Pissed off at all: an old man with sophisticated revenge on the residents of the city, scratching their cars


Just imagine: in the morning you leave the house and notice that your car is scratched, and the door lock is clogged with toothpicks. Horrible! But residents of the Spanish city of Vigo have to deal with this every day. Blame it all - the terrible nature of the harmful retired grandfather. By the way, to eliminate a recidivist from the streets is not so easy.

Not an old man, but a natural disaster

For the last ten years, the residents of Vigo are afraid to leave the cars on the street - it is quite possible that within half an hour the car will be scratched. Once such cases were rarely registered, but over the past year the vandal managed to damage more than 1, 000 cars.

Who is the culprit of the accident? 79-year-old retiree Jose Antonio. He can often be seen on the street in full equipment: there is always a pack of toothpicks and keys with sharp edges in his pockets, and a cane and / or a long umbrella in his hands.


The old man is not only scratching cars. He often breaks door locks in buildings, and sometimes smashes windows. Agree, a toothpick in the keyhole can be a real problem. Some residents of Vigo have to call a locksmith almost every day.

There were volunteers who tried to cool the ardor of the old vandal, but all attempts failed - in which case the pensioner simply attacks the person he dislikes, beats him with an umbrella or a heavy cane. The old man was arrested 12 times, but then released because his cases went to court, and there they imposed a fine on the culprit.

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Moreover, policemen say that José Antonio is the worst prisoner in history, because he can easily urinate under himself or empty his intestines right on the floor of the cell.

Not sick, just too angry

The first thing that comes to mind in such a situation is that the old man is just sick, he has dementia. But doctors denied this hypothesis. During one of the arrests, the pensioner was fully examined, having determined that the patient does not have any mental and neurological diseases - he is simply angry with the whole world.


That is why José decided to fine half a million euros. Needless to say, the pensioner does not have such money, and if there were, he would hardly have decided to pay the fine? The authorities threaten Vigo residents with imprisonment, but the prospect of imprisonment of the old man does not frighten at all - he goes outside every day in search of new “entertainments”.

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