Famous people who predicted their own deaths


To know the circumstances of his death is a rare gift, but bleak. They had legendary writers, musicians and singers.

Someone described the finale of life in detail, others made only vague hints. Many performers were obsessed with death and left tragically young, not reaching the 30th anniversary.

These stars anticipated their sad end - and their expectations were met.

John Lennon


The death of the superstar shocked the world, although he himself seemed to know about the imminent departure. Lennon believed that fate borrows him a few years of life.

“Borrowed Time” was the name of the prediction song composed shortly before his death. It contains lines about life in debt, for which it is unusual to think about the future.

Lennon was shot before the release of the fateful composition. The release of the record took place after his death.


The rap artist was the victim of a fatom stalking his family. In the song “Night of Georgia, ” he told about his father, who died from a gun. Sam Doll expected the same end.

The rapper was not mistaken. He received 4 shots, which led to death. The album with the prophetic song should be Dolla's debut album, but he did not live to see the release.

Tupac Shakur

Bad premonitions appeared at the rapper 2 years before his death. Although the circumstances of his death remain subject to dispute to this day.


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In one of the rap songs, Tupac recited the death awaiting him from a shot. When asking journalists about their creative plans, Shakur said that in the future he saw himself at the cemetery.

The rapper was killed in a shootout two months after the said interview. According to another version, the death of Shakur was staged by him.

Kurt Cobain


As a teenager, the leader of "Nirvana" foresaw the creative fate and way of leaving life.

14-year-old Cobain confessed to his classmate that he would be a superstar, achieve success and wealth. And then, illuminated by the glory rays, will commit suicide.

So it all happened. Cobain became a world celebrity and made a lot of money. Then he shot himself.

Jimmy Hendrix

The author of songs and musical performer described the finale of his life in verse. He called the date of death and its consequences.

In the composition of Hendrix in 1965, it was said that after composing these lines he had 5 years left to live. But his memory will remain after physical death, Jimmy added.

The poet guessed his fate to the nearest month. In 1970, he died, remaining a legend of rock music.

Jim morrison


The leader of The Doors believed that he would share the fate of Janis Joplin and Jimmy Hendrix and join Club 27. The community consisted of musicians who died at the age of twenty-seven.

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“You are drinking with party number three, ” Morrison told friends during a friendly feast.

A year later, Jim reached the fateful age and joined the "Club".

Mark Twain

Samuel Clemens (real name of the writer) expected to see in his lifetime two phenomena of comet Halley.

The first time took place in the year of his birth. Do not live to see the second appearance, as Twain wrote, would be a terrible disappointment in his fate.

In 1910, the comet appeared again. A day later, Mark Twain died at the age of 74.

Bob Marley


Friends and fans thought reggae musicians were clairvoyants. According to rumors, in conversations with friends Marley described in detail his impending demise. Today, only close ones can judge how accurate Bob’s visions turned out to be.

Celebrity friends said that he was preparing to quit at the age of 36. It happened in reality.

Mark Bolan

The musician was scared to death by car and died in a car accident.

Because of his phobia, Bolan could not get a driver's license. Mark had a premonition of an early death: he told friends that he would not live to 30 years.

It all came true. Bolan died in a car accident two weeks before his thirtieth birthday.


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William Thomas Stead

The American writer and newspaper magnate invented stories about shipwrecks and became the victim of the Titanic.

In one work, Stead talked about the passengers of a sinking liner, on which there were too few lifeboats. His other plot is a shipwreck due to an iceberg collision.

Both themes were realized in the fate of the author. In 1912, Sted boarded the Titanic and never returned from the journey.

Jackie wilson


American singer sang about his death. One of Wilson's hits was called Lone Tears. The song included the phrase: "My heart is crying."

In 1975, these words came true. Wilson performed "Lonely Tears" and, reaching the fateful line, was struck by a heart attack. He became the cause of death of the singer.

The Notorious BIG

The death of rap celebrities is a matter of gossip and conjecture. Notorious BIG care was compared to the fate of Tupac Shakur.

Biggie talked about his death. The lines of his lyrics were prophetic. He wrote that death calls him to himself.

Notorious BIG was killed in a shootout shortly after confession.

Arnold Schoenberg


The author of the music and the artist was terribly afraid of the devil's dozen, although he was born on September 13.

For many years he avoided the frightening figure. At the age of 76, fear increased. Schoenberg realized that in total the numbers give 13.

Deceive the fate of Arnold failed. He died on July 13, 1951, and he was 76 years old.

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