Bay leaf is a useful spice: cures cough, relieves pain and drives away cockroaches


This spice certainly has everyone in the kitchen. Bay leaf gives meat and vegetable dishes aroma and pleasant taste. And he can relieve headaches, cure coughs and even help expel annoying cockroaches. But even this does not end the benefit of the miracle spice.

Not only spice

With the help of bay leaf, they treat respiratory diseases, fight cholesterol, regulate high blood pressure, relieve stress and cure insomnia.

Flavors in our lives play an important role. With the help of smell, we can easily distinguish expired products. But, in addition, inhaled odors have a very strong effect on our nervous system. Some relax, while others excite her.

Bay leaf has a peculiar, but very useful aroma. It calms the nervous system, relieves headaches, improves mood. To do this, you need to light a dry leaf of lavushka just for a few minutes and extinguish.


But annoying insects are extremely unpleasant aroma of this spice. Spread the bay leaf in the places where cockroaches appear most often.

Unique properties

In many pharmacies, you can buy essential bay oil. Based on it, you can make homemade masks and scrubs. It is also used for massages. Oil speeds up the healing process of wounds and microcracks, relieves muscle fatigue, and reduces spasms.

According to the legends, about the properties of bay leaf was known 2500 years ago. Then spice spice was also used to make soap.

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