All because of poverty? 15-year-old girl marries a 56-year-old man because she has no other chance of marriage


This girl, who will soon become a bride, is only 15 years old. Her wedding with a 56-year-old fiance is due to take place this year at Easter. A couple lives in Anambra, Nigeria. The girl comes from a poor family in the Ihiala community, the family cannot provide her with a decent education, and therefore the teenager had to drop out of school.


Marriage - Salvation from Poverty

Earlier it was reported that the girl was 16 and even 18 years old, but the public activist Prince Harrison Gvamnishu decided to verify the information personally, for which he went to the girl’s hometown. It turned out that this is actually a teenager, and she is only 15 years old. It also turned out that she already has a child. She gave birth to him in elementary school. The family was burdened with such a burden, because the girl could not work during her studies, and she had to provide not only her, but also her child. Therefore, when relatives of Idzukukvu (that is the name of the groom) came to ask for her hand, no one doubted anybody. The family immediately gave the man consent. After all, this is real luck. To marry a poor girl, and even with a child, the bride’s family no longer hoped. The difference in the age of relatives of the future newlyweds does not bother. What the bride herself thinks about this is still unknown. But it seems that she decided to accept her fate.


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