Mediamagnat Shkulev Viktor Mikhailovich: biography, activities, photo


Shkulev Viktor Mikhailovich - co-owner of Hearst Media. He owns 80% of the holding's assets in Russia, whose president he is. Glossy magazines, Internet portals and mobile applications made a businessman the most influential person in the country. He is better known to the philistine as the father-in-law of the most rated TV reporter for Channel One, Andrei Malakhov. How did a native of Transbaikalia come to success who entered the TOP-5 of the most successful media managers?


Way to success

The birthplace of the future media magnate is the village of Ulety (Chita Oblast). Date of birth is April 13, 1958, which disproves the fatal value of the number 13. Shkulev Viktor Mikhailovich, whose biography is interesting to ambitious people who dream of a career, received two higher educations in Chita and Irkutsk. He studied at the Physical Education Teacher (Pedagogical Institute of the City of Chita) and a lawyer (Irkutsk State University). A young man came to Moscow after enrolling in the postgraduate course of the AON under the CPSU Central Committee. In 1991 he defended his thesis on jurisprudence, starting cooperation with the popular publication Komsomolskaya Pravda. First, as the head of the legal department, then - financial director. At the same time he was engaged in Komsomol work and independent business, establishing a law firm.

In the difficult nineties he became the first general director of the Komsomolskaya Pravda publication, transferring him from the Soviet to a market economy. At first he headed only the newspaper, and then the publishing house (1993–1998). Being elected chairman of the board of directors of InterMediaGroup Publishing House, he left public service, emphasizing the development of independent media.


Creating a holding

Back in 1995, Shkulev Viktor Mikhailovich, a biography, photos of which are presented in the article, in partnership with the French, created a modern publishing group Hachette Flipacchi Shkulev. He owned 49% of the shares. In 2011, the French sold their share to the Americans (Hearst Corporation), and the ratio of packages at the time of the transaction was 50/50. The adoption in 2014 by the State Duma of a law on limiting the participation of foreign investors in the Russian media allowed foreigners to have only one-fifth of the shares. That is why today the media tycoon owns 80% of the assets of the holding company Hearst Shkulev Media.

Many felt that this law proved to be beneficial for Shkulev, but in all the interviews he denied his participation in his lobbying. The document made the Russian market unattractive for foreigners, created an additional lever of control over the media and put the company in front of the need to build up business in order to preserve the American partnership. To this end, negotiations were held on the acquisition of Sanoma Independent (Finland), but the commission on their part did not give the go-ahead to carry out the transaction. Shkulev Viktor Mikhailovich focused on strengthening the regional representative offices of the holding, digital media, as well as buying regional sites that give very good results.

Family business

Today, the group of companies Shkulyov is:

  • Premium glossy editions, the first of which was the Elle brand, which celebrated its twentieth anniversary in 2016. The permanent chief editor is Elena Sotnikova. Among the most popular: Psychologies, Maxim, StarHit.
  • Publications designed for a wide range of readers and having a large representation in the regions: “VA-Bank”, “Antenna-Telesem”. The total audience of publications is about 18.2 million people.
  • Digital media representing the federal and regional network of portals on the Internet. The most popular are, The total number of visitors per month is up to 61 million people.


Without support it is impossible to create such an impressive holding. Viktor Shkulev did not go without her. The family, whose photo can be seen above, is his associates and the most important employees. Wife Tamara - HR-director, whose competence issues of personnel policy and public relations. The eldest daughter Natalia after graduating from MGIMO (international law) received additional education in London. She combines the responsibilities of the Elle brand publisher and the corporate executive director of the holding, becoming her father’s right hand. The youngest daughter Elena is the brand manager of Marie Clare magazine, created for successful women choosing a career.

Eldest daughter

Natalia Shkulyova turned 36. For five years she is married to Andrey Malakhov. Their novel can rightly be called official. In 2007, a new project was launched - a publication about the life of stars, in the place of whose editor-in-chief they were looking for a professional journalist leading social life. There was no candidate better than Malakhov. He was made an enviable proposal - to head the magazine StarHit with an annual income of 5 million. Shkulev Viktor Mikhailovich, doing business, never delved into the substantive part of the activities of their publications. Make them sought-after a certain part of the audience - in the competence of the chief editor. Malakhov gladly agreed to head the editorial office and enthusiastically set to work.


In the corridors of the publishing house, he met his fate - a charming blonde who stands out sharply among her peers. Fascinated by love, she was able to become a devoted and reliable friend to her star husband. Now Andrei Malakhov is also part of his father-in-law's business. The couple lives in two houses and still do not think about the children, enthusiastically giving themselves to work.

Relationship with a small home

Shkulev Viktor Mikhailovich, whose wife, being a HR director, is directly related to the happiness of his daughter, his son-in-law is satisfied with his professionalism. Today the circulation of the edition is 600 thousand copies. The online version is one of the most visited due to the many interesting special projects. The media magnate is often asked why he is aloof from politics. He explains that today it is in the second ten of the interests of fellow citizens. This is explained by the fact that there is no competition in the country and no real political discussion. People are more interested in domestic issues: transportation, electricity, utilities. That is why the holding began the expansion of urban portals.


Shkulev is well known for life in regions where he often travels. He maintains a close relationship with his small homeland, leading the Trans-Baikal fraternity. From 2011 to 2015, he was the general sponsor of the Trans-Baikal International Film Festival. The crisis forced to abandon it in 2016, but Shkulyov hopes for the resumption of significant events for the countrymen. He supports his home village by sponsoring a local temple and school. For the best students, they established a scholarship that allowed 27 high school students to expand their educational opportunities.


Shkulev Viktor Mikhailovich - a sample of dedication and commitment to his work. In 2014, his publishing house received the Brand Awards, and he, according to GQ magazine, entered the 150 most influential Russians. Today, some deputies have created a buzz around the fact that city portals are buying up American money. But the changes occurring at them speak of significant changes for the better: editorial teams are created that collect information from primary sources, and network news is distributed, which increases the reliability of information received by the public via the Internet. Media business requires constant updating and creative solutions. In the absence of a mandatory subscription and support of the authorities, it cannot be built only on the humanitarian component, which the president of the holding perfectly understands.

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