Roman Vasilishin: biography and activities


Roman Vasilyshyn is a political scientist from Ukraine who is distinguished by his sharp anti-American views. As an analyst, he opposes the manifestations of globalization and gives tough assessments of the events taking place now in his homeland. In addition, he serves as the author of several books and is the editor of an analytical bulletin called “Control Shot”.

Roman Vasilishin: biography. Political scientist and public figure

This person is from Ukraine. He grew up in a simple family, far from politics. Roman Vasilishin, whose biography began in the city of Lutsk, was born in 1962. The future political analyst received his first higher education at the Dnipropetrovsk Medical Institute. After that, he graduated from the State Academy of Management under the President of Ukraine.


In 2000, Roman Vasilishin successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis on public administration. Since 1989, he has been actively involved in the internal politics of Ukraine. He was a member of the "National Rukh". In 2001, this person is appointed to the position of Director of the Social Action Fund. Also for a long time he was a member of the Great Ukraine party and was a member of its Central Council.

Political Views

From numerous statements and speeches, it becomes clear that Roman Vasilishin is a supporter of radical politics. He calls himself a "non-politically correct xenophobic internationalist." In the published works and numerous interviews Vasilishin allows himself to be quite tough, calling people of such professions as sociologists, journalists and political scientists ordinary “parasites and parasites”.


Such manifestations as democracy and tolerance, according to Vasilishin, are "the highest manifestation of social idiocy." Giving an assessment of the historical facts, he says that the Stalinist repressions in the 30s were a great blessing for the Soviet people, since the extermination of the creative intelligentsia helped almost 50 years to delay the coming to power of the liberals.


Giving estimates to his works and statements, many call Vasilishin an apologist for social violence, since he calls civil war the only possible solution to the current crisis in Ukraine.

Popularity on the Internet

Roman Vasilishin, editor-in-chief of the Control Shot, gained popularity on the Internet and became recognizable after he began to run this analytical program. Entries with his performances are posted on YouTube and collect thousands of views. During his program, he mainly covers events in Ukraine, criticizing the current government and predicting the imminent economic collapse of this country.

He considers the beginning of a civil war to be inevitable for the residents of post-Soviet countries, including Ukraine, since, judging from his words, this is the only way to achieve social justice in the state.

Roman Nikandrovich as author

Together with Igor Berkut, in 2009, Roman Vasilishin published a book called “Brother”, which many critics called the scandalous bestseller. Despite the presence of light humor, this book is open political in nature. The Aurora Publishing House, which published this work, described it as belonging to the genre of artistic political analytics.


The book was positioned as a job that should be of interest to the special services, international affairs specialists, civil and military people interested in international politics. The authors recommended it to read to categories of people who are related to the work of special forces, the conduct of various military operations and the fight against international terrorism.

The book itself described hypothetically possible scenarios for the development of future military conflicts. Ukraine in this work is mainly viewed through the prism of Russian influence, and above all through the prism of Vladimir Putin’s interests.

This is not to say that the book caused a huge stir, but at the same time Vasilishin managed to conquer his circle of readers.

"Brother 2"

After a short time, again in collaboration with the Golden Eagle, Roman Vasilishin released the following book titled “Brother 2”. This time, the authors considered the fate of Ukraine within the framework of the interests of its second “brother” - the USA. The book has a pronounced anti-American attitude. On its pages, the American government is criticized, which, according to the authors, imagines itself to be the “most influential and organized group of earthmen” and now, in spite of everything, is trying to control all of the Earth’s space. The authors point out that to achieve total control, Americans use all available resources, from capturing the information space to political influence.

The fate of Ukraine in this work is considered solely as a toy in the hands of the United States to confront Russia. The authors are considering a variant of the start of the Third World War, in which several countries with nuclear potential will take part. According to the described variant of the possible development of the conflict, a nuclear strike will be inevitable.

Other resonant work Vasilishina

One of the works that caused the various reactions of those who read it was the book “Vnature President”, which was dedicated to Viktor Yanukovych. She did not contain any bright compromising information on the president, but was rather ironic.


It was refused to be issued by many publishers, and one of the explanations for such refusals was that the book contained a whole chapter devoted to the then current leader of the Communist Party, Peter Simonenko, and, accordingly, criticized him.

In collaboration with Alexander Omelchenko, the former Kiev mayor, Vasilishin managed to publish another book of his own, called “Vryatuvaty kraine” (“Save the Country”). This book was conceived as a kind of manifesto appeal to millions of Ukrainian citizens, whose goal was to reduce social disappointment and strengthen people's faith in the possible economic growth of the state. To this end, the authors urged people to oppose the unpopular reforms undertaken by the government.

All the books of Vasilishin, although they did not bring the expected result and did not bring people en masse to the revolutionary struggle, found their readers. Many people appreciate him as an author for thinking outside the box and the ability to present very serious topics in a light and sometimes humorous way.

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