Yuri Zhukov, Soviet international journalist: biography, books, awards


Zhukov, Yuri Alexandrovich, is a well-known international journalist, a talented journalist and translator who was awarded the title Hero of Socialist Labor in Soviet times. In the terrible war years, he was always on the front, wrote his notes and essays. For his work, he was awarded medals and orders.


Yuri Alexandrovich was born in April 1908 in the Russian Empire. His homeland was the Ekaterinoslav Province, as there was a small station in the Diamond Slavyanoserbsk district, where the family of the future journalist lived. Little is known about his parents. So, the father of the future famous journalist was a clergyman, but later he began to teach at school.

First job experience


It is known that Yuri Alexandrovich went to work early. So, in 1926 he worked in the Lugansk branch of the Donetsk railway. Since he was still young and inexperienced, he became an assistant driver.

But a year later, in 1927, Zhukov, Yuriy Aleksandrovich, became a literary collaborator at once in the editorial office of two newspapers: “Luganskaya Pravda” and “Komsomolets of Ukraine”. For four years, he not only successfully worked as a literary associate, but then as the head of the department of these newspapers.



But while working in well-known newspapers, Zhukov Yuri Alexandrovich also studied at the Lomonosov Moscow Automobile and Tractor Institute. In 1932 he graduated from training and immediately sent to the Gorky Automobile Plant. He has been working as a design engineer for a while.

Journalist career


As soon as the studies at the institute were completed, Yuri Alexandrovich became the head of the department of the famous newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda, remaining still a literary employee of this newspaper.

But a year later, he changes his place of work and becomes a correspondent for the popular magazine "Our Country". In 1940, for his successful work, he became head of the department of this magazine. The Great Patriotic War makes its own changes in the life of a successful and talented journalist.

Since 1941 and until the end of the war, Zhukov Yury Alexandrovich was a war correspondent. And in 1946 he became a member of the editorial newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda. In the same year, he began working in the popular Pravda newspaper. It is in this newspaper that his journalistic career will start growing rapidly. At first he was only a literary officer, but very soon he began to combine this position with the position of deputy executive secretary.

During the nine years of work in the newspaper Pravda, he tried himself in different directions. Thus, for two years he was a columnist, and then in 1952 was a correspondent in France. In 1952, a new promotion: he became deputy chief editor.

Now Yury Alexandrovich was known not only as an observer, but he successfully established himself as an international journalist. Of course, his successful work was noticed, and in 1957 he was appointed chairman of the State Committee of the USSR Council of Ministers. He was responsible for cultural ties with foreign countries.

In 1962, Zhukov, a journalist who is already known not only in our country, but also abroad, returns to the well-known Pravda newspaper and becomes a political commentator.

TV career


In 1972, Yuri Alexandrovich begins to work on television. So, he becomes the author and host of a television program that was successfully broadcast on Channel One.

Books Yuri Zhukov


In the early 1960s, Yury Alexandrovich tried his hand at translation work. He translates French fiction into Russian. Among his translations there are works by such famous French writers as Herve Bazin, Robert Sabatier, and others.

It is known that after Alexander Solzhenitsyn published his work “The GULAG Archipelago” abroad, he actively participated in exposing the writer. It was Yuri Alexandrovich, whose birthplace was Yekaterinoslav Province, and then he himself suffered from censorship, which existed in Soviet times.

So, one of the chapters was excluded from his story “The Beginning of the City”, which was devoted to the way Komsomolsk-on-Amur was building. In the chapter “Difficult Days of 1937”, the well-known journalist and writer Zhukov, who was awarded the Lenin Prize for his achievements in journalism and in writing, described mass repressions. But Yuri Alexandrovich tried to get the chapter back and even wrote to the Central Committee of the CPSU, where he calls his co-author R. Izmailov.

In 1975, the Moscow edition of Soviet Russia published the work “People of the Forties. Notes of the War Correspondent. It tells about the feat of the tankers, who were able to walk from Moscow to Berlin itself. Since this piece is a documentary, then the heroes are the real people who showed all their best qualities in the war. Marshal Katukov, who was only a guard general, commanded these tank forces. For his courage, the character of the documentary story was twice awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union. Yuri Zhukov describes in detail not only the front path of his hero and tank troops, but also draws pictures of battles near Voronezh and on the Kursk Bulge, near Moscow and on the state border.

Particular attention in this documentary story requires the chapter "Polish Notebook", where the author in detail, documentary and very accurately recreates the picture of the last months and days of the war, and also describes how the battle for Berlin was fought.

In 1979, the Moscow edition of DOSAAF published a documentary story by Yuri Zhukov. In his work “One“ Instant ”of a Thousand”, the author tells about the fate of fighter pilots who bravely and courageously fought during the Great Patriotic War. One of the heroes of this story is Pokryshkin, who was known during the war years, but for all the time the Air Marshal for his courage and bravery became three times Hero of the Soviet Union. This book was released in a circulation of 100 thousand and quickly sold out.

The first work of "Khartraktorostroy" journalist and writer Yuri Zhukov was published in 1931 in the journal "Young Guard". A talented journalist wrote and published more than 50 works. Starting in 1962, Yuri Alexandrovich becomes also a deputy of the Supreme Council. For 27 years he becomes a member of 6-11 convocations.

Since 1982, he has been the chairman of the peace committee for five years. From 1958, he was first a member of the board, and ten years later also the president of the USSR-France society.

Awards journalist Yuri Zhukov


The first award of the famous and popular journalist Yuri Alexandrovich was the Lenin Prize, which he was awarded in 1960. And in 1978 he was awarded the title Hero of Socialist Labor.

In addition to these awards, there are orders in the prize box of a famous and talented journalist: the Red Star, the Red Banner of Labor, the October Revolution and the Second World War. In 1988, Yuri Alexandrovich was awarded the Order of Friendship of Peoples. The famous writer and publicist has a lot of medals.

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