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The socio-political city newspaper "Yessentukskaya panorama" is an information mirror of the life of the famous resort city. The newspaper has been published since 1992, and during its existence it has managed to firmly establish itself in the status of the main informer on events in the city and its surroundings.

City Information

Essentuki - the world famous drinking and balneological resort, is the administrative center of the CMS. G. Essentuki is famous primarily for its healing sources of mineral water ("№ 4" and "№ 17"), as well as interesting sights (mud baths, Upper and Nikolaev baths, pump room of the source № 17, etc.).


Due to the mild climate and very picturesque landscapes, the city is very popular with holidaymakers.

About the newspaper

The newspaper "Essentukskaya Panorama" is published weekly, on Thursdays. The circulation is 5, 000 copies, while its readership is much wider: now the newspaper has groups in social networks where you can read the most interesting articles.

Readers were especially fond of several regular headings. For example, "Essentuki and Essentuchane", in which you can find materials about the events in the city and the honored citizens, as well as answers to readers' letters.


An interesting topic is the “Herald of the Council of the City of Yessentuki”: it covers the activities of the City Council. The News of the South of Russia publishes articles on the most important events in the Southern Federal District. The “Around the World with the Stroke of the Pen” column offers the readers an overview of world-wide events. The selection “Hobbies and Entertainment” tells about future and accomplished events in the cultural life of the city, as well as offers reviews of sporting achievements, publications about the animal and plant world, interesting crossword puzzles and crossword puzzles. Of particular note is the regular column "Sinegorye", which publishes the works of talented authors of the city.

Editors coordinates

The editorial office of the newspaper is located at the address: Yessentuki, ul. Volodarsky, 15. Finding the right building in the city is not difficult: moving by car after entering the city from the M-29 highway, you need to drive along ul. Buachidze, then, on the circle after the railway bridge, follow the straight direction. After the first intersection you can park in a convenient place - the editorial office will be directly opposite the public transport stop “st. Soviet ".


You can get to the same stop on any route of public transport, including from the railway or bus stations.

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