The story of Elena Suetina


The story of Elena Suetina "roars" in social networks for 5 years. Who is Elena and why does she need so many blood transfusions?

Fatal october

The family of Elena Alexandrovna Suetina was an ordinary Russian family, happy and beautiful. A woman and her husband raised a one-year-old daughter, rejoiced at her first successes and did not even think that happiness could end so quickly.

Spouses and daughter returned home on the evening of October 22, 2012 along the Chelyabinsk-Yekaterinburg highway. Near the village of Dolgoderevenskoye, their car, KIA Cerato, at great speed flew into the oncoming traffic and collided head-on-the-head with a gazelle.

Elena Suetina’s husband, Nikolai, died immediately. Elena herself was taken to the intensive care hospital Dolgoderevensky. Fortunately, the daughter did not suffer.


Fight for life

Just a couple of hours after the accident, the media and social networks began to publish calls for help: “The first negative blood is urgently needed for Suetina Elena Alexandrovna, 27 years old …”.

Elena really was in a very difficult condition. She could not even be transported to a hospital in Chelyabinsk. Blood was needed immediately.

Relatives and friends of Suetin family, who began to publish information in social networks, noted that donors can come to any blood transfusion point in Russia, the main thing is to mark that blood is donated to Elena Suetina, and you don’t even have to have the first negative group - the doctors themselves synthesize it from materials received from donors.

Chechen residents who were not indifferent quickly responded to the misfortune of their fellow countrywomen; there was even a line of people willing to help her to the blood transfusion station. Thanks to the support of family, friends, and even unfamiliar, but sympathetic people, Elena was able to scramble out.


Path to recovery

The woman underwent several operations. For a month she was bedridden, but in mid-November she was able to sit, however, with reliance on pillows. Lena could not afford to relax and give up, because at home she was waiting for a little daughter.

In December 2012, Elena Suyetina was discharged from the hospital, her relatives exhaled, because the life of the woman was not threatened by anything else.

Calls from the past

Helena fell to a lot of trials - the death of her beloved husband, separation from her daughter, numerous operations. But that is not all.

The flow of messages and reposts for help to Elena Suetina did not want to decline. Every day a huge number of network users published these messages, believing that they were doing a good deed. Moreover, this record was placed on its pages by residents of all regions of the country.

Elena repeatedly wrote appeals to technical support of social networks with a request to stop publishing calls for blood donation for her. But the administration could do nothing: the technical possibility to stop the wave of repost is simply not provided.

In the meantime, some users wrote messages directly to Elena. Some were interested in whether she really needed help, others expressed their discontent.

Do not enter, this is a divorce

Some users of social networks, aware of the fact that Elena has not needed transfusions for five years, have begun to publish other posts of a reverse nature: “don't be fooled by this, ” “you are divorced, ” “reconsider, ” etc.

Although it is difficult to believe that this is really a “divorce”, because the ads do not contain information about the transfer of money or the need to send some SMS message to a dubious number. “Maybe the injection of false information is carried out by the blood transfusion services so that people donate blood more actively, ” some “humorists” asked with a smirk.


New "cry for help"

Trying to cope with the “viral” dissemination of information about her online, Elena recently published a message on her page, in which she thanked all those who took part in her rescue. She said that now she feels well and does not need any blood transfusions anymore. Also, the woman called on all those who wish to become a donor, walk to the station and donate blood, because this can save someone's life.

Nevertheless, the message did not receive much response, and messages about the help of Elena Suetina still appear on the Internet.

First think, then do … repost

It's time to think that the publication of help to someone that you repost, may already be irrelevant or altogether be the work of scammers.


How not to become a distributor of false information?

  1. Know the mechanism of blood collection. A person receives the blood required for transfusion, at the request of the medical organization where he is being treated. Often information about what is needed can be found on the hospital website. Donating any blood for a person who needs treatment is wrong. He won't get it. Moreover, your blood and a specific person with the same group for whom you allegedly donate it will not receive. The transfusion is made from the “stocks” of the medical institution, and the newly deposited material goes to replenish these “stocks”.
  2. Stop thoughtlessly posting information on your page. If you want to help, then call the phone number listed in the message, or ask a question about whether it is relevant, the author of the message in a personal. Thoughtless cluttering up your page and news feed is unlikely to benefit anyone, and possibly make invisible real requests for help.
  3. Based on the data of large charitable foundations, only actual information is actually placed there, reports are spent on the funds spent, and the help is actually targeted.

Elena's life today

After the terrible accident, Elena Alexandrovna Suetina fully recovered. Her daughter is already 6 years old. Of course, the loss of a husband and dad caused a serious injury, but the woman withstood the test of the family with dignity and tries not to lose heart. From her page on the social network looks at us a beautiful cheerful girl. The daughter has grown, and carries a positive and light. Surely, Dad looks at her from heaven and rejoices.


The sad story of Elena Suetina became a vivid example of how information can be distributed randomly and randomly on the Internet. We wish all the best to Elena and her daughter, and we will continue to be attentive to reposts in social networks.

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