Victor Shenderovich: a brief biography


One of the most prominent TV presenters and satirist writers in post-Soviet Russia is Viktor Shenderovich, whose biography is an example of a successful career as a representative of the Russian intelligentsia. Over the years, he managed to stay and theater actor, and critic, and columnist. Recently, Viktor Shenderovich focused on political activities, being one of the key persons of the Russian liberal opposition.


early years

On August 15, 1958, Victor Shenderovich was born in the capital of the USSR. The family of the future journalist has deep Jewish roots. His father was an engineer, and his mother was a teacher. The outlook of the future oppositionist was strongly influenced by the fact that his grandfather, Yevsey Samuilovich, was twice repressed for political reasons. Victor's parents were typical representatives of the Soviet intelligentsia. His father was published in major magazines "Crocodile" and "Literary Gazette."

Being a student of the 10th grade, Viktor Shenderovich was noticed by Konstantin Raikin and got to study at the theatrical school of Oleg Tabakov. This fact determined the future fate of the teenager. In 1975, he entered the direction and after 5 years successfully defended a diploma from the Moscow Institute of Culture and Arts.

After training, Victor is serving in the army. Later he said that it was the service that gave him many plots, which he embodied in his satirical works. Until 1990, Shenderovich worked at GITIS, where he not only taught stage skills, but also set up his own paintings. So, in 1988, following the satirical story of Victor, Gennady Khazanov created his speech. However, the peak career of the director came in the 1990s.


The first years of "Dolls"

Being familiar with the sought-after playwright Grigory Gorin, Viktor Shenderovich in 1994 was invited to write the script for a new show called “Dolls”. According to the creators of the program, the urgent problems of the new Russian society should be ridiculed, and the main characters of the plots were figurines of politicians created from papier-mâché.

"Dolls" quickly became one of the most popular shows of Russian television. The issues written according to Shenderovich’s script were so acute and topical that the NTV television channel was constantly attacked by offended critics. So, in 1995, the Prosecutor General Ilyushenko initiated a lawsuit against the company's management for the “At the Bottom” scene, presented in the next issue of the show. In her hands, Shenderovich exposed the poverty of society, and the politicians were represented as homeless people. The management of "NTV" held a press conference on this issue. The role of the defender of the TV program went to Viktor Shenderovich. From that moment on, he began to be perceived by Russian society as the creator of the most popular TV program. A year later, the lawsuit against NTV was closed due to the lack of corpus delicti.


Peak career

In 1996, the project "Dolls" was awarded the prize "TEFI" in the nomination "The Best Satirical Show". Today, many people recall this project as one of the most successful in the history of national television.

In parallel with the main work, Shenderovich begins to try himself as a TV presenter. He launches projects "Total" and "Free Cheese", which quickly fell in love with the domestic audience for the relevance and urgency of opinion.

The year 2000 was a turning point in Viktor’s career. After the coming to power of Vladimir Putin, the “Dolls” showed a video clip in which the new President was shown in a derogatory light. According to experts, Putin did not forgive such an attitude, and a year later one of the most successful TV projects of modernity was closed, and the management of the NTV television company completely changed.



After the closure of Kukol, Viktor Shenderovich focused on his work as director of TV-6, but a year later, the Ministry of Press demanded that a number of censorship restrictions be introduced and the Total program be closed. Shenderovich refused to obey, then the license was withdrawn from the channel. Victor begins to cooperate with Radio Liberty and the foreign TV channel RTVi.

Shenderovich took the interest of public authorities as a personal insult to Putin. Probably that is why he hit into opposition activities. Since 2004, he has been a member of the 2008 Committee, headed by Garry Kasparov.

In 2005, Viktor Shenderovich tried to join the State Duma as a representative of the liberal opposition. He ran for the University District of Moscow, but scored about 20% of the vote. After failure, he goes into street politics, takes an active part in mass rallies, comes out with single pickets. His name is 7 lines under the manifesto "Putin must go." Today, the journalist is one of the key figures of the non-systemic opposition.

Personal life

Viktor Shenderovich, whose photo with his wife is not so easy to find, has been happily married for many years. In 1985, he married Lyudmila Chubarova, also a journalist, who had long worked in the scandalous newspaper "Speed ​​Info". Together they bring up their daughter Valentina, who lives under the mother’s last name.

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