Zeynab Khanlarova: biography, creativity, personal life


Zeinab Khanlarova (talk about the biography, family, children, husband of the actress below) is a popular Azerbaijani singer. But her name and compositions are known far beyond the country. During Soviet times, Zeinab became a people's artist at once in the three Union republics - Uzbekistan, Armenia and Azerbaijan. Has a high singing voice (soprano).



The life of the actress began in the same way as many girls from poor families. Khanlarova was born in one of the poor neighborhoods of Baku. He was called the "Highlanders' quarter", as there were exceptionally simple workers who had their own rules and laws. Women spent the whole day doing housekeeping and spinning around the house. The men either played backgammon on the street or worked.

Zeinab Khanlarova was born in such an atmosphere. The biography of the future singer begins in 1936 - it was then that she was born in a mud house. The mother of the girl, Perijahan, was in charge of the household, and Father Yahya worked in the oil fields. In total, the family had five children. The youngest was the heroine of this article. The children did the same as their Baku peers did - they helped their parents and attended school.


Since childhood, Zeinab Khanlarova (biography of the actress is now known to many music lovers) loved to sing. But none of her relatives even imagined that her whole fate would be connected with this occupation. After receiving secondary education, the girl entered the pre-school department of the pedagogical school. Zeynab very quickly joined the amateur group, becoming the brightest of his pupils.

Khanlarova liked to study pedagogical skills, but she did not forget about singing, devoting all her free time to this activity. Zaynab often gave impromptu concerts, climbing on the roof of her own house. One day, the girl was so fascinated with singing that she did not notice how all the neighbors gathered around the house. They awarded the young actress applause. From that moment on, she realized: music attracts her more than pedagogy.


Carier start

Soon the aspiring singer entered the Baku Musical College. And after some time they took her as a soloist to the Azerbaijan Ballet and Opera Theater. Success to Zaynab came almost instantly. At first, the girl toured in Azerbaijani cities, and then throughout the USSR.

Khanlarova’s talent was so great that the singer was invited to other countries. She has performed in the USA, Australia, China, Egypt and the Middle East. Also, the artist traveled with tours almost all of Europe.

Personal life

Zeynab Khanlarova doesn’t like to talk about this topic. Biography, family, children - these are the questions that the singer, as a rule, avoids in her interviews. But it is authentically known that the woman raised two sons with her husband. Ramal and Ramin have long grown and have already created their own families. According to Zaynab, she considers children not only her sons, but also daughters-in-law, as well as numerous grandchildren.


According to relatives, Khanlarova is an amazing mother and grandmother. She manages to take care of everyone. The singer tries not to limit her grandchildren in anything, but at the same time educates them in strict Azerbaijani traditions. Zeynab herself considers herself a happy person with dreams come true.


In 1961, Khanlarova was accepted into the Republican Ballet Theater. She played amazing parts in many operas. Among the most famous are: “Leyli and Majnun”, “Shah Ismail”, “Asli and Kerem”, “The Rock of Brides”.

Thanks to the magnificent voice of Zeynab Khanlarova, whose biography is in many musical encyclopedias, she gained fame as a singer's opera. Perhaps she remained known only to a narrow circle of music lovers, if there had not been a change in her life. Once, a well-known Azerbaijani composer Alakbar Tagiyev heard it and immediately offered Zeynab cooperation.

Khanlarova really liked his song called “The Neighbor”, which was written by the poet Huseyn Arif. With this composition, and began a new round in the career of an artist. She became popular not only as a performer of opera arias, but also as a pop singer.


Soon Tagiyev and Arif wrote a second composition for her - “I Didn’t Listen”. After that, the glory of the Azerbaijani folk singer was firmly entrenched for Khanlarova. And today, songs performed by her are regularly broadcast on radio and television. It is also interesting that Zeinab sings not only in his native Azerbaijani, but also in other languages ​​- Turkish, Arabic, Armenian, Georgian, Russian and others.

Mugam and Tesnifs

Also Zeinab Khanlarova, whose biography is an example to follow for modern opera singers, performs mugam. This is a national genre, which has become another stage in the world fame of the artist. It is characterized by improvised multifrequency compositions. And Zeinab perfectly performed folk songs in this style. Her most popular songs include: “Gatar”, “Bayati Shiraz”, “Makhur”, “Shahnaz”.

And the singer performs tesnifa. The most famous of them are “Dilkesh”, “Chur” and “Chargah”. As for the latter, she became the first woman to sing them. According to the memories of the fans, Khanlarova’s voice is so strong that, speaking to the accompaniment of the ensemble, she drowned it out, even without using a microphone.


The flowering of creativity Zeynab came in the 60-80s of the twentieth century. It was not by chance that in 1975 Khanlarova received the title of People’s Artist in Azerbaijan. Three years later, she was awarded the same rank in Uzbekistan and Armenia. In 1980, Zeinab Khanlarova (about biographies, children and other information about the life of the singer was regularly told then in the media) became the People’s Artist of the USSR. She also has several state awards, in particular:

  • Heydar Aliyev Medal.
  • Order of Glory.
  • Medal "Independence".
  • Order of Friendship of Peoples.
  • Medal "Badge of Honor"



Now Zeinab Khanlarova (about the biography, the family of the actress is now known, perhaps, only to loyal fans of her talent, which is very disappointing) periodically gives concerts in different cities of Azerbaijan. From the photos it is very difficult to say how old the singer is. One thing is undoubted: it still looks amazing and pleases its fans with not only wonderful songs, but also an oriental smile. Listeners still adore her compositions and do not cease to look for new information about the life of Khanlarova.

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