"Daily Prophet": where are they reading and who are reading?


Each of us, if not read, then just heard about the exciting adventures of Harry Potter and his friends. Books by JK Rowling about the life of wizards from Hogwarts have always become bestsellers. In the world of wizards, like ordinary people, there were also periodicals. The most popular source of information was the Daily Prophet newspaper.

The most widely read newspaper by wizards


This is the most famous newspaper among wizards in the world of Harry Potter. It serves as the main source of news for British magicians. Articles in the print edition contain moving pictures, which makes the newspaper truly magical and interesting. The current editor is Barnabas Kaffe, who works in the head office on Kosoy Alley.

Due to the ability to influence the minds of many wizards in the magical community, this publication deliberately distorts and presents events in the way that the Ministry of Magic desires (with which the newspaper has close ties).

Relations with the Ministry of Magic


The Daily Prophet newspaper remains a respected publication throughout the first three chapters of Potteriana, beginning with the book Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. With the appointment of the chief journalist Rita Skeeter, who repeatedly writes deceitful articles and purposely embellishes and distorts the events covered, the characters lose confidence in this newspaper. Everyone clearly understands that the Daily Prophet has no more journalistic honesty and ethics, it is known that the leadership here is now more concerned with sales than with actual accuracy and reliability of events. The publication becomes the mouth of the ministry. As chief journalist, Rita Skeeter says: "A prophet exists to sell herself." In some cases, the Ministry of Magic is largely dependent on the Daily Prophet when it tries to convince the public that the ministry is doing the right thing.

Delivery method and newspaper price


The newspaper is delivered to subscribers via owl mail. The subscription can be paid in advance, or the recipient can pay for the newspaper when it is delivered by putting the coins into a small bag on the leg of the post owl that brought it. The price for the release was five knats in the summer preceding Harry's first year at Hogwarts, but then rose to seven knats.

The newspaper contains morning and evening editions, the last of which is called "Evening Prophet". The newspaper, which is published on a day off, is called the Sunday Prophet. Additional newsletters can be delivered promptly when important, well-lit events occur. Any wizard anywhere, wherever he may be, can get a copy within a short time after publication. As the news changes, the publication can magically change during the day - this is possible with the help of special spells.

Sections of the Daily Prophet

Every Wednesday the "Prophet" prints a zoological column that serves as a pretext for Rita Skeeter to interview the teacher Hagrid during the lesson "Care for Magical Creatures".

The section devoted to the game in Quidditch, has as its title a rating of all teams in the league, ranked by the total number of points scored (left column), with the upcoming matches listed next to the right.

The "Prophet" has a "Letters" section. Some of the letters deserve editors' responses, as a rule, rather short.

There is a section "Bulletin board" with subtitles "Work", "Sold", "Lonely Hearts".

There is a "Question-Answer" section, where experts in various fields try to answer readers' questions on various topics: medical questions, psychological disorders, legal problems and everyday magical affairs.

The publication has a regular gossip column, which is written by the most famous journalist of the Daily Prophet - Rita Skeeter.

In the "Prophet" is sometimes printed extremely difficult crossword.

So, the Daily Prophet is the most famous newspaper of the magical world of Potteriana, Joanne Rowling, who seems to have a lot in common with the modern press about the distortion of facts and subordination to the authorities.

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