Vadim Karasev: life and political career of the Ukrainian political scientist


Karasev Vadim - a political scientist, author of many scientific articles and theses. Today he is one of the most famous Ukrainian scientists working in the field of politics. However, despite his popularity, many consider him a charlatan, since Karasev's predictions do not always coincide with reality.

And yet, who is Vadim Karasev? How truthful is his opinion regarding the situation in Ukraine? And why in certain circles the authorities dislike him?


Vadim Karasev: biography

Vadim was born on May 18, 1956. It happened in a small town called Korostyshev in the Zhytomyr region. Here he graduated from the local school, after which he decided to go to conquer another city.

For this, he entered the Kharkov State University. As a matter of fact, in this institution he received the education of a political scientist. After graduating from graduate school, Vadim Karasev decided to stay working as a teacher at the same university. Here he led political science and political economics from 1986 to 1996.

Having gained enough experience, in 1996 he changed his usual place of work for the position of deputy director of the Kharkov branch of the National Institute of Strategies. Here he worked for six years, after which he decided to move to the capital of the country. As a result, in 2003, Karasev heads the Kiev Institute of Global Strategies.

Vadim Karasev repeatedly ran for the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. However, only once, in 2010, his attempts were crowned with success.

It should also be mentioned that from 2001 to 2002 he was an adviser to the deputy prime minister. And from 2006 to 2010, he advised the head of the Presidential Secretariat, albeit informally.


Political battles

Vadim Karasev joined the political struggle in early 1992. Initially, he did not plan to run for public office. And therefore Vadim Karasev decides to help various political structures to achieve their goals.

In 1994, he first tried himself as a political technologist. And, to everyone's surprise, his work gives a very good result. Thanks to his election strategy, Leonid Kuchma holds the post of President of Ukraine.

After such a significant victory, the name of Vadim Karasev is on everyone's lips. Glory and the river flows to it. However, he was soon tired of promoting others, and he decided to secure a seat in parliament. To this end, in 2006, he decides to nominate his own candidacy from the party Veche. Alas, it was a fiasco. His political campaign did not justify the hopes placed on it, because of which the political force could not exceed the 3% barrier.

And yet Karasev did not lose heart, and in 2010 he joined the United Center party. Moreover, he was soon appointed one of the leaders of the organization, entrusting him with the reins of government. However, Karasev had little such power, and therefore in 2012 he again tried his fate in parliamentary elections. But, like last time, he was waited for by sheer disappointment.


The relevance of the work Karaseva

For many years of work, Vadim Karasev has written many scientific papers. Many of them became the basis for the current generation of political scientists. In addition, in the arsenal of a scientist there are several books. The most famous of these is “Thought with the speed of politics”, written in 2002.

Also, many political talk shows invite Vadim Karsava to visit him as an authoritative expert. For example, it is present in almost all releases of the program "Schuster LIVE", which goes to the First National.

Criticism towards a political scientist

And yet, some experts consider the work of Karasev, to put it mildly, unfair. As a vivid example, he is repeatedly reminded of his collaboration with Viktor Yushchenko, which ended very sadly for the former President of Ukraine.

Another criticism is the hot-tempered nature of the political scientist. For example, there were cases when Karasev, offended by the words of his opponent, simply left the live broadcast or switched to higher tones in conversation.


Vadim Karasev: family and personal life

Very little is known about the political analyst’s private life. The only reliable fact is that he is married to a certain Ushakova N.G. At the same time, despite the solid age of the couple, they still have no children.

Vadim Karasev devotes his free time to family and music. By the way, the attraction to art was seen by a political scientist from an early age. So, still in his youth, he played drums in one of the instrumental vocal ensembles of Kharkov.

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