Salaries of TV presenters. How to become a TV presenter


In childhood, many of us dreamed of becoming TV stars. To carry news or entertainment programs so that the common people find out on the streets and ask to be photographed. Glory is definitely great.

Someone grew up and threw this venture, but there are those who still cherish the hope of getting into the lens. Work, let's say, dusty and quite profitable. But few can get through to the central channels. But there the salaries of TV presenters sometimes reach astronomical sums. In the regions, the situation is slightly different. Which one? We will understand together.


Where to begin?

If you have nothing to do with journalism, then, most likely, you will fail. As a rule, those who grew up from a simple correspondent to a venerable editor make the presenters. Related professions, such as leading holidays, marketers, copywriters, leading holidays, will help, but will not give a guarantor. At the same time, as experts note, there are very few people who have a diploma of a journalist and similar specialties among famous people whose faces flash on the screen every day. Talent, it is either there or not. And here no diploma will help.

In fact, everything is quite simple. To become a leader, you need:

  • Have an attractive appearance.
  • Have a competent speech and a pleasant voice.
  • To be able to quickly find a way out of stressful situations.
  • Have the talent of a journalist.

If you do not have something from this list and it is not possible to acquire a skill, it is better to forget about the TV presenter’s career. If everything came together, then you can try to move on.


Improving skills

In order to speak competently, you can look like courses of stage speech, appearance can be improved by a cosmetologist and a stylist, but if you are lost in unforeseen situations and are not able to connect two words, much less make a plot, then this is a disaster.

But not everything is so categorical. To do this, you can try to get a correspondent for a low fee on a not very popular channel. And to be ready that the editor will send on the most exhausting tasks. There is always a lot of work on TV and almost always someone is required. Beginners are sent to distant business trips, to trivial events, forced to do polls and seek the location of high-ranking officials. But the one who is talented, quickly shows what he is capable of, and this is immediately noticed.

If you decide to connect your life with television, be prepared to work very hard. In any case, at first (from six months to three years). Sometimes, to make a minute plot, you need to overcome hundreds of kilometers, almost run into a fist, write text all night and edit the video, even forgetting to eat.

Having learned telekukhnyu, it is possible to begin to offer ideas, to excel and it will surely be noticed. Those correspondents who approach to the creation of scenes creatively, skillfully integrate their faces into the frame, will not be lost - that's for sure.

It usually happens like this. The main presenter got sick or got into force majeure, and then the most talented of correspondents who can keep in the frame, look good and don’t mess up with duplicates take the frame for a one-time replacement. If the test is successful, then you can wait for the increase. News presenters, as a rule, are rarely filmed and become the face of the TV channel. And this is advertising shooting and various events plus. Not bad, right?

Who is a good lead?

He is the one who writes good linerings to the plots, writes them from the first take, is able to quickly change texts and write them for hot plots. It all depends on the specifics of the program. The news is enough of the above, plus the ability to work with the teleprompter and live. For entertainment programs you need to be able to improvise and communicate with people, to have the ability to bring the conversation in the right direction. It is difficult to say what is more difficult. But still the news is formalization and efficiency.


What is the salary of TV presenters?

Leading news in the regions receive from 15 to 50 thousand rubles. It all depends on employment, the level of the TV channel, the availability of sponsors, advertising surveys and other things. Entertainment programs do not pay off so well, so their hosts get less.

In Moscow and St. Petersburg, prices are 2-3 times higher at the initial stage. They are first established as a "laborer". But brisk and talented people do not stay behind the scenes for a long time and become the leaders of news or entertainment programs. And then the fees begin to increase exponentially. But it must be borne in mind that on central television, at first it is necessary to plow in the literal sense. If you worked in the region as a leader, then on the metropolitan channel you will be tested and closely watched as you cope with the tasks set.

How much do TV presenters earn on central TV?

No matter how they try to hide the size of the money allowances of eminent presenters, the data still leaks to the Internet. Although this is a commercial secret, approximate boundaries are still known - from 100 thousand rubles to one million a month. Those whose last names are not widely known are content with walk-through programs and small salaries (but by all-Russian standards it’s still fantastic).


For example, the salary of TV hosts on Russia 1 directly depends on the project. But the same Malakhov left this button, because for the “Live broadcast” he receives several million rubles a month. Andrei started with a simple correspondent, and he did not even have enough first salaries to rent a house. And now he is also the editor of StarHit magazine, and his annual income exceeds a million dollars.

If you ask about what the salary of TV presenters of the First Channel, then there is also a huge rampant. The successor Dmitry Borisov who replaced Malakhov, though he imitates him, will not reach his predecessor's salary level soon, if he can. Borisov is paid a little less than a million a month. But Maxim Galkin for participation in projects of the First for the year receives more than six million dollars. Depending on employment, Vladimir Pozner puts in his pocket from 500 thousand dollars to 1.5 million per year.



The easiest way to follow how central entertainment channels are casting for the role of leading. They need fresh faces, so regular screenings are there. And the correspondent to climb there is much easier. But before you succeed in realizing your dream, you need to work hard for several years, to improve, and then the multi-million dollar fees will come into your hands.

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