How to submit an ad to the newspaper quickly and easily


Often there are situations when you need to place an ad in the newspaper. Regardless of the type of announcement, this should not arise if you don’t live in a very small village where there are no periodicals. And even in this case, you can go to a larger administrative unit, where newspapers are published.


Where to begin

First of all, prepare the advertisement itself: write and, if necessary, add photos, illustrations.

Just in case, ask the editorial office in advance how to place an ad in the newspaper. In particular, are there any requirements for the text and design: font, volume, content, mandatory presence or absence of images. It is also important to find out whether the placement is paid.

Otherwise, it is useless to ask how to place an ad in the newspaper if the placement service is more expensive than you expected. Also, it may not be accepted for publication due to incorrect design.


How to submit an ad to the newspaper

When the ad is ready, send it to the newspaper editor by e-mail or visit the editor in person. It is important to understand that if the newspaper’s editorial office does not provide for receiving ads via the Internet (even if the editorial office has a corporate email, social media accounts, Skype, messengers, etc.), it is advisable to know in advance how you can submit an ad. If you can call, you can do it.

Find out at least approximate dates when your ad will be posted: this way you will understand when you can wait for possible calls and messages from those who respond to it.


Newspapers are not very popular right now, and the likelihood that many people will see your ad is mostly not very high. The exception is when an ad in a newspaper may well work: your target audience is the elderly. Few of them use the Internet, because they are more willing to read the standard printed in a newspaper or magazine ad.

Not all newspapers accept ads. And if they accept it, it is not always with a photo, but sometimes it is very necessary.

Even representatives of your target audience may not always be interested in a newspaper ad. Usually in newspapers there is one lane for such materials, and the texts of various announcements go in a continuous canvas: without standing out or catching attention. A rare reader will be seriously interested in this band if he is not seriously looking for anything.

Sometimes it takes a long time to wait for an ad to be posted, and if an urgent need is needed, it will most likely be offered to pay extra for it.


Alternatives ads in the newspaper

In the age of information technology, there are excellent alternatives to periodicals. Instead of what to think, how to place an ad in a newspaper, find out the features of placement, and so on, you can place it on the Internet. Often this service is completely free.

So, where to place an ad in the newspaper figured out. Now consider where to place it on the Internet.

  • Special sites. They usually have sections in which thematic announcements are placed. It simplifies the search by category. Many sites even supervise the process of fulfilling the terms of the contract (including the oral one) concluded between the people who contacted the announcement.
  • Social networks. You can post on your personal page or in a special public from the area "Overheard … (a certain city)", "Announcements … (such and such a city)", "Sell in … (such and such a city)", "Looking for … (in such and such a city)" and so on, depending on the topic of the announcement. Keep in mind that many public posts do not post for free, and you can be banned for spam (sending messages for nothing).
  • Freelance Exchange. This option is suitable only if you are looking for employees who can perform the assigned work remotely. Or if you yourself are such an employee and are looking for clients. Keep in mind that fraud is thriving in this area, so you need to take seriously the choice of the artist and the choice of the client.
  • Radio, television. Almost 100% paid, but the likelihood that more people will hear is higher than when placed in a newspaper.

In addition to posting on the Internet, there is an old-fashioned way: ads that are posted on poles and trees.



Thus, the question of how to place an ad in a newspaper does not cause difficulties if we approach the matter with responsibility.

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