-21.



The sample is used by special forces units of various power structures to carry out combat missions in enclosed areas or in city conditions.

The original control panel "Pecheneg" is used in open spaces (machine-gun points on high ground), and the assault sample is used to conduct a barrage or city battle, where the slaughter range does not exceed several hundred meters.


The first samples of the Pecheneg assault machine gun with a bullpap were sent for testing to special forces units back in 2012 and immediately received positive feedback.

Any innovation has negative sides, to which one should get used in order to achieve the goals set: to use the advantage of compactness when performing combat missions in a confined space.

The classic layout is not suitable for such purposes because it will cling to any ledge or doorway with a barrel or butt, and will also give the position of an arrow. A machine gun point in urban environments is not very reliable if it is not located at a sufficient height (a grenade launcher or mortar will do the dirty work), so the need to use a classic model is reduced.


Bullpup model is more convenient, easier and thanks to the fire control knob it allows you to shoot from any position, adjusting recoil. The original sample was necessary to hold the handle on top or reach the bipod, which was extremely inconvenient. But shooting from a prone position or sitting with a bipod in the long run fully justified itself.

The new model of the machine gun is a step in the development of the domestic arms industry.

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