Public resonance: a tool for manipulation


Recently, one can often hear that an event had a “wide public response”. However, everyone understands this expression in his own way, so we first deal with the theory.

A bit of physics

So what is resonance? From the point of view of the physics textbook for the 9th grade, everything is quite simple: this is a sharp increase in the amplitude of forced oscillations in the system. That is, the body or system begins to resonate in response to a vibration with the same frequency as the object acting on it. So get a response sound - unison. This is a universal term, it is applicable for all types of waves, and not just for sound. Another resonance is called sound amplification. These processes are studied by acoustics.

Public response

However, in the media, this expression is used in a completely different, metaphysical sense. Speaking of "great public outcry, " we mean that the event found an echo in the hearts and minds of many people. And this is not just a response, but some emotional agreement about this or that situation.


Today a wide public resonance is received by many events taking place around the world. But if we look for examples in our country, first of all we recall various accidents involving representatives of the golden youth, controversial bills on insulting believers' feelings and promoting homosexuality, debates about the advisability of banning abortions.

This is a piece of the picture throughout the country, and the entire canvas forms tens and hundreds of incidents. Public outcry may not be so massive and be spread only in a particular region or city. For example, residents of a provincial town may discuss for months some actions of their administration, not necessarily negative, but for the whole country all these discussions will not be of the slightest interest.

Social resonance as political technology

Today, it is no secret to anyone that it is possible to create an artificial rush around any, even the smallest incident. And to present it from the right side - to conceal some facts, exaggerate other details and create a picture to get the right opinion. Social resonance in such cases is often caused artificially, with the help of the necessary publications in the media, creating a mass character and exaggerating the significance of the subject of the conversation.


For what it is done, no one needs to explain. Public opinion is the strongest argument in any dispute. This method of pressure is used by politicians, as well as by different groups of people to influence the government, any kind of authorities (legislative and executive), political and public parties and organizations. At the same time, such clever manipulators seem to be certain guides of the collective will of society, presenting everything in such a way that if we have democracy, people's opinions should not contradict the decisions made.

Ways to protect

How to protect your mind? This is primarily aided by the critical and logical thinking of each individual.

  • Do not blindly trust all that flow of information that we daily pass through.
  • If an event has caused you an emotional response, then try to abstract and wait a little. If, over time, feelings did not reduce the heat, then try to check the information for accuracy, today it is very easy to do.


  • Get to know the opinion of the other party, its presentation of the details of the incident and create your own vision of the event.
  • Do not let yourself be influenced; stick to your own point of view.
  • Show more irony and sarcasm, if appropriate. Attitude to any event with humor is very conducive to cleansing the head from the ideas artificially embedded in it.

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