A press tour is a PR event for media workers: goals and examples


The media is the surest and fastest way to disseminate information. The only question is how to attract the attention of all-powerful journalists to the company, product or service being advertised. There are various ways among which such phenomenon as a press tour is widespread. This is one of the most effective tricks that brings good results.

Press tour - paid vacation for a journalist

Many companies and companies for promotional purposes organize various kinds of events for media workers. A press tour is an organized trip for journalists, during which they become familiar with the features of production. An important element of such an event is the presence of an informational occasion, something new and unusual, which may attract media attention.

Who pays it all?


Usually this event is fully paid by the company-organizer. Sometimes, the editorial staff reimburses part of the costs, for example, if he believes that participation in the trip will provide useful information. A press tour for journalists is a good opportunity to expand your professional horizons, get new and interesting information, as well as relax and socialize in an informal setting, get new contacts.

Why spend money and pay journalists rest?

Organizing study tours for press workers, enterprises pursue certain tasks. Among the main objectives of the press tour are the following:

  • Company advertising - to show the general public the work of the enterprise from within This allows not only to promote the company, but also to increase the confidence of potential consumers.
  • Demonstration of innovations - familiarization of the public with the features of a new product or more advanced technologies.
  • Response in the media - at the end of the press tour, the organizers expect journalists to publish, in which they tell about the new product and describe their impressions of the trip. Of course, these reviews are not always positive. That is why the organization of a press tour for the media should be approached with care.

Promotion Types


The press tour can be divided into the following types:

  • Open days are usually arranged by rather closed companies and enterprises. They can be carried out both with a certain periodicity (for example, every year at the same time), and be tied to specific innovations (new equipment, staff, improved technologies). Open days last one or several days, it all depends on the scale of the organization and the number of visitors. Their structure is basically the same: in the first, official part, guests are told about the features of the enterprise. In the second part there is an excursion where visitors can see with their own eyes the work and the special achievements of the company.
  • A site visit - this type of press tour is organized directly for journalists. For new enterprises, this is a great opportunity to declare themselves in the press, to inform the public about their existence.
  • Traveling is perhaps the most pleasant type of press tour for journalists. Very often, companies organize one-day or longer walks on water or over land. The relaxed atmosphere and positive emotions establish friendly relations between the organizers and the press, which contributes to positive reviews and reviews.

Who organizes press tours?

Press tour is primarily a promotional event. It is very important to take into account all the nuances and the smallest details, because one small mistake can significantly undermine the reputation of an organization. Of course, some companies place the responsibility for organizing a press tour on their employees. Others hire specialists in this area - employees of PR-services. Their task is not only to competently organize a press tour, but also to accompany journalists all the time it is held.


How to make a press tour successful?

The organization of the press tour is a laborious process that requires thorough preliminary preparation. Every detail is important here, everything must be clearly thought out in advance, even the most unforeseen situations are foreseen. It is necessary to create such conditions in which journalists will feel comfortable and free, because it depends on their impressions whether the feedback about the company will be good or bad. That is why the task of the organizers is not only to create a pleasant impression about the company, but also to satisfy the needs and desires of media workers. All this should be considered when planning an event.

Stages of the organization of the press tour

They are as follows:

  1. Setting specific tasks that need to be addressed during the press tour.
  2. Selection of a particular type of press tour.
  3. The correct wording of the informational occasion.
  4. Proper preparation of a press release - the material, which contains all the information about the company and its activities.
  5. Definition with the venue of the event and its design. If the press tour will take place at the enterprise, you need to take care in advance of the safety and cleanliness of the equipment, as well as the observance of various rules and regulations. The staff should be in a tidy working form, should be prepared for possible questions from journalists. In the case of a conference, it is necessary to equip the hall with everything necessary for productive communication between organizers and editorial staff.
  6. Choosing a suitable place to accommodate journalists - guests should be in a comfortable environment, therefore, the hotel booking should be given close attention.


  7. The choice of the most favorable time - holding a press tour may be timed to the dates of release of key publications.
  8. Making a route - it should not be very long, otherwise the guests will be tired. It is advisable to add more entertainment to interest journalists. It is also necessary to take into account all organizational issues. If it is assumed that guests will move independently, then the stops should be indicated with certain signs. If the tour is organized, then you should think about the transport and collection time, as well as pick up a professional guide.
  9. Compiling a list of invitees - all guests receive official invitations that must be sent in advance. Even if the event is accessible to everyone, media workers should be notified separately. For certain reasons, not all invitees will be able to take part in a press tour, but may be interested. In this case, you need to send all related documents by mail.
  10. Preparation of the necessary materials - creative design of the press tour program, various brochures on the company's activities, including the press release, etc.
  11. Selection of a qualified moderator - his task is to hold conferences and represent the company. It was he who tells reporters about the innovations that served as a pretext for a press tour.
  12. The preparation of themed souvenirs and gifts for journalists is a kind of additional bonus, finally, that improves the mood and loyalty of guests.

Some important rules


During a PR event, guests should be comfortable and carefree. They should feel that at any time they will be helped and resolved all questions and problems. Journalists are very picky guests, and pay close attention to even the smallest detail. That is why it is necessary to observe a number of simple, but very important rules:

  • You should not save on food, drinks, transport and hotel. The press tour is aimed at journalists, so they need to provide a decent welcome.
  • The accommodation conditions of the organizers should in no case be better than that of the guests - this will be immediately noticed and, quite possibly, reflected in the reviews.
  • It is best to settle the press workers and company representatives nearby. So they will have more opportunities to communicate in an informal, relaxed atmosphere, build trust and get more information.
  • It is recommended to divide guests into small groups if there are too many. Each must attach an accompanying person who will help his members. So contact with journalists will be much easier.

From theory to practice

How is the press tour carried out in practice? How exactly is the main task of the event being implemented: dissemination of information about the manufacturer through publications in the media? These questions can be clearly seen on one of the most illustrative example of a press tour.


Grand ship with grand sales

In the summer of 1997, a small group of journalists were invited for lunch and a tour of the Grand Princess cruise ship, which was soon about to be officially launched. After visiting the ship in various publications, as well as on television, reviews and reviews appeared on it.


The first voyage took place in May 1998, about forty journalists were solemnly invited to it. After that, the media literally shouted about a grand ship and a beautiful walk on it. A little later, the liner was visited by many celebrities. The press published interviews with them, in which they shared with the public their impressions of the ship (of course, positive ones). The grand princess’s launch was broadcast over the Internet with a large online audience.

As a result of all these long and carefully planned PR moves, the tickets for the first cruise were completely sold out three months before departure. The company even had to order additional ships, as the popularity of the cruise grew rapidly.

Grand Princess has become one of the most famous and popular cruise liners in history. All this is the merit of not only the crew of the ship, but also the correct dissemination of information about it.

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