How grandchildren saved a grandmother during a heart attack by performing resuscitation


Children tend to depend on the adults around them who care for them and help them navigate the world. Partly the joy of childhood lies in the fact that you can easily get lost in your own children's world, especially since the kids are there most of their time. However, this is not always the case. Sometimes in life there are times when children are forced to be "adults" before they really grow up.

Young rescuers

One such story occurred in November 2018 with two Wu brothers, 7-year-old Grayson and 10-year-old Caen, living in the city of Saskatchewan in Canada.

The boys came to visit their grandmother. That evening, Patty Chetterson and her two grandchildren watched a movie and ate popcorn.

About five minutes after the start of the film, the heart of a 62-year-old grandmother stopped beating. Grayson asked her a question, but she did not answer.


“Obviously, my head fell back, and my mouth opened, and I made gurgling sounds, ” said Chetterson.

She does not remember any of this, but when she woke up four days later, she was in the hospital on the life support apparatus, and she was informed that Grayson and his brother Caen had saved her life by calling the emergency services and performing resuscitation actions.

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“They kept their cool so cool, ” boasted proud medical grandmother. Her daughter, the mother of boys, is also a nurse, and she recently taught her curious sons how to resuscitate after they asked for it.


“They worked incredibly well, ” said the grandmother, who had already returned home from the hospital and was feeling much better, although she was still feeling unwell. And now her heart is equipped with an internal defibrillator that will work autonomously if it stops again.

"The defibrillator gives a discharge of current, which will probably make me fall on my knees, so I will know what is happening, " she said, laughing. She had no idea what happened when she woke up in a hospital bed. As far as she knew, she had perfect health.

“I am 62 years old, ” she said. "I am well. I go to gym". Patty often plays with her grandchildren, takes them with him for a walk and arranges overnight stays.

Heart failure


When the attack occurred, the boys called their parents, but no one picked up the phone. Grayson dialed the emergency number and handed the phone over to his older brother. Then he checked the pulse. He was absent. Grayson put a finger under the grandmother’s nose, but did not feel her breathing.

The dispatcher ordered the children to put their grandmother on the floor. Caen began an indirect heart massage. Grayson performed artificial respiration. Seven minutes later, the medical staff arrived.

“I had defibrillation 4 times, ” said Chetterson. Doctors could not understand why her heart stopped. Cardiac arrest, she explained, is much worse than a heart attack. “Your heart stops, that's all. If you are not given an indirect heart massage and artificial respiration or defibrillation, you are dead, ”she said.

Modest grandchildren


Her grandchildren do not brag about saving the life of a grandmother.

“My eldest grandson Caen felt terrible, ” Patty said. "He was so excited because when he was doing an indirect heart massage, he heard a crunch in my chest."

And Grayson had a more practical attitude. “You know what, grandma, ” he told her, “I just love to spend time with you very much.”

Do you think that everyone should be able to do artificial respiration and an indirect heart massage?

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