How to mop the floor properly and mop: tips


Cleaning the house is always a "holiday". In a figurative sense, of course. This procedure takes a whole day, and after a few days it becomes dirty again. In short, the work is ungrateful, but necessary. Well, the dirtiest and hard to clean surface is the floor. Therefore, in front of many housewives it is often a question of how to clean the floor so that there are no divorces on it, so that it sparkles and does not get dirty. The latter, of course, is difficult to fulfill: people need only to fly. But on the first two points, some recommendations can be given.


General rules

Before you think about washing the surfaces you walk on, you need to familiarize yourself with the general rules for this manipulation. These rules are relevant to all types of floors. Regardless of how you mop the floor you have gathered, with your hands or with a mop, you must first remove all items that you can from the surface. Thus, the territory will be free, and cleaning will become much easier.

It is very important to clean the floors with a broom before wet cleaning. Thin twigs will help pull dust from distant corners and crevices. It is only necessary to work with a slightly wet broom: in a bucket of water, you should slightly moisten the tips of the rods, then lightly tap on the edge of the bucket to shake off excess droplets.

Now you can begin to wash the floors. This is done from the most distant corner of the room, moving gradually towards the exit. These are general recommendations, and now we will understand how to use a mop, which detergents for which types of surfaces are suitable, and how to clean the surfaces without using a mop.


Type of floor and rules of its washing

Modern flooring can be made of laminate, they can be parquet, they are also covered with linoleum and tile, unpainted and painted wood. Each type of floor needs a special cleaning tool and it has its own specific treatment.

Laminate is allowed to wash only once a year. At other times, it is only wiped with a damp cloth moistened with soapy water.

Parquet flooring is cleaned in the same way as laminate, only after wet wiping it should be rubbed with mastic.

Completely mopping the floor with soap is possible only if it is covered with linoleum. Water should be warm and cleaning is allowed regularly.

Every day you can wash and painted wood floors. It is especially important to do this in the hallway and in the kitchen, where they get dirty the most. Such coatings are not afraid of moisture. Stains can be removed with ammonia.

If you have a wooden floor covered in the house, but not painted, then you can wash it only once a week. To do this, use hot water and soap. Then you need to rinse the coating well and wipe with a dry cloth.

Tiled floors are the easiest to clean. They can even be wiped daily with a damp cloth.


Choosing a detergent

Incredibly important to choose the right detergent for the floor. On the market today there are a huge number of different means for cleaning floor surfaces, but for each type of coating there is a product. So, for the parquet you need to choose a delicate composition that does not damage the floor.

For linoleum are not suitable wipers, which include alcohol. Powdered cleaners are also not recommended. Such concentrates will make the coating darker or leave whitish streaks.

Floor tiles should not be cleaned with liquid soap. It is better to rub a little soap into the water or find a detergent with an acid content. Such a product and dirt will be removed, and microbes will destroy.

For laminate flooring, try to buy a detergent composition with a neutral pH. Abrasive substances must not be used for cleaning the floor covering of this type of material.


Wash with a mop

How to wash the floors at home, mop or hands, each housewife decides for herself. If you need to do everything quickly, then the mop, of course, is better. But if at the same time with the cleaning you want to do more exercise, then it is worth working with your hands. But if you decide to use only mop, then you should first get acquainted with the modern types of this tool. In stores you can find such mops:

  • rope;
  • butterfly mops;
  • with microfiber:
  • with a sponge;
  • steam;
  • flat.

Which product to choose, it's also up to the user. The only thing that matters is that the mop is as comfortable as possible for you.

Now consider how to properly handle this uncomplicated tool. Mop should be thoroughly moistened in water and the first time a little squeeze. Wash the floors, as mentioned above, from the far corner of the room to its exit. From time to time the mop should be re-wetted with water. In heavily polluted places, rub with a mop should be carefully, slightly pressing on it.

When washing a rough tile or other floor covering with a texture, it is necessary to make such movements with a mop as if you are painting a figure eight. Thanks to this, you will perfectly wash the dirt off the floor.

When everything is done, you need to rinse the mop in clean water, squeeze it and put to dry upside down.


Wash floors

Many housewives are interested in the answer to the question of how to wash the floor with your hands. Everything is very simple here: choose a suitable rag and cleaning product. Add the washing liquid to the bucket with water and dip a rag into it. Soak it well and squeeze. Now, just as in the case of a mop, it is necessary to clean the floor from the far corner to the middle of the room. Rinse the cloth, squeeze it and wash the second half of the room. If necessary, wipe the washed surface with a dry cloth.


Which rag is better?

What detergent for a floor to choose, we already clarified. Now you have to figure out which rag is best for washing floors with your hands. Formerly, old T-shirts and T-shirts were used for this purpose. Today, there are entire departments in the shops, in which various rags are presented. Consider the most popular types.

Viscose canvas. This material perfectly absorbs and retains moisture. But soaking wet, he loses his strength. In addition, it is contraindicated twisting and hot water. Therefore, it is better to purchase not a natural viscose, but a rag made of viscose with the addition of synthetic fibers. Viscose cloth in combination with polyester perfectly absorbs moisture from the floor and wipes it dry. Hand washing is a great solution.

Rag, which is part of the pulp, has a high absorbent qualities.

Synthetics (polyester) copes with pollution better than any natural materials. These rags dry quickly and are durable.

The new generation of floor cleaning material is microfiber. It consists of microscopic fibers of polyester, cotton and others. Such miniature fibers can penetrate the smallest and farthest gaps and wash out dust and dirt.

Steam cleaner for cleaning floor surfaces

Modern housewives are increasingly wondering whether it is possible to clean the floors with a steam cleaner. If you have lined with linoleum in your house, then, of course, you can use this unit to clean it. For any other surfaces its use is prohibited.

The steam regulator must be switched to "Two" or "Three" mode: thus the temperature of the steam will become lower and will not spoil the coating. After such a cleaning on the floor there will be no trace.

Folk remedies

Readers will also be interested to learn how to mop the floor with folk remedies. If there are children in the house, then it is possible that the floor may be painted with felt-tip pens. To scrub it away, you need to moisten a small rag in gasoline and lightly rub the "image". Then wipe this place with a damp, clean cloth and wipe it dry. The same way removes traces of sneakers.

To make the floor shine, it is recommended to wash it with a solution of milk and water. Fluids must be mixed in proportions of one to one. Freshly washed floor can be smeared with linseed oil, which forms a protective film and thus protects the surface from damage.



Remember: the dirtiest place in any room is the floor covering. Sometimes you can wash the floor every day, or even several times a day. No matter how clean you wash the surface, after a day or two, dust, pet hair and other garbage will still accumulate in the corners. Whatever way you decide to clean the floors, it should be done with joy, perhaps even with love, and then the coating will be not just clean, but sparkling. Your family will appreciate it, and you will be pleased to enjoy the results of their work.

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