Leonid Mikhailovich Mlechin: biography and creativity


Leonid Mikhailovich Mlechin - a figure very famous. He earned credibility for his biographical work and television projects. He has developed his own particular style of presenting historical facts and details of the lives of many prominent political figures. Many historians know his thoroughness in studying the material in the process of preparing books and TV shows. The researchers of the history of our country love and respect the books where Leonid Mlechin is the author and editor.


Origin and Family

Leonid Mikhailovich Mlechin was born in 1957 in an intelligent family, where his mother, Irina Vladimirovna Mlechina, and his stepfather, Vitaly Alexandrovich Syrokomsky, and even his grandfather were engaged in journalism, translation, and writing. Mother became a famous Germanist, completed countless translations from German. It was she who first translated into Russian the most famous novel by Günter Grass called The Tin Drum. Her own journalistic works also gained recognition abroad and were translated into foreign languages. His stepfather was professionally engaged in journalism, at various times he occupied the positions of editor-in-chief of Evening Moscow, deputy editor-in-chief of the Literary Gazette, and also subsequently deputy editor-in-chief of Izvestia.

It was a very educated, intelligent and cultural family, in which Mlechin Leonid Mikhailovich was raised and grew up. Nationality as such has never been paramount, although one of the grandfathers spoke Yiddish for some time. But the generation of Leonid’s parents and the generation of grandparents were atheists, so the Jewish holidays and culture were not particularly supported.

His grandfather, Vladimir Mikhailovich Mlechin, had a very great influence on Leonid Mikhailovich. He told many things to his grandson about his life, about his participation in the revolution, and then about the civil war. Subsequently, he became a theater critic and head of theatrical and entertainment censorship in Moscow. After him, there was a huge rich library with many markings on the margins. Leonid Mikhailovich loved at one time to look at these notes.



Having been educated in such a family, it is not surprising that young Leonid made a decision to enter the faculty of journalism of Moscow State University, which he successfully graduated in 1979. Leonid Mikhailovich in his interviews repeatedly said that for him then there was no other choice. He could only become a journalist. If every day parents talk about editing, layout, drawing and so on, then it is very difficult to even think about choosing some other way. And Leonid Mikhailovich Mlechin became a journalist in the third generation.


Professional activity

Already in adolescence, at the age of 15, young Leonid Mikhailovich Mlechin published his first article in the newspaper Pionerskaya Pravda. After graduating from university, Leonid got a job in the weekly “New time”, where he worked until 1993. The last step in the career of Leonid Mlechin was the post of deputy chief editor. It took him 14 years to reach such a high professional level, gradually improving his skills as an author and editor.

After completing his fruitful cooperation with Novoye Vremya, Leonid Mikhailovich Mlechin occupied the position of editor of the international department and at the same time the position of deputy editor in the Izvestia newspaper. He became a member of the editorial board of this publication. At the same time, he began to conduct the program "De Facto" on the TV channel "Russia". It brought him public popularity. Subsequently, Leonid Mlechin conducted many television programs, became the author of his own television projects.

There are cases when Leonid Mikhailovich was threatened for his professional activities. We are talking about films about North Korean leaders Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il. Unfortunately, there were threats from representatives of the DPRK special services. But after the intervention of the Russian Foreign Ministry, all questions were settled in a peaceful way.


Many are aware of the historical works that Mlechin Leonid Mikhailovich writes. Books of his authorship are guaranteed success. Knowing the author's passion for the smallest details, for painstaking work in the archives, there is no doubt that the next masterpiece will not deceive its reader and will again be on top. But not only historical and documentary chronicles deals with Mlechin Leonid Mikhailovich. Writing interesting is not always about dictators alone and those in power from the recent past. From under his pen regularly appear quite frank erotic novels. As the author himself says in his interviews: “I just amuse myself when I get tired of doing history.”


TV shows

Leonid Mikhailovich Mlechin became known for his broadcasts on television. His special project was the program “Special Folder”, which was later renamed “Leonid Mlechin Documentary Cinema”. Many issues have been published on separate disks. It is safe to say that this project has taken a worthy place in the history of documentary cycles on domestic television. Leonid Mikhailovich and his team paid great attention to trifles, spent hundreds of hours in search of unique and unknown documentary footage to the viewer, allowed to look at the already well-studied events from a new angle thanks to the comments given by the author. Leonid Mikhailovich Mlechin many associate, first of all, with this project on TV.

In the late 1990s, he became the author and presenter of the “Late Dinner” program, led the talk show “Versti”, and gave his political commentary on the events in the country and the world in the evening evening news.



Leonid Mikhailovich became an honored journalist, his work is appreciated not only by his fans, but also by his colleagues. Leonid Mlechin, a member of the Writers 'Union of the Soviet Union from 1986, then a member of the Writers' Union of Moscow, received the title of Honored Worker of Culture of the Russian Federation, two TEFI awards, as well as the Order of Friendship and the RF Government Prize. To list all his awards is very difficult: his talent is appreciated. He is regularly invited to give lectures on journalism and the history of the USSR, with whom he travels around the world.


Plans and prospects

Leonid Mikhailovich has big creative plans. There are still a lot of white spots in the history of our country that just need to be filled. Many myths that do not correspond to reality have taken root, with which it is simply necessary to fight, because every citizen needs to know the history of the country. Some of his books are devoted to international issues, but the approach remains the same: maximum attention to detail, no speculation, only facts that can be confirmed. Leonid Mlechin earned an impeccable reputation for his professional approach to work.

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