Pasadena (California). Mini review


This article focuses on a small town such as Pasadena (California). He is known to fans of the television series The Big Bang Theory, as the action of the series unfolds here.

Driving through the streets

This city is not near the ocean, but in the northeast of Los Angeles. Be prepared for the fact that this city will be a little hotter. As you drive through the city, you will meet typical American homes that belong to a wealthy and middle class population. There is a subway. One of the underground stations will take you to a big, beautiful and amazing building. This is the town hall, it was built in 1927. It is the unofficial calling card of the city. The cost of construction was estimated at a little less than half a million dollars. The city council meets in this building to adopt and discuss laws. The Great Dictator was also filmed here with Charlie Chaplin. The building looks very beautiful.

Pasadena (California) would have seemed like an ordinary city, if not for its buildings, overgrown with a wild rose. Thanks to these thickets, the city acquires a special charm that attracts the glances of passersby. Pasadena can be considered the greenest city in Los Angeles. Even on Santa Monica, the vegetation is several times smaller. In general, buildings in Pasadena look well maintained. Tourists have the impression that they invest a lot of money. The city is not cheap. On its streets you can find expensive cars. Do not be surprised if the 1966 Mustang catches your eye. Among the townspeople there are a lot of pensioners who look at tourists incredulously.


The city has a lot of trees, in addition, they are very large. Under their crown, you can even walk, it is so big that it hides the sky. The air in the city is very fresh, as it is immersed in the greenery of Pasadena. California and its cities are diverse, but we continue to talk about Pasadena. It is extremely clean on the streets of the city.

Science and Culture

On the Pacific coast among the main scientific centers of Pasadena takes its place! Indeed, in the city is located California Institute of Technology. A working jet propulsion research laboratory was established near the city. This is one of NASA's scientific affiliates. These laboratories produce high-precision equipment, which is used in aviation and electronics.


Unique Pasadena. California can be proud of it, as there is a science center in the small town, as well as various museums.

There are three museums in the city:

  • "Norton Simon": famous for the largest collections of European art in the western United States. The pride of these collections is the Pasadena Madonna, which was once written by Raphael.
  • "Pacific Asia": the institution collects objects and artifacts that reveal the essence of the traditions of East Asia and Oceania.
  • Not far from Pasadena in the city of San Marino is the building of the Henry Huntington Library. It is surrounded by botanical gardens, and in the main building are the masterpieces of artists Gainsborough and Rogier.


California cities are diverse. Pasadena combines a variety of styles, worth a visit during the Festival "Rose Parade", accompanied by performances of dancers and musicians.

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