Svetlana Mironyuk: biography and career


Svetlana Mironyuk - a well-known personality in the journalistic environment of Russia. First of all, she remembered well all of her work at RIA Novosti, which she headed for eleven years in a row. In addition to national recognition, has many prestigious awards of both Russian and international standards.

Carier start

Svetlana Mironyuk, whose biography began on January 3, 1968, is a native Muscovite. After school, a capable girl easily entered the Lomonosov Moscow University, after graduating in 1990 she received a diploma in economic geography from foreign countries. But to work by profession Svetlana did not have to.


Traction to journalism and everything connected with it, led Mironyuk to the Office of Information and Analytical Support and Public Relations of the closed joint-stock company Media-Most. The position of the Deputy Head of the Office was one of the first places of her work. For 8 years (from 1992 to 2000) Mironyuk Svetlana Vasilyevna got a great experience in this field, and she came to CJSC “Company for Development of Public Relations” by a trained expert. The seat of the first vice-president, occupied in the period 2001-2003, was just for her.

RIA News"

In 2003, real journalism began for Mironyuk and a new chapter of life was the Russian News Agency “News”, where Svetlana immediately came to the post of Chairman of the Board. From 2004 to 2006, he works here as the general director, and from 2006 to 2014, he is the chief editor.

Over the 11 years spent at the helm of the news agency, Svetlana Mironyuk managed to make the leader of Russian news journalism out of a fading company. The agency was very popular and was a quality, trustworthy media. Mironyuk "lived" at work and laid out by two hundred percent. Therefore, the decision of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin on the liquidation of the RIA "Novosti" was for her a huge blow.


Thunder struck at the end of 2013, when the president announced the creation of the Russia Today International News Agency instead of News. For the most powerful and oldest (functioning since 1941), the agencies have reached a turning point. And Mironyuk Svetlana, gathering all the staff, announced the resignation of their own accord. Agency "Russia Today" headed by Dmitry Kiselev.


Mironyuk Svetlana Vasilievna has always been a great zeal for work. It was a sought-after and competent specialist with great efficiency. Her efforts did not go unnoticed. Few people can boast such a number of medals, orders, diplomas and other awards that this woman has.

Honorary insignia fell on Mironyuk from the very first steps of her career ladder. For example, in 2003, the work of Svetlana Vasilyevna on the census of Russia was awarded a medal. And for the same she received a badge.


In 2004, Mironyuk Svetlana was thanked by the ministry that controls the media sphere for creating a positive image of Russia abroad. And then the collection of her awards was replenished with a medal for the development of network information technologies.

Svetlana Mironyuk also has such prestigious insignia as, for example, the Order of Honor (for his contribution to the development of information and public relations), the Media Manager of Russia Award, the Golden Pen of Russia Award, etc.

Something about personal

Often, socially active women have to put an end to personal life. The family is inferior to work and goes to the tenth plan, since there is a catastrophic lack of time for it. But Svetlana Mironyuk was an exception to this rule. She is married, marriage is quite successful. She has three children - two sons and a daughter.

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