Berlin Bridge in Kaliningrad. Berlin Bridge collapsed in Kaliningrad


Berlin Bridge in Kaliningrad is not only a landmark, but also a piece of history. Unfortunately, it gradually becomes a thing of the past.

One way or another, not all connoisseurs of antiquity are in favor of preserving the rarity trestle, because to spend long hours in traffic jams is an unpleasant pastime.

Memory of war

In the late 1930s, one of the large-scale construction projects was launched in the east of Königsberg. Every day, almost 24 hours a day, a technician worked to build the Berlin Bridge in Kaliningrad. Gradually, along the banks of the Pregol, concrete supports of a new construction arose.

However, at one point, the project was suspended. One by one there were five-year plans, but the picture did not change: deserted shores, a huge flood plain, rare ships and fishermen. And on top of all this, the gloomy monument of the Great Patriotic War "flaunted" - the very broad Berlin bridge in Kaliningrad, half of which after 1945 remained unrepaired.


Spans in the direction of the sky are a tribute to the memory of the war that life itself has designed. Every year thousands of tourists come to see the Berlin Bridge in Kaliningrad. In the summer, excursions are organized here along the water surface, since a truly unique spectacle of the huge bridge construction opens from the river. Nowhere will you see this!

Bridge during the Great Patriotic War

Remarkable is the fact that the Berlin Bridge (Kaliningrad) during the war years was called Palmburg. Today it is called Coastal. Why is he better known as Berlin?


The fact is that the old Königsberg – Elbing motorway (the current Polish city of Elblag) gradually transformed itself into a highway that leads to the capital of Germany. Since the above highway ends in Berlin, it means the Berlin Bridge.

It should be noted that popular toponyms often acquire an official character. In official documents, the above-mentioned monument of wartime is listed as “the bridge over the New and Old Pregolya”. Naturally, this name is very difficult for the perception of the common man, but the “Berlin Bridge” sounds pathetic and beautiful, and it is likely that they will be called that way in the documents.

Königsberg divorce

At present, the famous bridge has been surrounded by several myths and some believe in them.


One of them is that the construction of the “Berliners” is adjustable. The second myth follows from the first: they say, the bridge has been repaired by 50%, which means that the Russians have been able to build only one side of it. The design of the overpass can really be misleading.

During the war, when there were fierce battles for East Prussia, the Soviet Army was able to come close to the Berlin. Our commanders made the decision not to bomb it, but to cross over it in order to go to the assault of Kaliningrad. Having guessed the plans of the Russian army, the Germans mined it. Why the bridge was not divorced?

Some experts state that in reality “Berlin” had a collapsible-monolithic, rather than an adjustable, structure, which, among other things, allowed the risk of explosion with serious damage.

One way or another, but the soldiers of the Third Reich would have been glad to make a bridge, but it is impossible. Then the Germans blew it up, and the structure turned "into a pipe".


Was it really possible for the Russians to build only one side of the "Berlin"? In the 60s of the last century, the building was repaired only by 50%, not because there was a risk: it could “jerk”. In fact, even one side ensured normal traffic, the number of which in those years was not too large.

Content "Berlin" - expensive

Currently, the situation with the Berlin Bridge in Kaliningrad is not easy. The existing design does not cope with the flow of cars, resulting in the formation of many kilometers of traffic jams.

“Construction and restoration of roads is one of the priority tasks. It must be completed at an accelerated pace in order to reach the start of the world football championship to be held in 2018, ”officials underline.

Reconstruction of the above historical monument is not a cheap pleasure. However, the first steps towards this have already been taken: the federal authorities have allocated 4.6 million rubles from the state treasury for the repair of the "Berlin".


The bridge restoration process was planned as part of the second phase of the project “Construction of the Southern Bypass of Kaliningrad”. The first stage was not ready yet, as the information that the builders were demolishing the Berlin bridge in Kaliningrad became known. “Finally, we have waited!” Said the inhabitants of the former Koenigsberg.

The design collapsed …

However, in early January of this year, domestic media announced that as a result of dismantling works, the Berlin Bridge collapsed on people in Kaliningrad. The situation was aggravated by the fact that 4 people died as a result of this incident. Naturally, the investigators immediately began to find out the reasons why the Berlin Bridge collapsed on people in Kaliningrad. As a result of the investigation, it became known that the tragedy was due to the banal non-compliance with safety regulations. The perpetrators were prosecuted.

What does the project envisage?

According to the construction project, along with the old should appear a new Berlin bridge (Kaliningrad). Then the new design will take over the entire transport load, relieving the “Berlinka” from it, which will later be modernized. With such measures, the authorities want to solve the problem of traffic jams. Residents of the region are looking forward to the day when the old Berlin Bridge is dismantled in Kaliningrad, and a modern six-lane trestle will appear in its place. The project includes three lanes on both sides (each 3.75 m long) and sidewalks.

According to the forecasts of the authorities, the final project will be ready by 2016.

Construction work on modernization is in full swing, and the old design is no longer to be recognized.

Of course, some residents will experience a real nostalgia for the “Berlin”, however, it is still necessary to upgrade the facility to solve the problem of traffic jams. But the historical basis of the bridge will be preserved.

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