What is the list? How and for what purpose is the scoop organized?


The meeting is a place where the hitch traveler can spend the night, wash, eat and, having rest, go on the road again. True, the same term applies to apartments, where young people gather in a familiar or unfamiliar company for a party and hang out until morning. That is, as you understand, an appointment means an opportunity to be at some address at a party, temporarily “fit in”.

Today, we will clarify with you how and for what various types of nightclubs are organized. Probably, information about the rules of behavior on the territory provided by the hospitable host will also be of interest to the reader.

Where did the new meaning of the word "list" come from?

The story says that this term appeared in the Soviet Union when the hippie movement became fashionable. It was then that free youth was looking for a place where they could all gather together and have fun. Besides, hippies never had any money, and they always loved to travel around a huge country - and in such situations they were saved by a check in, allowing them to spend the night free of charge and rest.


It is very important to have addresses of correspondence.

What to do on the list, understand, perhaps, not all. After all, this is, in the main, not a visiting parish (although this is increasingly the case today), but a forced stopover that almost never ends with hippies and similar youth from other youth movements. Therefore, the masters keep precious notebooks in which alphabetically not the names, but the names of cities with the addresses of those who can give the notes, and therefore the possibility to spend the night under the roof, wash and eat, are written in alphabetical order.

Features of life on the list


For a newcomer, his first list (photos of such apartments you can see in this article) is the entrance to the special world of free and sometimes very strange relationships. After all, most of the people who have come have no idea who of this colorful crowd, located on every centimeter of the apartment, is the owner. And he can not always answer how many people (“people”) currently live in his territory.

And although the rules that all guests in the house try to fulfill are usually dictated by the owner, what the next schedule will end up depends largely on the company that has gathered under the same roof at the moment.

Usually, the conditions of stay on a small room are far from hotel rooms: the beds in the apartment are much smaller than those who want to spend the night, so guests sleep 3-4 people in a single bed or in general on the floor. If someone from experienced will have his sleeping bag, then they look at him as a master of survival, and they are not mistaken - this will never disappear!

And what are the feelings in the morning?

Yes, for many, the word "correspondence" sounds magical and romantic! What does this noisy motley company mean for a beginner, a lot of new friends and prospects? Probably a kind of dedication to a special world, unlike the boring and ordinary that is observed around.

True, in the morning the bones ache from fatigue and uncomfortable posture during sleep, which, alas, there is no way to change, because everything lies like sprats in a can! The head aches, heavy from tobacco (and not only) smoke, through which one had to look at roommates. And the visitor himself is very shabby, because he has to sleep in clothes.

You should follow the rules of residence on the list


An event is, in spite of everything, an opportunity to feel freedom, which allows at any moment to break loose and leave wherever the soul wishes. And in order to get on the list again and again, in order to please experienced travelers who can give you new addresses, try to follow the generally accepted rules:

  • the host dictates the conditions that are unconditionally fulfilled by all the guests (if he goes to bed early - you do the same, and if you hang out until the morning - sleep is not expected);
  • Be polite;
  • cleanliness should be your credo (do not just wash your dishes and take out the garbage);
  • other things cannot be touched;
  • landline phone can be used only with the permission of the owner and within the city (hardly anyone would like to pay someone else's long-distance calls);
  • bathroom and kitchen - amenities that are used only with the permission of the owner;
  • If you are going on a trip, take some sweets with you to thank the kind person for your hospitality.

Be friendly and sociable, meet your neighbors in housing - it can always come in handy.

What is useful in the list

If you, by all means, want to meet the dawn on the St. Petersburg embankment or walk along the Black Sea beach, but there is no money for it, then the list is what you need. It will help your dream come true, however, for this you need to find the person who will let you in.


By the way, do not think that every apartment where the clergy is practiced is always something that looks like a brothel and a drug dealer at the same time. No, not always! After all, it is often organized by single people who need to communicate, for whom new acquaintances are much more valuable than any monetary equivalent. So there are lists that are more like hostels for those who have no money at all, and you can read announcements in the media inviting those who want to spend the night on a list.

Useful tips: how to arrange a list for yourself?


True, in big cities there are more such addresses than in small ones. And the best of them are experienced travelers who keep cherished notebooks and share them only within their own circle. But if you set a goal, then you can find such a list in any geographic location.

Remember that, having received the desired phone number, you should not pull with a call: agree in advance, because the host may have other plans or an excessive number of guests at the time of your arrival.

Be sure to introduce yourself to the host on the phone and explain where you learned your room number, when you arrive and for how long you want to stay. By the way, they can refuse you, even without explaining the reasons. Well, keep searching, call other numbers, someone will take you. Know that if you have any acquaintances with the alleged owner (meaning those who have visited him before), then the chance to arrange a little more than in other cases.

Separately, remember what friends have


There are also types of whiskey with special names. For example, "Legion": it is considered one of the safest, because everyone gathered in the same apartment knows each other and gathers not only for drinking alcoholic beverages, but also for communication.

Guys usually bring with them girls, sometimes those with whom they met by correspondence. This brings an element of adventure to the collections. Although, unfortunately, after five or six meetings, the "legionnaires" begin to look for places on the side …

Evening safer is considered to be a list called "Flat". Friends and acquaintances gather there to do their favorite thing, for example, listening to music, watching a certain game or playing on a computer. By the way, such “congresses” were especially honored by non-formals under the Soviet Union: dissidents gathered here.

Is it dangerous to spend the night on the list?

We will not hide, for newbies to go to strangers in a foreign city - this is a big enough risk of running into a psychopath or a maniac. But to fear the most is just not this. After all, the meeting is very often a place for merry parties, with drunkenness and not only. And only in the morning, he who took the surplus suddenly finds himself robbed and good, if only that!

The conclusion in this case suggests one thing: do not get carried away with alcohol! Do not use suspicious potions, be careful and prudent, if there are strangers around you! Good luck to you!

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